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    🙂 & 😥 Oh Man…..I missed the start-up of version 40. I am thouroughly depressed! I will be back on my p.c. in a week or so. I really look forward to blasting away at my new found friends. C-U soon………GGames all :))

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    😀 Hope everyone had a great 4th of july…………..Check this baby out &
    Very nice pictures Dire;Looks like u had a blastage:))

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    😀 HLO

    I guess I will put my 2 cents worth in here also…….. 😉

    I have a 686-ATX 6bay tower w/5 cooling fans & add on chip fans.

    I am running Scorch 39.1

    Windoze XP (sp1) all updates are current
    Fujitsu-Siemens D1675 mb W/6.1 & Hyperthreading ,478 socket
    celeron (R) 2.42 Ghz 400Mhz fsb

    1GB Corsair PC3200 ddr 400Mhz
    Western Digital 80GB HDD 7200 8mb cache
    Nvidia BFG FX5200 256mb 8x agp vid card-also w/fan
    Telepath 56k modem

    IP runs @ 24000kbps w/accellerator
    FPS all modes averaged 29.94 with a few 54.0 Bursts
    Video in all resolutions is flawless—Except when I get shot of course!
    I will be also test my other pc soon-A p3 700Mhz hotrod pc w/tweaked vid
    card-Runnin Linux………..Til then……….Keep it real, I just wanna play the
    GAME 🙂

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    Thanks everyone!!!! I really enjoyed my first tournament. Once a month would be cool 8) When is the next one………? I anxiously await the next one. I just want to play the game…………..Again thank you & way to go team #1.

    Cyas in my sights 😉

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    Might want to change header starting date in forums-Was confusing for me. I was always checking to see if server was up. Also,maybe provide a topic with how your tournry works……(Is hidden from public deep in forum) I know nuthing-I say nuthing:)) 😉

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    Boy; I did not post to offend. Moreso to end turmoil. I read previous posts
    and to me there were power struggles 😉 We can and will have a good (my 1st) tournament. A lot of us really appreciate all the work that you guys do to make all this possible! Too bad some have quit and won’t come back. I do not want to be rude-but,pls try to get those players back.
    I look forward to seeing U in my sights…………..Thanks & GGames 2u

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    I ditto the last post and others also;that said. I am a noob. Not a child,but still a noob. I know you cannot make everyone happy. But,By God-Get Organized. A lot of you so called Vet’s of Scorch are monopolizing and corrupting an otherwise great Worlwide online game. You need polls/votes
    otherwise you control and dictate. Look @ some of all of our history. You can-(as admins/servers/team leaders) make this a great time in scorch history and let the many-not the powerful few;Vote on a mod/mods
    TY for ur time…………………………….U Bet! 😯

Viewing 7 posts - 526 through 532 (of 532 total)