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    Come on guys we need more people on facebook 😆

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    do a search for scorched3d

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    is sourceforge down, couldnt get in yesterday or today ? 🙁

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    Time 01:27 am gmt +2

    Player joins
    First shot dirt on me!

    Player says hahaha its me MoM and then leaves!
    Brandon and trat were there too
    Spoiled again another game for us ( dampened the mood)

    cant remember exact name of player but it was similar to lemin.

    I really cant believe that people like this exist in this world!

    Lonely lonely man

    Tell your MoM i say hi

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    I was there tora when jinx asked you to change your name 5 times, you just ignored him. Jinx tried to tell you that the name belonged to a real person, you denied this. You also went as far as to tell jinx to shut up!

    HHmmm wheres the respect in that.

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    Sounds to me like a script!!

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    Ever heard of mob rules you ??

    Tora wrote:

    (like ONE that is ranked4 and 4 win a game have made truce with another guy 4 10 rounds)

    Well does a person with a %33.88 (2.9 shots/kill) kill ratio need dirt??

    Grow up!

    The taunting as well as dirting is what made me angry

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    I agree with casey, you see in my case i have clothes 🙂

    Could you please add a clip of me killing someone please and not dying in the process, ill be free all day tomorrow so we can do some rehearsal ok!! 🙂

    and in my case – No ONE was hurt durring the making of this clip

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    Please know all the facts before saying anything!

    And was that a threat by saying – “TheOne as u mention u got muted once before..haven’t u learnt? “

    Please you were not there!

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    I am truly sorry for spamming, but really i was annoyed with picci cause he always wants to truce, every game and every round, SORRy to all


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    We all come here to have fun…right?
    Well firstly
    Theres spam… then theres spam
    SPAM example 1
    SPAM example 2
    Having fun, joking around
    acceptable i think by regular players having fun,
    and not by some noob comming in and swearing and carrying on!!
    many occasions when ive been playing has a newb joined and spammed and sweared, especialy when no admin around, I have reported these incident’s to most of the admins via skype and on forums ( need one more admin in GMT +02:00 by the way)

    Just a question:
    In a game do the same rules apply to admin players as to players?
    Do 2 wrongs make a right?

    what about the players who spam by trying to truce with about 10 different players per round?
    Maybe if people dont like spam…. go to settings and set the text size to small ( i dont know ) so you can see more? 🙂
    We all here to have fun and the reason why im typing on the forums cause is that i know how mooic feels.

    i think admins shouldnt use there authority to spoil games i agree.
    TAKES THE FUN OUT OF PLAY! when you have done nothing wrong.

    You are scared because just maybe the admin has had a bad day and other players are having fun wich might just iritate him or her and you end up getting muted

    I have learnt my lesson by being muted once!!
    FOR a valid reason.

    just by the way there is a mute option if people dont like it!!


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    I agree with braindamage.
    I have also had that lag, quite alot infact
    The round starts, no buy screen, next minute everybody has fired and u have missed a move!


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    I also agree that there should be more admin. I am from south africa. I think there isnt enough admin. The only real constant admin that is online is mandy but works during the day. I play at night and through the day seeing that my and SCIVIRUS have a Computer company and are online 24 hours a day.

    It would be a pleasure and a honour to be accepted as admin…
    Really enjoy the game!!


    TheOne 😆

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