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Here are some of the more widely used commands inside the console of the game; to get the key to access to console please refer to the Keyboard Layout.




help: provides a list with attached description of every command

Grafic Commands


drawwater on/off: self explantory this command is able to enable/disable water grafic inside the map during the game


drawboundaries on/off: this command enable the diplay of the spheres used to detecting collisions by the engine (turining on can be cpu & grafic intensive)


drawshippath on/off: this is mainly for developers, it's used to diplay circles wich delimites the area where ships are allowed to sail

Chat Commands


whisper "playername" "text": sends a private message to the specified player, only the nominated player & all the admins currently logged in will be able to see the message


say "text": displays a text to every player in the game, this can also be achived by pressing the "T" key during the game


teamsay "text" displays a text to every player in in your current team, if you are not playing in a team server, the text will be displayed to everyone, this can also be achived by pressing the "Y" key during the game

Admin Commands


admin: provides an help list of current supportied admin commands

Admin Login

admin login "username" "password": log in as server administrator, allowing you to use admin commands, this will also lets you see every message sayed including whispers and team chat in team different from yours.

Admin Logout

admin logout: logs out as admin

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