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    @deathbal wrote:

    This is a very interesting site.

    Are these just all random formations?

    If you consider US military and environment experiments to be random, then yes. 😉

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    @deathbal wrote:

    Let him try that in New York City. I really couldn’t tell you what would happen to the rats, but he would get his head bashed in.

    NYC? Rats would be too weak against the competition: gunmen, mafia, Illuminati, terrorists and assassins, right-wing extremists, politicians, cops, and the most powerful: the Bourgeoisie capitalists!


    @bazzz wrote:

    I have to say this as part of the massive conspiracy by my illuminati friends, they are taking over the world soon and turn it into a fascist and socialist utopia, unless Glen Beck stops them before they resurrect the ghost of hitler.

    There is no need really for any illuminati to implement fascism! Capitalism turns into fascism in the long run no matter how it is run… And that is why me and my left-wing comrades are going to stop it… Send right-wingers to prison, make them comfortable (5 star hotel kind of prison), get them out of the way while we force the zombie bourgeoisie to give the resources back to the people!

    Starts singing The Internationale!

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    @boy wrote:

    @ bazz
    hey man, all you need to know is that the #1 Global Warming guy at Nasa, whose name is Hansen, is a habitual liar. He publishes doom and gloom and it is later proven that his data is wrong, such as when he reported dramatic temperature rise one month and it was discovered that he used temperature from the same month twice in a row. He said Septembers temperatures happened in October!

    The IPCC is a complete fraud. THe earth has already begun cooling, thanks to the solar cycle, wich recently made the sun 1% brighter.

    QUESTION: what is the fraction of CO2 in air?

    ANSWER: it is a trace gas, about 375 parts per million (or 0.0004)

    QUESTION: What happens when the earth warms up?

    ANSWER: More moisture evaporates from the ocean, increasing cloud cover and precipitation and cooling the earth.

    @ Stil
    so we should try to be like ants and bees?

    You failed to mention that insects are very territorial, ants fight ants, bees fight other bees, etc….. no species is “good” and neither are your arguments. [-X

    I’ve never seen ants fight other ants, nor bees fight other bees… And I have seen a lot of ants and bees in my life… I have seen other insects fight but I have no visual confirmation that ants and bees do…

    I can see that we wont change each other, you blame the idea of religion for evil in the world, yet, you don’t believe that religion is anything except in our heads, so then you really believe that it is people that are evil, yet you use religion as a crutch and still say that people are good even though they made up religion to kill each other?

    People did not create religion to kill each other… They created it because they did not believe that other people could be even a little selfless… The problem is, these religious psychos became obsessed and refused to see that their religion had issues.


    Believing in an omnipotent force of Good in the universe is extreemely hard, especially when we see mostly the force of Evil in the world. So, you do believe in Evil don’t you? You believe in people, and that we are basically good, so where does the bad come from?

    Bad comes from lies and oppression… Some people are bad…they were born that way (their mum ate a bad apple or something and all went downhill from there). And it is unfortunate that these people are in charge and the ‘good’ people have no say in this system…

    @ Rommel, as good as it sounds I am not really interested in debating about a pope… But you can post the article anyways…

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    @boy wrote:

    The ultimate foolishness is to believe that there is no God. And naturally communism fits your view since you have no faith. You believe that we are basically “good” and that humanity can solve its own problems without God, or maybe even without even laws. Ahh yes, simply avoid the problems altogether until they all go away, yay for anarchy 😀

    History has proven without a shadow of a doubt that such a view is completely and utterly idiotic and gets lots of people killed, and mostly on purpose, yay for Stalin — Down with the Christians ! 🙁

    Well although it would seem as the ultimate foolishness, this is not!

    The ultimate foolishness is to believe that a species can survive for over 1000 years, if over 75% of its members are trying to kill/enslave each other; and the only thing keeping them under control are prophetic visions experienced by members of the same species!?

    Humans have been here for 200,000 years now…We are and were good and will be good, or we wouldn’t be here…

    The social system of ants and bees is the most stable and advanced one… If some insects can achieve a virtually unbreakable system, why can’t we, a supposedly more evolved and intelligent race…

    It’s simple evolution, Boy…
    You keep believing in these fairy-tales of yours; but humans can be good and selfless with or without a God…

    When will people learn… Stalin was a psychopathic fascist, and a stupid one at that. He basically wanted to take over the world! He was Hitler’s competition… The USSR was doing fine ’till he showed up.

    Plus do you really think the church is a good example of what God is? Just look at them back through history… The most ruthless monarchs seem like peace-obsessed hippies compared to the church…
    And even to this day, religion has a death toll higher than the death tolls of fascism, communism and capitalism combined!

    I don’t trust history… It must have been re-written a lot to make systems like capitalism look good.

    Sorry to disappoint you, but unlike you, I have faith in people’s goodness.

    You cannot change my view, and I cannot change yours; only time can show us which view is better.

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    Sorry you think that way, but communism isn’t a lie and it is possible… It doesn’t matter whether you believe in it or not: a hammer and sickle IS going to be placed on the flag of your country one day and will stay there until the very end of our species, which might not be that far if everyone thinks like you!…

    I have no faith in God, that’s true, but that’s because all my faith is in my comrades! And if we fail, then the reaper will get his way…

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    @yusuf wrote:

    GUYS !!

    all American citizens and Australian too .. do to economic crisis lots of u are looking for some good offers here and there .. in desperation u might do certain things that are uncalled for ..

    i just worked in a call center company in India for 2 weeks .. i learned from there that the company call center is a fraud and part of a major scam .. NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS , dont use ur credit cards on phone .. u might get calls for “grants” and whatnot .. its wise to hangup on them if they say we are calling from grant funding source .. they will entice u .. they will temp u .. no matter where u get a phone call from .. NEVER use a credit card .. thats all

    have a happy recession

    Well, that’s what you can expect from capitalists; especially the ones with shrines to Alexander Bell in their bedroom/sty… 😀 😛 And all this can stop with the abolition of one system and implementation of a certain other system! =P~

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    @boy wrote:

    @Stil^^8 wrote:

    Okay, so all freedom is good except economic freedom…. I see now! Of course! Bring on the mark of the beast, I feel much better. =P~ The most funny thing is that you take yourself seriously.

    Economic freedom is what allows for corporations to exploit people all over the world (globalization). Obviously this kind of freedom ain’t good!

    ah, the happy slave doing his work. Very good little marxist, lovely. Just stand there and do this or that and ask no questions while we kill off these freedom loving people.
    Aren’t capitalists doing the same thing… I say they are!

    It is a well established fact that total power always currupts those that have it. Except that no one ever seeks total power unless they already are completely corrupt. Anyone who actually believes in freedom does not seek dictatorship.
    Any form of power can corrupt… And if people don’t seek total power then why must we be unequal.

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    @humanbean wrote:

    Str^^8 – Not sure I follow your argument over communism but government not having control over individuals lives? Hitler and Stalin; yes, these were extremes. But doesn’t a communistic structure promote dictatorship? There is no balance of power — power is concentrated in the government, and therefor dictatorship results.

    What you are describing is a dictatorship, but I see communism as the government having total power over the economy and the economy alone…
    And if communism doesn’t work that way, we’ve all heard the term ‘benevolent dictator’ haven’t we? As long as a person with a heart and a brain is in power I don’t care if I have freedom or not: happiness and equality are way more important… The problem is that the last known person with a heart and a brain was Princess Diana and look where she ended up: assassinated by terrorists who drugged Henri Paul with alcohol… ahem *Bush* ahem.
    Same with Che Guevara: assassinated by the fascist CIA in cold-blooded murder… But it is to be expected, unlike psycho killers, capitalist politicians and organizations have no ethics whatsoever…

    total non-misogynist Democracy or Marxism are 100% possible to implement; the only thing stopping them is bad leadership… All that people need to do is brainwash someone into becoming 100% selfless and put him/her in charge; and all is quiet on the northern front… And don’t argue with me on this one: if people can be brainwashed into thinking that the very small benefits of capitalism are worth the pain and suffering of third worlds and physically/mentally disabled then we can be brainwashed into thinking just about anything…


    @boy wrote:

    we’ve gotten down to debate of basic human nature – excellent! 😀

    Well, as I examine the conspiracies like REX 84 FEMA camps, Skull and Bones Society, NWO, JFK, 9/11, RFID, CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, HAARP, Lucifer Project, UFOs, Human organ harvesting and abductions, CFR, Bilderburg group, World Bank, Masons, Global Warming, mind control…. and others, I am reminded that I have faith in my Salvation through Christ Jesus. The gates of hell will not prevail….

    Nevermind, Marxism and Capitalism will both take a back seat to a world king that will set up an eternal kingdom here on earth. Yes, Jesus was a real, perfect, man who was born of a virgin, (no, not on Dec 25 like Zeitgeist says… sigh) then lived, preached, and died. This kingdom will resemble the kingdom of Solomon (but without the pagan wives) 😉

    Whether it happens in the next 5 years or 100 years is of no consequence, it will happen. Bring on the Apocalypse! I promise it will be really amazing when the demon locusts come up from the pit of hell.

    Sort of a paradoxical post: you start with an eternal kingdom and end up with locusts from hell… =D> You’ve just watched ‘The Mist’ (2007) haven’t you?

    But it does not matter… Solomon died and his kingdom with him! Not to mention that no one really knows what exactly happened with Solomon and Jesus. So many people have translated (rewritten) the bible, that the word of God has turned into a mere letter.

    So the modern bible ain’t the best source… But it is a good read; as childish as it may seem, I still like reading fairy tales from time to time.

    Human nature is a broad ‘thing’ to have spirited debate over…
    But I still say that some parts of human nature have changed:
    The cradle of humankind (Southern Africa) is a very different environment than the one most of us live in now… Human nature must have changed to some extent to allow us to survive in this new world. After all, it was originally formed to allow us to survive in the savanna; and life, in my opinion, is not made to survive in an environment that does not exist yet…

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    @deathbal wrote:

    The US. is not a totally capitalist society. We all know that and it’s flaws. But if given the choice, I would prefer total capitalism, like in the medieval period over pure Marxism. I do not like the thought of the government controlling every aspect of my life. But that is just a matter of opinion. To each his own.

    Capitalism relieves control of the economy only… A country can have laissez-faire capitalism and still control every other aspect of a person’s life…

    Same with communism: the economy is controlled by the gov’t, but it doesn’t mean that everything has to be.

    Total capitalism=fascism… They really are the same thing. Don’t be deceived by Nazi germany and Fascist italy… Mussolini and Hitler were just crazy, not fascist; or maybe just hiding behind fascism like Stalin did with communism and bush with democracy…

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    @deathbal wrote:

    The USA is supposed to be a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy. Otherwise, I agree with your entire post, Human. I could not have said it better myself.

    The left likes to expand government. The right likes small government. So what’s Bush’s excuse? I can’t tell you why he expanded government the way he did.

    But the bigger problem is when the government does expand. Especially when it expands to the point where people are dependent, it is almost impossible to take it back.

    So over the next 4 years you will see an expansion of government. More laws on top of more regulations on top of more restrictions. So even if a conservative is eventually elected, he will not be able to undue government dependence.

    To me, the left has become the party of entitlement. I believe no one is entitled to anything beyond their rights.

    The right wing party, I could not tell you what they are right now. At the moment they do not appear to have the slightest clue.

    Are you all living in the early 1700s? Back then Left wing was capitalism and government, and right wing was communism, anarchy, egalitarianism…
    since the french revolution they switched and the left are egalitarianism and equality and the right are fascism, capitalism and survival of the fittest…

    I completely support socialism and absolute egalitarianism (Marxism) and oppose globalization and free market and fascism… So I am a left wing guy!


    @deathbal wrote:

    I watched the entire 2 and a half hour video. Some of the stuff I already seen, like Zeigiest. I also plan on looking at some of the stuff Bazzz put up. So thanks to both Boy and Bazzz for the links. They are very interesting.

    The one pattern I have noticed is the ever increasing control our government (USA) has had on our people over the last 3 decades. They use baby steps to achieve their goal.

    For example. If you were to try and pass a law in 1978 that you could not smoke cigarettes legally, you’d be beaten and thrown into the river. But now we have come to the point where it is possible. Laws have been passed, no smoking in bars, no smoking with a child in your car, ect…. All in the name of health. Now, when you ask a person on the street what they think about the law, what do they say? They usually mention they like the law because now their cloths don’t smell like smoke. Or they are tired of the bad smell. That’s not a reason to pass a law. These same people shake their fist at the Patriot Act. Too late. And smoking is just one of many examples.

    Lets all be perfectly honest. A non smoker may not know this, but a smoker does. Anyone that smokes for about 2-4 years knows it is damaging their health. They do not need anyone to tell them. It can’t be any clearer without dropping dead.

    Second hand smoke is another story altogether. It is the farce that allows the laws. Our freedoms are taken away every day under the “health/safty” excuse. The Patriot Act included. You CANNOT pick and choose which ones you like. Once you allow the government to start controlling your day to day life, you’re in for the ride.


    Of course I believe there is GCC occuring, i’m just not sure what the primary cause of it is. If the primary cause is not humans, then all the carbon tax in the world is not going to change anything. And our government drools over any tax. A carbon tax would be perfect. It could be in place forever, with no real way of disproving it. But with many ways to tax it.

    Two examples of government hypocrisy here in the states.

    1. In the state of New Jersey you cannot legally smoke in any public or private establishment. However, you are allowed to smoke in the casinos.

    2. I think it’s Oregon, I could be wrong. They have a 27 cents gas tax. Many people are driving less, using mass transit and buying more fuel efficient cars and costing the state much needed revenue. Now the state wants to put a tax on miles driven. Of course all in the name of “Climate control”.

    The above is not my opinion. It is what the state official actually said. They are losing revenue. This is why I am starting to despise my government. It is also why I am now more open to videos and or outside info.

    Well that is really what right-wing politics is supposed to do… Why do you think the Hitler salute was done with the right arm? Me and the rest of the ‘loony left’ can clearly see through the lies of the fascist freaks on the right! Not that left-wing politicians are better in honesty, but at least they support the right stuff…

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    @humanbean wrote:

    Oh no you didn’t. 😀 Wait, now. How can we mold human nature? It hasn’t changed since the beginning of man. Man has always been self-interested (some call this greed). Even income disparity to some extent (unlike communism) is efficient (and therefore good in my opinion) because incentive is created for lower income individuals to keep up with the Jones. Man will always respond to incentives that betters himself, and a system that provides these incentives (markets) but mitigates external costs (murder, theft, etc. through a well structure court system and police) has historically done the best. Even the poorest today are better off than the poorest years ago (yes, markets are a tide that raises ALL ships). Communism just doesn’t provide these incentives. I’m not saying a democratic-republic political structure is the best thing to promote this, but it certainly has surpassed other forms of government for all mankind.

    Human nature has gone through some big changes since the beginning:
    We have gone from hunting mammoths and living in caves in the stone age to crucifying each other in the biblical ages and to exploring the secrets of the universe in modern ages… To me those are big changes in human nature…

    Technically all that man needs to survive is food, water, shelter, heat, entertainment and health care… These can all be obtained in any system…
    Anything else is just seeking perfection, and any path that seems to lead to perfection actually leads to death… So if the required needs can be obtained in any system, then I would seek the best one possible…which is definitely not capitalism and free market.

    There is no such thing as wants, everything we think we want is just part of our needs.

    Anarchy means power equality for all human beings… Let’s say a small group of people wanted to build a nuclear bomb. If there are more protesters than there are supporters of this, then the protesters win and the weapon is not built.
    However, since power equality is very hard to cope with, due to the almost unchangeable aspect of our nature to seek power, it is very likely that those supporters will start a war…

    That is why anarchy is almost impossible for humans, but it is the best possible system if we are able to change our ways… Next best system is Marxism, then socialism, then USSR communism, then Feudalism, and then Capitalism at the end below systems like Knowledge Economy and Participatory economy

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    @humanbean wrote:

    Wow – what a great thread! I’m glad I started reading these forums. There is so much to comment on, but I thought I’d hit the big ones that jump out at me.

    As an economist, I strongly support free trade. One worry I had when Obama was running for president was that the democrats were against NAFTA. How ironic since Clinton, previously a democrat in office, signed it in on January 1, 1994! It just goes to show that in the United States that political parties drive things, and not only George W. Bush is a flip-flopper. Republicans during the last election were running hard for cutting taxes (although both parties want to increase government spending – a deadly combination), but that used to be done by democrats back during Kennedy.

    Anyways, I wanted to comment on something Viking62 said:

    “Obama recently went to Canada to reaffirm the NAFTA trade agreement–FYI, I once was layed off from a company years ago for that agreement being implemented. “Can you mouth the words. . . .unemployment”.

    I think this is an all too common view, but since the press only talks about how trade “destroys” jobs it is hard to imagine how it creates them as well. Imports into a country make producers of a good worse off, but the lower prices make consumers better off. Employment decreases in these industries, and so heavy incentives exist for government to impose tariffs. Domestic producers and government both benefit at the expense of the consumer, but society as a whole is worse off.

    Back in 1994 when Nafta was signed in, the press shortly highlighted that opening trade would result in increased exports, which creates jobs, and makes producers better off. It does, however, result in consumers domestically paying higher prices – this is never spoken about. As a whole, society is better off from exporting as well. Usually the press only talks of trade being “bad” – it is like society needs something to blame for a failing economy.

    The most important thing to realize is that exports BUY imports. If a country takes a mercantilist approach (STILL commonly thought to be good today, but it is horrible) and maximizes exports but minimizes imports, GDP will increase in the short run. This is not a good long term strategy though as seen with the dragon and four tigers (China, Singapore, etc.) By restricting (through quotas, tariffs) imports, jobs in that industry are “protected” – jobs we have a high cost of doing compared to other nations. In the long run, however, we’ll import less, and so our exports must decrease as well (how will other countries buy our goods if we don’t trade their goods/services for ours? They can’t). Countries with more trade restrictions, as well, are found to have lower rates of economic growth (percent change in real GDP over time).

    Wow, I already wrote a lot – so I’ll cut the rest short. There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there; be careful what you listen to. For example, there is this new “Zeitgeist Addendum” movie out there complaining about how the Fed can create money out of “no where,” but a lot of the information in it doesn’t portray what is really going on. It takes the trees, but forgets the larger forest, and the proposes this idea of utopianism which would NEVER work (Now I know how Pom and Mrs. P feel, lol). Human behavior is what it is, has been for as long as we’ve known man has existed, and so we need a good “system” to bring out its best and mitigate its worst. Democracy, as Churchill once said, is the worst system invented, but better than all others before it.

    Second, I don’t think we’re in economic doom just yet. Although the US is responsible for the financial crisis, forcing democracy on other countries, and giving good reason for other countries to hate us (yes, our country is a bully), economies are SO closely tied together that I hope they’ll continue to work together. In fact now, they are. My biggest worry is falling towards socialism (but alas, ever old democracy seems to fall towards such) and letting the government allocate most of our resources. This is certainly worse than where we are now.

    Ok done! 😛

    Free trade is the worst system ever! It exploits workers and allows globalization. It might bring jobs, but it also brings out the worst in people… There is more corruption, deceit and arrogance in capitalism and free trade than in all the wars in history and pre-history combined.

    I would choose Communist anarchy (anarchy with gift economy), but since it will take very long to mold human nature to cope with power equality, I choose the next best thing: pure, Marxist Communism without any contributions, as it is as good as it will get!

    Worse than where we are now?! What are you talking about? NASA is planning to dive Cassini into Saturn and risk igniting the planet, even though it is very unlikely that anything will happen; Obama, who may either be in league with terrorists such as Bush or Osama, or just doesn’t have enough power to end the war, is sending more men to suicide land; everywhere you turn there is a world domination conspiracy with different ideas; and already the environment is failing to stabilize as our focus on stopping something harmless (global warming) is hindering action against real threats like smog, ozone depletion and deforestation…

    I am not surprised so many WW1, WW2, cold and civil war veterans are suffering from nostalgia; conditions back then sound like paradise compared to what the future holds for humanity if we don’t change our ways…

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