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    See the quote below also from the same Wikipedia article (which should never be taken as the authoritative source on any subject).

    Sometimes the word Gestapo is used colloquially for other organizations which are felt to be tyrannical: see Nazi/3rd Reich terms in popular culture. An example is in the book version of the Tron movie, where a character says “This kind of romp is going to annoy the local Gestapo.”

    The 1946 Czechoslavkian animated cartoon Pérák a SS (The Spring-Man and the SS), featured the character Pérák, the Spring Man of Prague, a quasi-superhero based on a popular figure of Czech urban legend, taunting and evading members of the Gestapo during a surrealistic, slapstick chase over the rooftops of Prague.
    The Gestapo was parodied in the hit BBC sitcom ‘Allo ‘Allo!, as stiff-as-board limping characters obsessed with protecting Adolf Hitler from assassination by the German military or resistance. Usually wearing black leather coats and hats, they were often seen cross-dressing. Herr Flick and Herr von Smallhausen were the local agents in the village of Nouvion, obsessed entirely with the German war effort. They were constantly under siege by the French Resistance.

    In The Matrix, when Agent Smith interrogates Neo, Neo says “You can’t scare me with this Gestapo crap! I know my rights! I want my phone call.”

    In Medal of Honor: Frontline, an informant appearing in “The Golden Lion” mission has a truck that takes the player for a ride. The game requires the player to get out of the truck at certain checkpoints, where he says, “Don’t let the Germans see my truck! You know how the Gestapo can be.”

    In The Chaser’s War on Everything, a skit featured phone bill collectors (a hot topic in Australia at the time). One segment featured a Gestapo officer calling a man and demanding that all phone bills be paid; if these demands were not met, he “would not call back tomorrow, but the day after.”

    In Mirror, Mirror, an episode of Star Trek: The Original Series, the evil, parallel-universe Mr. Sulu is head of security aboard the I.S.S. Enterprise, which Scotty likens to “the ancient Gestapo.”

    I am fairly certain that a BBC sitcom, The Matrix, Tron and Star Trek weren’t trying to offend either. As the example above shows, the word is loosely used to depict “bad guys”. I would be more concerned the day they start loosely depicting “good guys”.

    My point is that most people use these words without fully understanding how offensive they may be. Call me a dork if you wish, and I promise to not take it for its literal meaning, which incidentally is a whale penis.

    Now that I think of it….please do call me a dork!

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    and if Spectrum killed this thread……

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    I haven’t even seen it yet, but you’re probably right….it does suck! 😀

    Just kidding buddy….I miss you and Ellie but understand the whole “break” thing. I’ve played much less over the past month and find that I’m not as annoyed with dirters, smack-talkers, grid counters, etc.

    I’ll enjoy the video and look forward to the return of POM and Ellie Mae. Hurry back Bastages!

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    @shotzo wrote:

    IMO I don’t think we need ANOTHER blacklist…

    Seems to me like it’s just like another senator macarthur… huntin’ for witches again.

    Call me a nerd, but are you confusing the former Wisconsin Senator Joe McCarthy with General Douglas MacArthur? The Senator created fear of Communism, the General was feared by Communism.

    Like i said, feel free to call me a loser or nerd for providing today’s history lesson.

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    At least the lawn got watered…..

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    With trees being an active part of the map in future versions, what will happen if I turn them off? I typically play from a wimpy laptop and have set most of the graphics to be “watered-down” in order to prevent issues. If I have them off, will my missile inexplicably explode in mid-flight? Will trees need to be enabled in order to avoid this?

    One more question on the next version….Can I assume that the miserable grid will still be miserably enabled so I can begin work making my miserable spreadsheet to offset the miserable grid-counters turning this wonderful game into miserable mathematics?

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    Some quick brainstorms…..

    Bunny Terds- SML, MED, LRG- Behave like non-rolling rollers

    Nuclear Bunny Terds – A dh in its current form, but looks like a giant terd before splitting into small terds

    Egg Coloring- Napalm in Random Colors

    Dirty Rabbit- A ton of dirt in the shape of a bunny. Im an anti-dirter, so maybe we can make it a dirty chocolate Rabbit and have it melt after a round

    Your Hare’s on Fire!- Flamethrower with pretty colors

    Easter Grass Beam – A Green laser

    Peter Cottontail- A leap frog in the shape of a bunny

    Rotten Eggs- The green gas grenade from apoc would be perfect


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    I’m there for you tnick, my pal. Im a big fan the mob rule concept. This should probably be put on the player complaint section, but this Spok/Sun fella will repeatedly dirt the same person(usually Tnick) just for the sake of dirting them, and then name call.

    Just remember what momma said to say (sort of)……
    Nukes and Hogs will crush your bones, but dirt will never hurt me!

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    Not sure if that is a compliment in this game or not, but I guess I’ll try to convey the image of a kinder, gentler, Tim. Perhaps I will let others pick my new name…

    A) Mr. Rogers
    B) Dr. Feelgood
    C) Mommy Theresa
    D) TIMMY!

    As for your thoughts….I can’t argue that if the grid tool is there, it’s use is legitimate. My point is that if everyone utilized the grids, the game would not be as fun. The instinctual nature of the game would lose some of it’s integrity. For me, the greatest rush in the game is when you have that #5 cross tail wind and you manage to land a roller in just the right spot along a far side cliff. I just believe that if I had a scientific method to achieve that, as opposed to an instinctual one, the fun factor would not be as significant. After all, what would the surprise be? I KNEW it was going to land there.

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    I have been having some of the same thoughts. I swear I need to stop for awhile, but it usually lasts about 8 hours. I couldn’t agree with you more for whatever it is worth. The gridcounters and dirters really get to me. If I could find a server that allowed diggers, rollers, missiles, fuel, and no grid….I would be in heaven.

    You’re a good guy….don’t be gone long

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    For whatever it is worth, this opinion comes from a relative Scorched Newbie, in fact this is my first ever post. I would be a strong advocate of one of two scenarios. Either A) Grids are disabled completely on the main servers, or B) A seperate server is created for grid counters, and all other servers have them disabled. If either of these isn’t pursued, I feel like I will have to invest the time in creating my own spreadsheet, or get my butt whipped. It is troubling to me when I hear some of the other guys, such as Tnick, talk about how excited they are to begin learning how to count grids. Tnick is a great guy, and I can’t fault him, but I can’t help feeling as though he is part of a growing number who wish to turn leisure into a science. I feel like a guy who competes against Olympic Bobsledders (gridcounters) while sitting on my plastic trash can lid (the rest of us fools). If I have to invest in a million dollar, wind-tunnel built, freak of nature Snow Bullet-sled to take a plunge down a hill, the fun factor will be going downhill with me.

    Please keep it fun for those of us who just want to play. Thanks for listening.

    Tim Fabian
    aka Timinator

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