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    I compare to the times I used to play very much, and now it feels like crisis to me. Always had been observing more people around.

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    Transparent tank is cool, but if I want to be invisible I do it different way.

    Server’s radars cant detect you when you come without a tank, and now when there are trees I like to swim up secretly and hide in the woods with bazooka and nobody knows I’m here 😉
    Only damn monkeys do bother… Oh yeah I finally get to understand the term gorilla wars which is used by media :shocked:

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    In the past I used to play mods sometimes, I would have played more but they were empty or almost empty too often.

    No matter what server we prefer, we all need good company we enjoy, and better players – some real challenge.

    Though I’m no-mod player generally, but I liked to play in mods with friends from main (well, not all were friends, lets say – people) – whose playing style and character I knew, was very interesting and entertaining to act and see others act in unusual, unfamiliar environment of mod’s worlds, it was always funny – always when enough people playing.

    I think the point is, that online scorching seems to be in crisis now. Many times during last days I had some time, and desire to play, but there were either nobody at all or few people whom I learned already to be much weaker players – whats the point coming just to scare them away, fun neither for me nor for them.

    Nobody even on main! And even worse on all other servers in the list. When I have time to play and I see company that is worth playing here, I join, but I dont have enough even of it to go somewhere else, as well as the others probably. If there were so much rush, all 12 seats taken and many more willing to play, people would automatically assemble on some mod. Just one would join, then somebody would see familiar name and there is it. But…

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    @gcamp wrote:

    You can turn off the tooltips via an option in the display settings dialog.
    You can turn off the numbers via an option in the windows.xml file.
    You can turn off the tips by turning off the information channel.

    Thanks, I was already told about…
    Why is everything improved to become more user-friendly gets so complicated that makes my head ache?..

    *Gone to miss MS-DOS*

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    @thrax wrote:

    What mod was that.. :S

    Was j/k, LOL

    Normally the “Tips” only appear during map-loading. Except Gavins
    Beginner, where he added them as re-occuring messages for first-timers.

    I play on official main and it does give me tips! Probably considers me a first-timer…

    Channel lable can be set player-side and stay unchanged in default.

    Oh cool thanks!

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    There used to be plenty of funny situations when player was typing something with matter like ‘I gonna win this round, you wont kill me!’ but when he finishes typing the shots are launched and it says he’s dead, all only had to watch the way it happened then.
    It could be mega-cbx from the very peak of mountain accidentally hit by rollers, or bounce off the force shield bringing projectile back, or many many other interesting things.
    And now we have just to boringly face our fate after all happens without watching these funny events, because usually most people do follow their own shots with cameras…

    Especially in situations when someone was going to use fuel or teleport, and enjoying his own cunning intention saying ‘hehehe’ or something, but the chat was reporting (Dead) and then it was others’ turn to laugh! And also it was important ’cause attracted spectators’ attention to the situation, and such deaths often were results of some absolutely unexpected events!

    I believe it was a source of great fun for many of us. But now that aspect of the game is lost.

    As for (Dead)’s general presence in chat, it used to be in game for many years and I doubt it was hindering anyone.
    I would vote for having it returned.

    @thrax wrote:

    As for the [Vitos] killed [Player 2] with a [Missile].
    The words in the braces are context sensitive.. hovering your mouse
    over one, will pop-up that players details as if you were touching thier
    tank on the map. It also applies to the weapon-name.. but no further
    details are described other than it’s full name.

    Ah. I didnt have a chance to notice this ’cause besides moving camera I use mouse only for shots record and resigning.

    The numbers/lables on the chat are the channels. It’s a Mod
    configurable option to show those or not… but not something
    players can set themselves, sadly.

    Would be good to have them turned off on main then… These numbers before system messages, particularly with my display settings – they make many messages that could be one-line two-line. So it simply trashes the chat.

    And also these tips. I believe there should be an option to turn them off. They used to be displayed while loading new map and never bothered. And I agree that some people need them. Even players who are in game for quite a decent period sometimes surprise me saying they didnt know about ‘A’ key, or ‘U’ key, or shots record when I happen to explain it to new players.
    But personally I dont need these tips!

    I even had a nightmare this night. Game began and I started aiming, when suddenly almost screen-size window appeared. There were an idiotic face in massive glasses and hand with raised finger, and BIG BIG LETTERS saying: “Tip of the day! Press space to shoot!”. I closed the goddam window but it was disappearing sooooooo slowly that I missed my move…

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    @hobbesme wrote:

    It is not the updated look that I have issue with. It is changes to the user interface which have decreased or removed functionality :

    1. Scorched3D games cannot be joined from the game’s initial lobby window. Instead, games must be started from the game’s new mapboard lobby which first must be generated & rendered prior to even perusing network games or starting a single-player game.

      This delay entirely negates some of the quick-start functionality that was implemented in the last few versions.

      The initial game lobby window should be able to start games without loading the redundant mapboard game lobby.


    2. Although I think the new chat channels are a good idea, I think their display could be improved. As Deathbal points out player chat no longer displays each player’s avatar next to their player chat text.

      Surely the new chat channels could co-display player avatars instead of the lame chat channel numbers.

    3. Chat button tooltips do NOT ever disappear regardless of tooltip time settings. Thus, while scrolling up & down through player chat, the chat button tooltip hovers over & obscures the left-most player chat text.

      Chat button tooltips should disappear very quickly or according to configurable tooltip settings.


    1. Wind does not seem as powerful as previous versions, thus crippling a previously-challenging gameplay feature.


    1. However, baby rollers causing almost no damage whatsoever including little to no excavation of land seems overly restrictive.

      Or as parasti points out, rollers don’t roll well anymore. What’s up with that? If they’re not rolly AND not hyper-bouncey, what exactly are they?


    Though these are somewhat late comments to v.41 but. I’d like to specify about the new chat, not only these numbers I consider not neccesary but also square brackets. And I’m missing when they used to indicate when you are dead, especially cases of prophecy.

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    Masya the cat

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    Once we are diving into history, does anyone remember names Xal and Gooseberry? They were great players long time ago. Old days… Paris was great; NoMoreSteve, cbx and Crispy also used to be very good.

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    No mistake, just checked, traffic indicator on PC says about 200k for loading a forum list. In mobile it is 12-14kb only!

    And that is the point – I absolutely fail to understand what are these “details and content”. I have images off both on pc and mobile (though even turning them on does not change the ratio). All pages are fully functional. I can read, follow links, fill forms, use menus.

    So it is a mystery what do I pay money for when browse web from PC. Not a big deal of money but…

    Few years ago, yep it was expensive. But now they charge me about 3 cents for browsing about 50 kb, and I’m not living in the center of civilization I should say.
    Though the price for mobile traffic is higher than for one I have with PC connection, in fact it turns to be cheaper to browse web with mobile. Only not convenient to visit unfamiliar pages and to type much, but to just read the ones I know – news, business info, now this forum – all that I can do no matter where I am only having an idle moment.

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    I used to have enough …. around “being number 1 or 2” in older days so if gonna be playing much I’ll simply erase my id from time to time in order not to become any number.
    “I’m not a number, I’m a free man!”

    @jurily wrote:

    Yes, me again with my stupid ideas

    Welcome to the club, man! :mrgreen:

    @deathbal wrote:

    Hey, I can always put up another poll. If people like it this way……..then it stays. I really don’t care either way.

    Never had any idea of how such decisions are made. Once tiny islands map were removed. Still can’t get – whom did they disturbed? Can’t remember a single person not loving them.
    Or maybe it was someone who plays on main once a millenium?

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    @gf1024 wrote:

    As for shields, I do get blown down by ppl using sandhogs all the time, not worth the money.

    True, forgot to say about sandhogs. Thats probably hence I was in a sort of noble ‘not using funkies and sandhogs too much’ movement when played last time… so often the way you are makes you blind…
    But I already witnessed a case when player – LTC (if i’m not mistaken) got killed by heavy sandhog wearing 100% force shield. This could never happen before.
    Probably after new funkies were introduced and sandhogs improved the became even more of headache for natural players.

    @Mcb Lover wrote:

    Wellcom back to a new family

    Thanks man)

    @deathbal wrote:

    The idea came to me because I got tired of waiting to 0 seconds every time i wanted to put up a shield.

    Got tired?!! That was so much fun in the process! Sometimes that would make you miss your move. Sometimes you had to activate shield and input your shot at the price of favoring your enemis thus – only because you needed to go and take the phone or run to get rid of excess liquid…
    And those noobs turning on heavy shields letting us know we can kill them with heavy riot bombs! And shield tricks! Tricks by the way that were associated with YOU, The Only Person Managed To Surprise Me With Worth-doing Thing I Didnt Invent Or Guess Myself In This Game!
    SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @peanutsrevenge wrote:

    Have you tried napalm (didnt read last paragraph, too long when just woke up), the hot stuff is very effective.

    Sure I know about napalm)
    Yes it still works good as I can see but comparing to old rollers its usage have more requirements if you gonna kill bubbled guy effective.

    You talk about the rich as if they have walked into the game with extra cash, to get lots of cash you must first suffer from having no weapons or defense.

    That is a subject we used to discuss until holes in our keyboards…
    The point is that potential advantage which winner of first two round gets – in many cases with luck, just got a good placement, mutual kill/neutralizing of opponents – can give him economic benefit for all remaining rounds. Often huge benefit comparing to others playing since first round, not even mentioning those who joined later! Buying shields fuel teleports and heavy stuff while others still have to save money to the limit if they want to catch him up.

    I think its well balanced now for bubbles n rollers, with bubbles being so pricey most of the time.

    Yeah grumbling about how good old times were and how wrong everything is nowadays. Thats the generation gap. I’m getting old 😥

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    Thanks for welcome DB! Good to see you still here. I’ve been missing the challenge you bring)

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