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    This one did it rather well…

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    64-Bit Windows 7.

    Something like this:
    But I do not want it to require a reboot (so I can change quickly between old/new) and if such does not exist, one that supports the fn key.
    Plus, I tried the microsoft one; does not even show the numpad. It only makes keyboard layouts for the language bar. A program has got to go into the registry to do what I want it to do…
    I would go into the registry and do it all by myself, but I don’t have the slightest idea of how to do it.

    “you can buy little usb numeric keypads”

    Well I could, but that would be the easy way out… And I would learn nothing about keyboard remapping.

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    1. IE 8
    2. Phun/Algodoo
    3. Scorched3D
    4. The Powder Toy
    5. Paint.NET

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    I like this version. One thing I have a problem with though is that the shot view camera switches (or at least it tries to) between players in TurnFree and I like that camera setting. Is it possible for it to be changed, so that the camera follows my shot only?
    Other than that I haven’t noticed any other big(ger) issues.

    Pretty good performance considering I got smooth gameplay even at 50% CPU capacity on battery power.

    =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D>

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    @rommel wrote:

    The best plan is the one made when the battle is over. – Erwin J. E. Rommel

    It scares me to think of living in a country where everyone has an equal say in the way things are structured. If morons become the majority (and they very well may) the cable companies will be running nothing but movies for morons.

    I don’t think I would choose to live long if Dumb and Dumber was the best intellectual stimulation that was provided.

    The fact that an imbecile like Sarah Palin was picked as the VP for McCain and came close to being elected, says much about the intelligence level of America’s voting public.

    The truth of the matter is that people are not equal. Some are very adept at solving problems, while others seem to be only adept at creating them. I’m not going to offer a solution but passing a driving exam seems to be a poor qualifier for allowing someone to vote for the President of the country.

    Well, in a dumb world, one who is smart, would appear to be dumb.

    The chances of the majority population going dumb are very low, considering so far, present and former communist societies still hold a record in education.
    George Carlin was right when he said that he does something that the majority don’t (thinking)… And in order for that third plan to work, people must be able to think for themselves, rather than share the same opinion with one politician.

    And it would scare me to think of living in a country, where only a few have influence on how things are structured, and the power is so heavily concentrated in their hands, that they go corrupt and can now be compared to religious fanatics and despotic terrorists.

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    Central planning vs Free market

    First of all, any purely uncontrolled system eventually turns into one that is controlled. Already happened with free market. Capitalism lasted from the industrial revolution to the end of WW2. After WW2, corporations and military already had enough control of the economy for it to be considered a planned economy.
    So the free market economy collapses, because eventually, those with more abilities and more interest in profit start having more effect on economy and politics.
    How must this be prevented? Government intervention is the most sensible solution, making the economy centrally planned again. So, a free market economy will turn into a planned one if it is left ‘free’ AND if the government intervenes. Same with a mixed economy (what we have now). It eventually becomes planned too.

    So, since a planned economy is what we always turn to, we should have a very good plan.
    I know of only three plans right now:

    (USSR, China, Cuba, Yugoslavia*): Success rate: 1/4—->
    Basically, the state has control of everything economical and social.
    Of all the countries listed above, only one prospered under such a system: Yugoslavia under Tito.

    Corporate planning (USA, Russia, UK, Germany): Success rate: 2.5/4—->
    A system where corporations have more influence on economy than anybody else, thus they run the country.
    USA has already begun failing, Russia has already failed, UK is still stable and Germany is a little less stable, but stable nonetheless.

    Workers’ Control (Yugoslavia*, Paris Commune) Success rate: 2/2—->
    A system, where everyone has equal democratic and advisory influence on economic, political and military plans, while leaving personal/social policies for individuals to decide without much external influence. Ideally, such a system would be organized and its decisions executed by workers’ councils and trade unions (pure syndicalism). Unfortunately, only two societies ever used very similar systems, but both succeeded in making people happy and improving the economy.

    *Yugoslavia: Yugoslavia was a special case, it had a very powerful dictatorship, but also a hight-degree of workers’ control, which is rare in dictatorships. And workers’ control was the reason it prospered, but the dictatorship was the reason it collapsed… After Tito’s death, a maniacal despot took his place and began trying to revive nationalism. He was successful and his actions resulted in genocides, and some of the worst war crimes in world history.

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    @deathbal wrote:

    Even if your image of a communist society works, you have to understand that some people do not prefer it. No matter how well run any system can or may be, many people prefer an individual lifestyle. A life where you work for yourself and your family. This includes all of it’s flaws.

    This is what I meant by like minded people.

    Well, there is a difference between working for yourself and your family and throwing other families out on the street, or worse, throwing them in poverty…

    Yeah, capitalism starts out as as freedom for all, but it is just a transition phase between monarchy and plutocracy… Because, as communists predicted, the people will that rich first will never wish to part with their surplus wealth. Which means it is now harder for others to get rich (if there is any point in getting rich), because most the people who are already rich are hogging the wealth.

    And it gets harder and harder until it is a plutocracy…

    Plus, I never said anything about people not being allowed to work for themselves… After all that is what I meant by communism promoting hedonism.
    Whatever makes people happy is what they are going to do. I don’t see how collective ownership and workers’ control prevents that.

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    @deathbal wrote:

    I can’t speak for the rest of my country, but in the state I live in and it’s surrounding states, most people can’t be bothered with politics or the way laws effect them. They do their complaining when it’s too late. Then they go back to their daily lives allowing others to plot against them. Here, lets take this good paragraph.

    Well to be well educated, in my opinion, is to be able to learn on your own, form your own opinions, question authority and be aware of events around you.

    (1) Now it seems simple enough, right? But it is not. “The ability to learn on your own” takes effort. What I see most people do is form their own opinions based on hear say. Most are also oblivious to the events around them. But we still have people that question authority. A very odd mix indeed.

    (2) I’d rather have a person i totally disagree with, but makes an educated choice, voting against me, than a person voting with me voting simply based on popularity, race or any bias. Because I know the first person is open if things go wrong. The second person is set in his ignorance.

    (1) Well that’s what the responsibility of the school/education system would be… Yeah it is gonna take a lot of effort to ‘educate’ (but not brainwash) people, but in the end, I believe it will be worth it, don’t you think?

    (2) Well, that’s one thing we both can agree on. But nowadays we are gonna have people voting based on popularity, ’cause this is what most of today’s politicians rely on.

    In my opinion workers’ control of economy and how things are run is the best thing we can do… Of course I could be wrong, but there’s not enough evidence from history to really prove it, since such a system has never been tried for long enough to actually show any evidence of success or failure.

    As I said before, when I look for communism, I look at the Paris Commune, which was the first time in recorded history workers seized power, and from what I know, it worked fine until the army came in.

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    @deathbal wrote:

    Well then it’s settled. The United States does not apply. We are certainly not a well educated population.

    If you say so… I have little knowledge of how well US education systems are doing today and I’ve heard people praise it, mock it and criticize it…
    George Carlin is the one I am gonna believe right now.

    Well to be well educated, in my opinion, is to be able to learn on your own, form your own opinions, question authority and be aware of events around you.

    To be well-educated doesn’t at all mean to be able to build nukes, machines, and complicated politics or explore the depths of space and the ocean…

    The soviet union did all that, and yet, their leaders, Stalin especially, rounded up communists, anti-communists and civilians and shot them at firing squads or locked them up in psikhushkas. USSR definitely didn’t have a well-educated population; if it did, it would have collapsed long before 1991.

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    @deathbal wrote:

    I’ll be honest with you. I’m not totally sure what you mean. Are you advocating pure Democracy? Majority rules?

    In a word yes… But with people making decisions together, based on what they know, whether it is worth doing, ethical or not, etc. I think that communism needs well-educated people, which is one of the things that it tries to accomplish, and one of the necessary tools for a stable democracy.
    Which would seem like creating a like-minded population, but in reality it doesn’t.

    A well-educated population will know when they are exploited and/or enslaved by a minority of ruling class, a dictator or a group of fanatic revolutionaries who have forgotten their aims… A well educated population will also know how to manage pure democracy without state/republic intervention. And thus it will still be an ‘under-control’ democracy: if 51% support something and 49% oppose it, then really, that’s still no different than 50-50 and some more discussion is needed.


    @deathbal wrote:

    Ok, but watch this 10 minute vid. It pretty much describes the path the US is on today.

    I have already seen that video… It’s view of the spectrum is flawed and its criticism of democracy is not really realistic.

    Yeah it’s human nature to be competitive and aggressive, but human nature also dictates that most humans protect each other. We are the only species on this planet that tries to protect all its members whether they are fit to survive or not. And thus, human nature must allow for a lot more limitations to aggression and competition than capitalism offers; otherwise it is a chaotic nature.


    @deathbal wrote:

    @laptops Daddy wrote:

    ha ha. its so absurd! isnt it about time you recognised that each of these philosophies is dynamic?

    none of these things are absolute. why would you even go there?

    Very well put.

    Every system has it’s drawbacks and no system remains static.

    The US is not a totally capitalist society. I think you’d have to go back to the middle ages in Europe for that. Someone correct me if i’m wrong. I would also choose that extreme system over communism of any sort because I believe in individual freedom over the collective. At any cost.

    But this is all a matter of opinion. It is each persons opinion of how they feel day to day life would be best. My opinion is based on each individual and their abilities to create their own life, within a set of laws, without the burden of others on their back. I realize others have the opposite opinion and that is fine with me.

    Well, I think this says a lot about corporatism and capitalism:
    Watch all 23 parts!

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    @deathbal wrote:

    The pursuit of happiness. No one is guaranteed they’ll ever get it no matter how hard they work.

    I appreciate your passion for people. It is admirable. But I think you are looking too much into this.

    In any society you will have workers. People that pave roads, doctors, lawyers, police, garbage men, and people that do not work. Someone will have to work hard. “From each according to their ability to each according to their need” is hard to implement. Why would someone want to make a lot of money so the government could take it away for someone else? That is the main problem. Even here in the US, in the state I live, there is a limit to the overtime you put in. If you put more than say 12 hours in, most of your money goes to the government. What happens? People refuse it. It is hard to get people to work for nothing if they have the choice. Especially if it means someone else benefits.

    In order for a truly communist society to work, you would need to fill it with like minded individuals.

    Now first of all, I am not calling for distribution of wealth (government taking away your stuff for someone else), but the immediate removal of any laws that protect private property, the dissolution of the state and collective ownership. What you are thinking of is socialism (it is a transition, and I want to skip it), where the government owns everything. Unless by government you mean the workers, which have grouped into unions or communes, this is not the communism I want. The communism I want was actually attempted and it worked perfectly according to evidence from the Paris Commune.

    Communism (or at least my understanding of it) doesn’t ask for like-minded individuals at all… In fact it asks for as much diversity as possible. In theory people will find work fulfilling and enjoyable rather than a necessity to stay of the street… So in order for people to work, the jobs they have must make them happy. If all people were like minded, then they will also enjoy the same career, and no one will want to work in any other field than the one everyone else wants.
    So in order to have doctors, construction workers, teachers, etc, you’d have to have people with different likes/dislikes.

    In true communism, some free market will be allowed. Because the bourgeoisie are just as human as the proletariat.
    But if someone throws a family out on the street, like many rich people/organizations do (especially banks) then the people have every right to take away the property that someone took from that family and leave him/her to find a better way to pursue his/her goals.
    But never, under any circumstance, should the control of the economy/politics be given to a small group of people.

    What I want to say is that all the $ can be in possession of a single person, but the rest of society still has equal rights to that $ and can still distribute amongst themselves it if they decide to democratically. Nothing impossible about that if the majority are educated about how to organize a functional society.


    @rommel wrote:

    April 30, 2009 – Recent Update :

    On March 27, 2009 I made the following post :

    @rommel wrote:

    As of today, at the time of this posting, each breathing American owes a debt of $ 36,107.41 to the Federal Government. For a family of 4, the total owed is over $ 140,000 and it’s going up fast. This is in addition to the debt load owed to other financial institutions.

    As of today, at the time of this posting, each breathing American owes a debt of $ 36,590.08 to the Federal Government. For a family of 4, the total owed is over $ 146,360.00.

    Your debt load to the government over the past month and a couple of days increased by $ 482.66. For a family of 4 … Your debt load increased by $ 1,930.64.

    If your take home pay didn’t increase enough to offset what was spent in your name, you are falling behind. If you think you can sell enough of your stuff to pay your way out or to at least keep even, I suspect that you haven’t tried to sell anything lately.

    Next month’s increase can be expected to be just as bothersome as this months so you might want to hit the boss up for a really BIG raise if you have (1) children that aren’t yet marketable.


    And that is exactly why I prefer communism over capitalism…
    First of all, no more government to owe anything to;
    Second, in theory you own everything (collectively with everyone else of course);
    Third, you actually have influence on what the nation does…

    RE: (1) That statement makes me hate capitalism even more!
    I think capitalism has gone far enough, face it, it was a mistake bigger than fascism… Got way more people killed.

    I think it is about time to abandon capitalism… Although communist, I think syndicalism should work well too.

    Long live the proletariat!

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    @bazzz wrote:

    He will be ok if he uses robo-rats, next upgrade is laser eyes that cut trough landscape like its not there.

    By the time they smarten up and start to use them, the people they want rob will be jumping out of windows like in 1929… 😉

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