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    @tom.K wrote:

    If I manage to download mods actually… 😐

    Being on unstable internet, you should be familiar with download
    managers, such as Get-Right or Orbit.

    Most of the recent mods are in my archive and can be selected from the list at

    The same link that’s always been part of my signature below.

    Add them to the list, set it to chip away at them while it can. Since programs like
    Get-Right can resume safely, you’ll have them eventually.

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    Merging mods would not work.

    Most mods are specifically designed to rewrite everything in it’s own theme.
    From mcb to Total Conversions. Plus, since many different modders make
    seperate projects, they prefer a sence of poetic license on thier efforts.

    Weapons, defences and environments on each mod are scaled in power
    differently as well, simply to make certian effects possible. The smallest bbm
    in Swars would erase the strongest defence in default with the lightest
    touch; yet in it’s own land, the field is prepared for that level.

    Having them seperated in the game’s lists and allowed to update as you
    join thier official servers is the simplest way to keep them intact.

    Yes, we have all often wished to point the Death-Star at the server-2’s
    resident hoggers.. But i doubt the primary crowd would let you get away
    with it for long 😀

    As for Auto-Def. As it is, there are actually many people that still use
    it. It’s just not used in mains since there’s nothing worthwhile to defend with.
    In Mods, where the choices are better, we often swap shields to suit the
    incoming attack. Players commonly wake the auto-def to prepare them
    for the basics, then adapt as needed.
    It’s also helpful for teaching rookies to remember thier chutes.

    If the server is using the old TurnSimultaneous mode, they don’t want you to reload
    your defences. For servers using the more common TurnSimultaneousNoWait
    mode, We already can reload shields, heal damage, or exchange shields while shots
    are incoming or even while actively taking damage. — If you are clever and prepared.

    Having it Auto-load a shield while in the battle would both get in the way, and
    remove the skill of bait-n-switch tactics. There is no ‘favorite’ list of shields that
    you can prepare, since different defences block different attacks.

    Test out some of the mods with the pro’s. We’ll teach you tricks you wouldn’t
    even concieve in simple default or apoc. We may also let you smash us a few
    times and show you how defences are really supposed to work :D.

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    @| Hayt | wrote:

    Typically would use British or American tanks, but there were a few “canadian” variants too. (based on the american M3 Cruiser) (based on the Vickers A-10 cruiser))

    And yay for the CF-105, beautiful plane, goes very well visually with the North American XB-70 Valkyrie

    Yes, Canada has so many high-tech and expensive airplanes. Something like this is
    close to the peak of our development so far.


    Think it’ll suffice?

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    @| Hayt | wrote:

    Whatever it is it’s still not fixed.

    3 players, 1 spectator, 1 ai. One player leaves, bot #2 comes one, game ends.

    That is one drawback to the first-2 servers.. telling them what to fix only leaves them
    more confused on who can do it, and how. Few, if any, of the current deputies use the
    remote console, and fewer still know what to do in there.

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    @laptops Daddy wrote:

    thanks. what browser?

    that server list/chat page script isnt my work, and ive not changed anything in a few days. ive been reluctant to touch it, since it’s linked to the game/DB and id have to debug live.

    Silly goose.. what browser do i ever use.. IE Active desktop and IE 8.
    The word prototype.js lead me to think you’d been experementing.

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    couldn’t find the right thread for page errors. so i’ll drop it here.

    Unless you’re still working on it, there’s a bug on the server-list page that started today.

    server list stays blank. and chat-box won’t post.


    it could just be me, but maybe not.

    in reply to: #64521


    Shhh! don’t go spilling our secrets..
    We could always include a page of Where’s Waldo for you to click thru as well. 😀

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    @peanutsrevenge wrote:

    It seems to be, which I think is a new feature.
    It creates a seperate folder in my games for the beta.

    Yes. During Beta cycles, it is installed seperately.
    Once the finalizations are made, then the full release will be coded to replace
    existing versions.

    It shouldn’t stop you from simply renaming the old game folder and having
    multiple versions going. Mods for each revision can be stored in globalmods
    to prevent mixups.

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    @peanutsrevenge wrote:

    @gcamp wrote:

    @peanutsrevenge wrote:

    Not fixed the game restart on AI rejoin?

    Shame, that was one of the most annoying features of newbs for me.

    Been working on some fixes that require a lot of code changes 1st.
    Are you talking about the same issue as this:

    Yep, which is also

    So hopefully Thrax is right (little reason to doubt), just need a server admin to adjust it now.

    How are things with you anyway Mr Camp, any chance of booking you for a few games some
    time, might encourage a few people back if nothing else 😀

    Just popped in to see rules/settings list.

    NumberOfMinPlayers = 4
    RemoveBotsAtPlayers= 4

    Game duing exactly as it is told.. not a bug.
    Set RemoveBotsAtPlayers to 6 and it’ll be cured.

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    @chopper wrote:

    When a human leaves and a bot enters, the game resets to a new one. It gets pretty bad when the dude comes back in and it resets again.

    That’s not something as a bug.. just a low setting in the server cfg.

    in reply to: Explanation of AI Habits #64213


    @armorwraith wrote:

    Sorting buy habits for my ai, and I am abit confused, can I have some clarifications?


    Ok so here for theese two tags, are theese the amount of the unit the bot can buy, or the amount of times it buys it?

    Means, How much is it holding.
    If it holds less than MIN, Buy more.
    But never buy more than MAX

    Minimum and maximum amount of money they can spend buying the items? What happens if it falls below the minimum, or above the maximum? Have parachutes in mind here.

    Again, not spend but Hold.
    If bot is holding less than 3000, Don’t buy one.
    If bot is rich and exceeds buymax, stop buying that puny-class item. 0 means no limit.
    Good for increasing bot’s arsonel level as it is flooded with more cash.
    Noob hosts that give every player muillions.. soon find the bots became a
    crap-load smarter 😀

    Simple enough right? The emphasis you place on certain items.

    Same as above except regarding usage

    True. Lower priority for less important. 1-100
    Examine the items of merge bots. as /buy goes up, /use decreases.
    My effect is that they will always buy small arms first so they don’t run out, but save
    them for last.

    Just need to know all of the types: so far.

    am i missing any?

    explosionhuge – Group-Shot. If several players are in a cluster.
    explosionlarge – Once Locked on, use these.
    explosionsmall – Targetting shots untill locked on.
    uncover – If all directions are blocked by dirt.
    digger – If target is on level land
    roller – If target is in a pit or downhill
    napalm – if target is in a pit or downhill
    laser – If target is nearly line of sight and above
    shield – Defence
    other – Will try to use if that item fits no normal class.
    fuel – If target is out of range, or if threatened by recent damage.
    autodefense – Will always use if item is buyable.
    parachute – try to use if parachutes are detected as off.


    These are also dependant on the tankai settings. whether they use fuel, how
    well or often they snipe, Which foes they prefer to target etc.

    It can take many tries to get a bot to perform as you wish, and often will surprise
    you with a sneaky choice. Adding more items ti thier choices doesn’t make them
    smarter unless you catagorize and prioritize them cleanly. Don’t make them blow
    all thier money on junk and forget defences etc.

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    @laptops Daddy wrote:

    @thrax wrote:

    It should stay alive as long as i do. Feel free to add it to the pages.

    the old ‘home of mod’ contract. always read the small print : )

    could i get some further tests on this new server browser page?

    that’s one of the last pages – id quite like to get it finished off.

    an open note to anyone with serious javascript skills. please view the source. any tips on
    preventing memory leaks or cleaning up the code would be very welcome. it’s a bit memory

    Page works ok for me. Refresh still at 5 sec. bit strong. probably could push it to 30 sec or

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    @laptops Daddy wrote:

    on the online servers page, id like to see a link for mod stats in an extra column.

    could we get some brainstorming done here? how do we do that?

    i imagine it’d only apply to home of mod servers – maybe stats should be one of the
    requirements, if it’s not already.

    we cant really expect third-party hosts to open their mysql to the scorched3d IP, or can we?
    that seems a bit invasive.

    could we have the top 10 players offered by a home of mod as an xml page? that’d be easy
    enough to do technically – the link could point to a single page on the scorched3d site,
    passing the IP of the server, so long as there’s also an http server at the same address. i.e., with /scorched3d/stats.xml made available for parsing?

    how would we take care of full/extended stats? any ideas? could we have a ‘view full stats
    here’ link pointing to external html pages? would we want that?

    s’all hypothetical – we’d need gcamps thoughts and approval.

    The address for those stats hasn’t changed in 4+ years.

    It should stay alive as long as i do. Feel free to add it to the pages.

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    @| Hayt | wrote:

    Ok so I have installed the server, opened the ports, did the port forwarding, that was all easy.

    Now I installed MySql, configured things all following to the Wiki, which is about ok and with a
    bit of prodding and toying, it’s up and running, however I have an issue.

    If I use AutoDetect for the Published IP, the server starts to load before crapping out.

    If I put the actual IP (from My cablemodem) the server starts up, but once I join the game
    (through LAN since the play machine and server are one and the same) I enter the password I
    set, then I am presented again with the default Scorched 3D menu (play local, play online etc)
    yet the server log shows I am actually logged in.

    If I try the same but instead of using LAN I try to connect to my server through internet, it
    basically times out. The server log doesn’t even see a session coming in.

    If I put my LOCAL IP (192.168.whatever) then I can play through LAN, works nicely and all but
    completely impractical for external people.

    What is it I have got wrong? I have a feeling it must be some minuscule param I omitted or
    that’s missing?


    Well, for a start, attempt to get the server running without sql stat logging.

    It’s always best to start as simple as possible, get it running, then add features one
    at a time. Then you’ll know when it starts crapping out and why.

    There could be many reasons for it blocking you or crashing; whether it be firewalls,
    routers, xml settings, or even your ISP plugging ports without your knowledge.

    Goto your C:Documents and Settings.scorched3d folder and locate the
    file ‘server.xml’. The current attempt is saved here, and can be examined manually.
    Send me a copy of that server.xml file if you like, and i’ll see what you’ve been trying.

    in reply to: Server Activity section #64367


    @| Hayt | wrote:

    Yes, that’s better but still a long way to go to be pleasing the the masses, not everyone decipher
    tables nowadays. I’m sure that reworking that into a nice graph would take only a few hours.

    Which brings out the question, is there any way to have a “sandbox” i.e. should I just install
    myself a scorched server and start tweaking with some sql and renders or is there already a
    sandbox infrastructure in place?


    Less than that acually. The servers are hosted seperately for each community, the stats
    for those we track are stored personally also. You don’t do anything from the server end,
    or in the database. Only the web-pages of stats are customized manually.

    If you are slightly savy in html and php, then you could tinker with the pages we
    display and reorganize the pulled info to a format you find helpful.

    Gavin only uses a relatively default page structure he designed years ago, and provides
    early copies of those pages for others to take and tune themselves. I redid mine from
    that base set, and learned the php as i went.

    Without the sql database of weekly info to work with, it would be hard to twist the php
    pages to something clean, but don’t let that stop you from trying. I could duplicate my
    stats-pages and open a portal to let you work them over if you like.

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