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    @bazzz wrote:

    My team is close to nonexistant, bigbear is missing too.If anyone is interested to join our team please pm me.

    Interested players, please consider bazzz’s offer. HH is a succesful team that currently qualifies.

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    it is not a problem to do the change, but its only a mere formality. Unfortunately, your team have not played any matches yet and it seems almost not possible that you could arrange and play all other teams quick enough to qualify and proceed to the second stage of the tournament.

    We are going to finish the qualification stage soon after having two remaining matches of the 5 most active tournament teams played: Bastages vs Veggies and Heroes vs Tribe.

    Then basing on score four leading teams play in playoff and finals.

    Participation matters please address to the Team Organisation Thread, as well as you can contact me or Laptops Daddy or proper team captains.

    Team tournament site >>

    Edit: Plans updated.

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    @irishbandit wrote:

    I am still around feeling much better, only doing random computer jobs so I can play almost any time.

    As long as your current team doesn’t show many signs of life I suggest you join Hopeless Heroes who are an active team but getting short on players.

    Team tournament site >>

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    As you can conclude from this topic Laptop is currently to take more active part in the tournament organisation and we are about to force things going.

    It might sounded a bit confusing about who is doing what so I remind that you are still to contact me with any matters regarding, that didnt change and wont be, as well as anyone is welcome to do it in public.

    Team tournament site >>

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    So far the statistics indicates:
    6 complete idiots 😆
    and one honest person

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    I remind everyone that the Tournament still goes on.

    Hopefully some more activity and progress is observed this weekend.

    Everyone, please don’t stay out of communication and let others know about your availability and possibility to play.

    I’d like to hear something from the HTH team, didn’t receive any reply from their captain, although all team members occur to appear and play on main. Please, guys, don’t let the fact that two matches were not succesful to you stop you from playing the tourney.

    The Vegetables started with two lost games as well, but eventually they improved and the last game they played and won was cool. You can do it too.

    Lets play!

    Team tournament site >>

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    We’re going on slowly, two more games today. Videshi vs Bastages, finally. Videshi has now only the Flaming Herd remaining unplayed for the qualifications, is the team gonna start action?

    And Tribe vs Veggies, very close game again and very well played by both sides, Tribe was leading most of the game and economical domination in the end by Veggies following more of the money preserving strategy had decided it.

    Congratulations to the winners!

    Current tournament kill ratio chart (15.08):

    Big Bear		28,07%
    lap top 27,81%
    xtc 27,55%
    Jinx 25,40%
    Rodijak 24,62%
    Yusuf 22,56%
    Shell 22,41%
    Deathbal 22,22%
    bazzz 20,67%
    Hyde911 19,90%
    Boba Fett 19,23%
    parasti 18,52%
    SwanDude 18,31%
    Outer 17,95%
    karu 14,17%
    Vitos 14,06%
    Raden 12,70%
    Pastor of M. 12,60%
    ILLGotti 11,25%
    Peanut's R. 11,01%
    tnick 9,52%
    Mouse 8,51%
    Tlon 8,06%
    Mrs. Pastor 7,69%
    Richiee 5,88%
    Human Bean 4,71%

    Team tournament site >>

    in reply to: Not so free software #56795


    Not sure if it is serious, but if you once got a rotten melon by your own mistake you dont consider all melons taste like that, do you?

    You should have less trust in what is written. Anyone can write anything in the internet.

    If you are interested in something, how about trying to get information about it first? You just type in the search “best free antivirus review” or “driver update software review” or something like that.

    And then you read it, better from several places. You should consider what sources of information are reliable. You may like to find out about the source itself first.

    Yeah, if the webpage has half of its area with dubious ad links – thats probably not a reliable one. Software and computer magazines and things like that can be good.

    Good reviews will always point the disadvantages of the software. You have to choose yourself.

    And download it from reliable source, too.

    I personally use a lot of free software. Only few examples are Avira Antivir on my XP computer, Free Download Manager (which is opensource even for those who cares), FileZilla, used once Wise Registry Cleaner 4 on a Vista computer – couple mouse clicks from the safemode helped to make that stupid system working again when it went insane. Opera’s free as well (which browser isn’t?). Its all great and I am very satisfied with it.

    As for the driver update sofware, I’ve just googled it and was surprised such thing really exists. But its pretty much of a fake, making money on people’s lack of understanding. You can do it yourself without many troubles, and you don’t need to update anything if things work fine.

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    Tribe has shown us an excellent game! We were close all game long, it was serious and exciting. Congratulations guys!

    Unfortunately I got disconnected in the beginning of round 5… All that neighbour whose passwordless wifi I am using. Gonna find out who he is to thrash him for that!

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    @hyde911 wrote:

    @xtc wrote:

    There is only one condition – it is to have some “history” in the game. We can not accept brand new names to avoid smurfs in the tournament.

    So You’re out. Sorry X.

    Yes, I’ll probably have to ban myself. Before doing that, I only want to come up with a good complaint to post it at once. There must be a huge resonance, no way I can just let be such outrageous act as banning me!

    Update on the Scorched Tribe team, they are now:

    and komar as a reserve

    Update on the Revolving Vegetable Patch team, Jinx has stepped in instead of Cowbell who did not appear and they are now:

    Cowbell remains as a reserve, as well as he will be able to switch team if desires so.

    Team tournament site >>

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    Informational message
    New players can be accepted

    Since many players appear to be not active despite having declared their participation, anyone can be accepted into the tourney instead of those inactive players. Of course if the team captains take you.

    Therefore, substitution of a player who haven’t played yet is a valid substitution. Substitution of a player who have had some games but not willing to continue, can be considered also.

    There is only one condition – it is to have some “history” in the game. We can not accept brand new names to avoid smurfs in the tournament.

    Taking account of the fact we are at the stage where some teams have not played a single match yet, we can accept even a whole new team (5 or 4 players) if by any chance some players want to build one up and join the tournament.

    To all current participants:
    It is not acceptable to make the tournament everlasting. It took some hard work of people who started it, and somebody continues to contribute personal time and resources to keep it running.

    We appeal to everyone and especially those who haven’t yet played to be more responsible for your participation. It is an event for fun inside of the game that is for fun itself. Since you all do play this game for fun, it is hard to understand why it appears so difficult to gather in a group of only three at a time to play a match.

    Please respect the efforts of those who made such great event possible for all of us.
    Please respect other people participating.
    Please respect yourself – let your actions match your words.

    Thank you.

    With any matters regarding the tournament, please contact the captains of the proper teams or me directly.

    Team tournament site >>

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    I was surprised to hear from some captains that they don’t schedule matches “because server is not working yet”. This information of unknown source is incorrect. Everything has been tested already and is ready to go, mistaken events are cleared out from the stats.

    Time to arrange and play more matches!

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    The tournament is ready to go on.

    The server is up and teams can schedule the further matches.

    Dear participants, if you have any questions about the tournament your team captains can’t help with, please contact me directly.

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    I can take it but the server part.

    Anyway, it shouldnt be thing causing too much trouble to anyone. There is another option: if there is anybody capable of running the server and willing to help us, please let us know.

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    TY for this and for the great undertaking.

    The developments will be announced tomorrow.

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