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    @direwolf wrote:

    Ok, the pen laser is the only infinite weap now, and does just a weee bit of damage, I am keeping the first round buy setting though, or round 1 will end up being a very long round.

    With the cash for damage low, the starting cash looks like a lot, but it gets used up pretty fast.
    However, as most others know, I suck at saving money..

    Balancing the money levels is just as hard as balancing the damage.
    Right now there’s a good assortment of lasers, both straight and ‘Bended’..
    Only a few ballistic-arc weapons for the wind to push.
    Having the pens just barely prick the target will be perfect.
    Damage levels on the other lasers are good. Anyone whose practiced with
    lasers can kill with 2-3 normal laser shots.

    The Rainbow (i believe) is designed to have variable damage depending
    on how close the target is. Good for shorter range shots..

    i’ll play a few more times and get a better idea of how prices rate.


    @spectrum wrote:

    Death Wrote:

    You DID read the readme right? take the data folder and throw it into your scorched 3D directory and add those lines in the text file to your tanks.xml file in your Scorched 3Ddata directory.

    You DO realize that the model files are .txt files right?

    not until now, i’m such a noob, i try it again, ty 🙄 💡 :?[/quote]

    he means take the text from the file ‘tanksxml.txt’ and add it into the file
    tanks.xml in the /data directory.
    insert the pasted text at the bottom, in a place that looks like this!

    —-insert here—

    anywhere else may get it confused..

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    @direwolf wrote:

    Thanx to Bobirov there is now the regular laser set for infinite ammo, and you will now start with 20 fuel, 4 batts and 2 chutes, so things will be a bit easier now, dont worry about chutes too much though, I have not had a need for them yet while testing things.
    I will leave the cash set at 100.000 for a lil while untill I can figure out a good and fair starting amount.

    Tried it last nite. It was a blast!!(wthout blasts..)

    As usual, I blew all my cash too fast and was scraping near the end. But i
    still managed to kill the target 8 of 10 rounds.

    Don’t know about the laser as inf.. you have Pen Lasers in normal and Bended.
    Why not make them sting a tiny bit (5-10), and make them infinite.

    Achieving a full kill with lasers isn’t as easy as you think, so i’d put
    more cash reward on damage. Most players would be firing 3-5 times before a kill.

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    @judas wrote:

    Hi all, i’m not a moderator… but anyway i got a complain about a cheater just 10 minutes ago in noobs server, it was regarding a player called jimm, and by the way they talked… he got 12 in a row with wind and impossible shoots… and baby missiles!!! this was said not by one but by some players in the game that they all confirmed and said the same. btw, he’s rank was about 800 and in the end was 500…
    But it could just be a good player with rank lost… not the first time it happens!!
    Maybe i’ll meet him and we can have some fun …. cheats vs my notes… hehehehe 😆

    Since the server handles all, no-one can alter the code and cheat.
    As for having a tool or method of calculating the propper angles,
    we all have a brain that does exactly that..

    Any real player enjoy’s the game without always having to win.


    @doom wrote:

    @spectrum wrote:

    hey Death, i downloaded the link

    what link?

    First page of Thread… right below the big green Bunker-Tank picture.

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    @cbx550f wrote:

    @bobirov wrote:

    Yup. Look for LimitPowerByHealth in the server settings xml file. Turn it off and you’re in there. 🙂

    Neat idea… maybe…. I was thinking “Well, what’s the harm in being weak then?”, but there’s the obvious…. you’ll likely die on the next shot. lol

    I’d still hate to lose the whole “MAN! I wish I bought batts!” bit though. 😉

    Crippled power is a bit more incentive to play better, and more dangerous
    to the healthy’s.. If you don’t have enuf power to hit the roof, then it
    may have to arc a little!
    remember the rule is ‘shoot the roof whenever possible’. otherwise, you
    shoot however you are able.

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    @jdog wrote:

    don’t forget that thrax merged Jdogmod and the test mod..

    Apparently my scatterbrained experiment diddn’t completely explode..
    It’s a merge of the weapons and landscapes of both Jdog Mod, and BD’s Test Mod.

    Each of them has been updated since, and new versions planned.

    I’ll only keep mine at the state they were at the time, and let each of
    them carry on in thier personal ways.

    I just liked each of them so much, i couldn’t choose which to play. so..
    Why not BOTH!! .. of course i may add a few tweaks and balances of my


    @deathstryker wrote:

    @bobirov wrote:

    Pure genius. In my opinion, these should be added to the official game content. I mean, how can you have Scorched 3D without the original tank lineup? 🙂

    You DID read the readme right? take the data folder and throw it into your scorched 3D directory and add those lines in the text file to your tanks.xml file in your Scorched 3Ddata directory.

    You DO realize that the model files are .txt files right?


    I like them already. got ’em in and blasting.
    Only downside.. others have to install, to see me driving them.

    love the Classic shots too.. reminds me that i’m almost too old for games!


    @deathstryker wrote:

    Here is the final design on it… As you can see, there’s a few shading issues. I tried to fix these but I just couldn’t. There really wasn’t any reason for it to do it in the first place…. oh well.

    I’ve uploaded the tanks to the first post of this thread. Enjoy.

    Yup, looks a whole lot like what i told you on the first page of the thread,

    A turret in an inverted bunker shape…

    Fits with what i came to remember the 2D ver as.. nice job. i’ll look over the download later.

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    @willis wrote:

    Well are we talking a delay of just seconds in the same move.. Or away for multiple moves?

    one move like a normal port, but delayed..

    current ports are delayed on starting, but after you vanish have a delay 2-5 sec before reappearing.

    Doesn’t sound impossible. but in terms of gameplay, sounds rather cheap.
    maybe made a weapon feature, for large tank-centered blasts. Vanish a
    moment, boom.. then reappear.

    in reply to: Scorched3D IRC Channel? #9889


    Apparently, the Scorched IRC channel (Listed On The Start Page) is no
    longer belonging to Scorched3D.. Someone else from a site called the- has claimed it as his own and been granted OP status..

    I am also often on the irc for another forum. There is no
    Scorched3D room there yet, so it is free if someone feels they still want
    IRC as a chat medium.

    I shall open and haunt that room myself for the time being..

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    @kraftwerk wrote:


    i wish me faster fuel 😉 TURBO.FUEL !!!!!

    …. and i want money for hit or crack a shield !!! 😀 😀

    Cash for shield damage! ooh! If i spend half the game wearing down
    shields with expensive shots, would be nice to be compensated..

    -or else i’ll just keep frying you with lasers, your choice.. 😈

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    @jdog wrote:

    I have a request. A delay in the return from a teleport, as in you disapear but don’t show up untill after the delay timer has expired.

    nasty… a time warp that removes you from battle for a while till the Death-Head goes by?

    Directed teleports to aimed-at position?

    in reply to: combo shields and defense #27066


    classic had that.. a full force shield that also repelled.
    by setting the mags to not be a half shield, it does beef up it’s defence a
    bit, like a full bubble. The appearance can be set to a new image,
    waves and bubble together.

    weapons have subweapons, shields could have sub-shields for added effects?

    in reply to: Request: "hostile environment" option #28855

    Deathstryker wrote:
    I would like this to be an option like in the old Scorched. It seems very useful. I know that they can already do damage but the current way to implement this is having to change the XML. Then if you don’t want it anymore, you gotta change it back.

    Yes. i remember being blown to bits by a meteor too often in classic..
    but i have yet to see anyone even damaged by weather in 3D.

    maybe a 3-4 stage setting for how rare or common weather damage will be.

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