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    Yoo Hoo! Hi again!

    You want the raptor server? even before all the rest? wow.. nice loyalty! [addiction]

    If i get my brains scooped back in.. i might take a look at it.

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    Great to see, i finally get my head back together, and i’m greeted
    with a new presant!

    Curios.. haven’t read the hundreds of posts yet to see, did we fix Lasers yet?


    …. pout…

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    @That guy wrote:

    @gcamp wrote:

    There a file for each mod, which mod are you playing?

    Boy do I feel foolish!!! 😳

    I will look again and change for all mods and main, then check it out, thanks again 😳


    Yah…. that’s not gonna stay fixed if you alter the mods files. It reverts to the authors way once you rejoin our servers..

    You want them for shooting.. but don’t want them for filming.

    But if all you are trying to do is take the plan and wind displays off, then just press
    thier toggle buttons. they’re made to click off and on same as the shot-cam window.

    Or.. you could just learn to play without them..

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    @gcamp wrote:

    On all the servers?

    I havent tested it on all servers, only the 2 i run so far. Yours get more diverse traffic, and
    they may be able to answer more. While swars seems to get it very seldom, the Merge
    server experiences it for me quite often.

    Common situations involve me bombing them accurately with a suitable weapon, and they
    appear to be quite destroyed. However, when i kill the final one, the game stays active for
    another 5-8 turns. Monitoring server logs at the same time as i play, shows me that they
    either die of a weapon that can cause a suicide at close range.. Or they skip-all just like i do.

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    It’s still doing the ghost-bot bug. i kill them all, and it still thinks one’s alive till we skip-all.

    Happens at least half the time when playing online alone.

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    You have 4 melons!! Lucky SOB!! 😛

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    @andrey_s wrote:

    Hi again. Another crash after loading AWE mod (just during first “tada” sounds)…

    This is a mod-file error, not an engine error. It appears that AW has triggered an error
    that i came across while redoing Swars.

    After respecifying all his tank models to match one of his 3 Types of tank, He was left
    with one “TankType” unassigned. The ‘none’ type.

    If you wish to proceed with this sorting method similar to Swars, you will either have
    to make one default tank not assigned to a ‘Type’, or comment out the tanktype ‘none’.


    The Common Man among us.


    This is a returning feature seldom used in average mods. It was first seen in
    Operation Scorched when Bobirov created 4 types of soldier classes to choose from.

    There is one minor thing to take note of when playing these sorted tank styles of Mod.
    At first, you may see a BLANK list of tanks to choose from besides the possible ‘Random’

    Players Must choose one of the tank Classes or Types from the far Right selector.
    After choosing one of the Classes, the list will populate with a group of tanks filling
    that requirement.
    Do not be alarmed when no tanks appear. Do not run away from the mod
    thinking it’s broken.. This is not a Bug… it’s a Feature.

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    Congrats also to the leaderboard of the variety fringe.
    Mod-Stats also locked in for the season.

    Scorched3D Mod Servers Series Ended Feb26 2012

    Sabi, Fantasia, Legion, The Dirt Boys, Hayt, Vovan, Belezebub..

    With you around, all our efforts are worth it. Battle-on!

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    Dunno bout anyone else.. but. Excelent!!

    Especially the serverlist, map select, and overall color-scheme.

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    Close Chopper, the potential increases..
    Mine are more designed like the little metal bugs from the new ‘Day the Earth Stood Still’, but
    I made mine first.. so i should get them to pay me royalties 😀

    PS: I hear they go for Older metal first 😀

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    Ah.. Hey indy. been way too long. Just in time for a little havoc as we shuffle servers again.

    Be a bit before i get everything rewritten, but they should reappear one by one eventually.

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    @belezebub wrote:

    I just wanted to ask Thrax, if the Raptor server is coming back?

    Oh.. of course.
    I’d been preparing for the upgrade, but totally forgot to restart the existing one’s
    after a reboot.

    It’s on again now, and untill we swap versions.

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    @gcamp wrote:

    Another update.

    Spent a lot of time over the holidays testing and tweaking. I should have fixed all of the syncing bugs and a reduced the memory footprint by a load. I’ve also added the AWE mod as one of the mods that ships with S3D. Many thanks to Armor for that 🙂

    I’m expecting to release a new drop in the next couple of days.

    Looking forward to seeing that whole whollop of updates in svn, then. I wasn’t sure how
    far Armor went before locking it down for shipping. Once i have it all collected to test out, it’ll
    help sort what needs to be re-vamped in the other external mods.

    I did see you made a large sweep of the landscape images in your own. Not sure if the svn
    is showing me the whole picture tho.. The landscape texture xml’s point to images
    in /default , /vulcano, etc.. but my svn is still showing those folders as empty, even after
    several forced updates. Has something yet to be submitted?

    -Edit : week later –
    Ahh.. much better. now all the map tex’s re-appeared. musta been revamping the images.
    will rebuild mow and look again.

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    @armorwraith wrote:

    A benchmark testing, thats over 300 planes. 🙂


    great. 24 fps. pretty good for a flooded sky.
    Give them a mid-sized death explosion. Start a chain reaction to see if you get halted 😀

    Also.. those are pretty small planes. Fill the sky with huge slow-drifting asteroids.
    See if they still jitter crazy or lag you.
    I still have to find the perfect speeds and distance for mine..

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