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    Does anyone know what the hell this one is suppose to be modeled after because I need to know so I can accurately make it 3D?

    It looks kind’ve like a boat to me but I dunno.


    I think it was a simple stationary turret with raised sides. it diddn’t have mobility.

    Sort of like the bunker turret, but inverted like a dish.

    I always preferred the mini-tank. for it’s fuel-climbing glitch’;
    the ability to dig straight up thru a pile of dirt by alternating left-right..

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    making the dirt a managable mass would make roofs and dirt charges a lot more effective.

    and falling dirt effected by wind would spread it at the angle. or mud-sliding a cliff on someone..

    ooh. i’ve always loved Liquid dirt…

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    since the files are free, and publicly available here, anyone who wants
    it doesn’t need to resort to filesharing sources.
    sad that some putz would try it, to such a reliable game.

    thanks for the heads up..

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    @jdog wrote:

    @R@p7oR wrote:

    how about weapons that allow you to make “phantom” images of your
    tank for confuce enemys?

    Interesting but if you already know where the tanks your firing at is,
    unless you trade places with one of the “phantoms” you would still be
    a sitting duck.

    The same could be said about a cloaking device that removes you
    tanks image from the hud and map.

    Phantom combined with Teleport could suffice to randomize.
    Images fade after 2-3 rounds for sake of fairness.

    Anyone with a good watch of the map could spot which image actually
    fires, but in a sync game it’s tricky to keep track of shots as it is.

    i’d looked into the ‘test weapons’ mod serv. a few of them looked
    useful. others were a bit overkill. Railgun doesn’t agree with
    wrap-a-round walls.. might wanna limit its range a bit.

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    @panther30 wrote:

    @spyrer wrote:

    Point Three Instead of doing a
    major game change just make it simple, for all those that dislike dirt
    tactic make a dirt buster. Multishot weapons have been around for a
    while so make the first shot a riot bomb with a large radius and the
    follow up shot napalm. Uncover your target and burn the grave site.
    Simple and fun, make the weapon the near the cost of dirt.

    Point four:Making other players wait is a worse tactic then dirt

    Just my piece here but you might consider the BBQ pit maker weapon 😈

    Spyrer, don’t give me any ideas.


    lets see.. apoc has: landscaper, bottomless pit, fire ants, a bunch of
    types of death-head’s, sand hogs, Moab, the Bouncing bombs..

    so far i don’t see anything good for erasing dirt tactics….. do you?

    c’mon, i do both, use dirt and vaporize mountains. a hill of dirt is
    no more bothersome then heavy reflecting shields.
    Go to some of the landscape’s we play in, with anoying pillars.
    Practice by leveling them.

Viewing 5 posts - 1,501 through 1,505 (of 1,505 total)