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    @boy wrote:

    I would suggest that resign be turned completely OFF for standard play (no new feature would be needed) especially since skill is on the line! With increased use of additional lives, players will be forced to simply wait for death, or kill themselves if they are stuck or cripled.

    No resigning!? I’m against that! I resign sometimes, and resignation shouldn’t recieve any penalty.

    If you die, others get skill points and you lose skill points.
    If you kill self, you lose skill and money.
    If you resign, you’ll keep your money and won’t lose skills (if you survive a move).

    Every move could be risky. However, idk is there still auto-resign bug (if you resign, you’ll be resigned at the beginning of move) which should be fixed.
    I feel better being a chicken instead of being fried chicken!

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    It seems that old S3D group is forgotten….
    Anyway, I’ve joined to fan page.

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    I really enjoyed kid’s comments!
    3:13: “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy…” < Favorite one!
    Silly donkeys!

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    1. Firefox
    2. Windows Live Messenger
    3. Winamp
    4. Cheatbook Database 2010
    5. VmWare Player

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    Uh, just a guess: In settings there was configuration that you can get scores by earning and saving some money during the rounds which should be “ScorePerMoney=6*”. However, by losing money, you lose score (AFAIK).

    How much money did you have?

    Edit: Someone really did some changes. Scoring per win is now 0 while for killing is 25. The score was 50 for both settings.

Viewing 5 posts - 61 through 65 (of 65 total)