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    @| Hayt | wrote:

    Yes, that’s right, thanks peanut 🙂 Also, gg yesterday, was fun to get some real players, thx again 🙂

    By itself it isn’t very easy to compare times. I prefer the sorted way made for the
    mod-servers, helps tell what parts of the day/week are good to hang-out.

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    @jdog wrote:

    @chopper wrote:

    all these weiners sayin…”IM BACK”……….but I never seeum.
    Get yer irish butt on main so we can stir it up.

    Had a good game with loke last night =D>

    I wish I could but the only computer I can play it on doesn’t have net acess right now
    because we have to run a new line. I can’t install it on this one I’m using as it isn’t mine.

    USB-key.. Drag/Drop Folder.. Blast from anywhere you sit down. 😀

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    @| Hayt | wrote:

    ok so main and all that jazz is covered, well nice 🙂

    For the mods, I realize that they are storage heavy and yes on prime servers that’s costly.
    The problem is that free options don’t abound or are limited by the current flavor of the day,
    having a webserver someplace with just drivespace I imagine is feasible. Bandwidth might be
    another issue. however most people download the mods only once

    How about hosting the mods on sourceforge? they could be linked projects uploaded there as
    co-apps for scorched 3d? They could come with a wrapper I guess that would make use of
    the standard install path used for the original scorched, or use whatever directory it uses (i.e.
    under Vista64 it’s under .scorched3d). Clicking on the link on mod pages or just launching the
    app could hotlink to the sourceforge download package provided we know the OS etc.

    I’m just throwing ideas, I don’t know how the innards of scorched3d works, I’m just an IT
    Infra guy 🙂

    For the most part, Every person that ever plays scorched already has what it takes to be a
    server. it’s part of the program you run. It’s miniscule for bandwidth while playing, and except
    for downloads, even dialup users can play full-speed.

    I have a ton of unintentinal redundancy here anyway. All 3 of my working pc’s have
    everything setup to start the servers at a click, since i just xcopy the whole folder tree
    to each pc. If one pc dies, i can restart on another till it’s fixed.

    Storing mods offline is fine, as long as they are kept current. Since we modders tinker from
    time to time, the only true latest is from the mod-server auto-downloads. But that doesn’t
    mean the earlier one’s are broken, just incomplete till they pop by for the update.

    We can’t store mods on source-forge tho. Not that we “cant”.. more like we’re not allowed.
    They have rules vs storing anything that may contain partial copy-righted material. Since
    many mods contain sounds pics and themes that are taken from other sources, we cannot
    store them there in good faith. Think of Swars itself.. The entire thing is a tribute to Lucas’s
    Star-Wars, and as such.. might be a bit copyrighted somewhere.

    We’d asked about something torrent-like in mod-downloading from gameservers, but it
    never went anywhere. As long as we don’t go a bit over-board in designing, the mod-sizes
    don’t get too large. Any patient person can have it in 2-10 min when he enters the
    gameserver for the first time. After that, further updates are almost instant on login.

    Game-servers for S3d, are like many other game’s the world over; Q3A, Counterstrike, etc
    They are hosted freely by those that enjoy sharing it. I only host 4-6 mods, but i have more
    in storage.. Probably more Mods than we have players lately. As popularity demands, i drop
    some mods and swap in others for a while. Panther’s mod could easily be traded in for a while
    if folks called for it.

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    @panther30 wrote:

    that drive was a 160GB that had only about 12GB of stuff on it. I have access to getting
    another drive– probably for free– but…. no time to get the server up now. it will probably
    have to wait and become a project after I get don with the hospital and done with my
    extended care. so it could become a project that gets started as much as three months
    down the road. I do not know how long i will be in extended care yet.


    No worries mate. i’ve already got the files updated. I have Raptor up for Bub, and open
    Panther sometimes if people call for it. It’ll never be lost, only kept safe for later.

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    No need to be hesitant there, Scorched3d is already on FaceBook.. twice.

    It’s a Group, and it’s own name-page. Both a bit silent.

    While the old-times of a plugged server-2 have slowed, we’re not completely empty.
    Many have decided to break tradition, and join whatever server has actual people, even
    if it’s a (Shocked-Face) Mod..

    The server-2’s weapon/price balance problem is not an un-fixable problem, it’s actually
    part of the game. The proces float and change with the Free-Market system. If something
    popular is over-abused, it’s price rises untill it’s less desirable;while ignored items slip down in
    price till they are tempting again.

    In server-2, this process is a bit skewed tho since the selection is so small that the
    numbers don’t shift quickly or evenly. It is more effective when there’s more to choose
    from and more players picking different favorites.

    Sadly.. that is why many server-2 players avoid Mods. They get freaked out by
    the larger lists and give up before they get far.

    Now that the server-2 doesn’t have something waiting for solo players, it’s often empty
    because no-one wants to sit in the dark till a challanger appears. Only when groups call
    a gathering does it start attracting stray visitors.

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    Bah… can someone please flush this crap out.. i hate nonsence spam in my
    legitamate threads..

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    @tanksnipe wrote:

    I’m playing right NAO!

    Hmm.. now that i look closer at that avatar.. I swear that’s Bobirov hiding
    under that cowel.

    Are you sure you aren’t Bob in disguise? or are you related somehow. 😀

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    for what it’s worth. i’d also attempted something crudely similar.

    By expanding on the existing Activity tab in Stats, i display several days
    worth of players to help others see when active times were and could plan
    when to join a bash.

    It only tracks Connects tho, so it could also be one guy having a really hard
    time staying connected and trying 40 times 😀

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    @belezebub wrote:

    THRAX … Thanks so much for bringing it back
    Any word from Panther30?
    also, is there a stat server?

    Much appreciated,


    Panther is going to be away awhile longer.
    Life has dealt him some rough deals for a while now. He no longer has
    constant net capacity, or a suitable pc to use.

    Both Panther and Raptor mods are revived. Hosting them on my unit has
    joined it to the stats i host for all mod-servers. They will be tracked in-game,
    and can be viewed on the same stats-pages as all my servers.
    Links on my Sig’ as always.

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    hmm…. Lower grey buttons, with upper red Download circle.

    break the mono-chrome, without overwhelming.

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    @laptops Daddy wrote:

    same my end

    They did a minor shift to their pages.. and Gavin also upped the version in it’s
    listings. It may be that the normal layout hasn’t been poked into it’s links, or
    that they’ve just not finished tweaking.

    Most of the functions still work, and the list of current items is still there if
    you dig a bit. I had no trouble adding a post or finding the lists after a short

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    @armorwraith wrote:

    Found the culprit in the map whiting out on lesser end computers.. they cant draw small volumes of fog..


    changed to


    some classic maps have this problem as well…

    check out my screen shot above.


    Har.. that’s just too funny.. calling any pc other than mine.. ‘lesser end’.

    It work’s fine on mine and always did. but.. ok. i’ll blank the miniscule fog
    settings for those with ‘not quite lesser end’ video-chips.

    PS: Except.. you also didn’t realize that’s the exact same fog-density setting
    on most of gavins default maps… so you may want to search again for the
    real cause.

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    @paladin67 wrote:

    Hi, I am still loving Scorched 3d, and the old Scorch-Wars. Just updated the ver43.2a scorch, and can not find the download for ScorchWars Mod (StarWars Conversion). Can you lend some help? :mrgreen: =D>


    The Mod is available directly from it’s running game-server. Auto-downloading
    is always preferrable, as it make’s all files into the latest true copy.

    However, watch-out for some false servers hosting old or altered attempts.
    Look instead for the authentic Mod-Logo on the server list.
    The Link at the top Labled online game servers will always show you what’s open
    and who’s enjoying them.

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    At least now we know what to call him.. 😀

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    That’s pretty much your answer. The current engine does it’s best to keep
    pace with the action, even if your client is lagging out. During times when
    you are slowing a bit, the engine skips a few frames of the movie and starts
    displaying it again whenever it can.
    There have been times my screen stops totally for 20-30 sec.. i hear the
    action going on, but return to see the map radically changed.

    This isn’t a bug, only a side-effect of not having uber-speed hardware.

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