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    How expensive should directly relate to the damage they do with a direct hit

    Willl there be different Laser classes, for example mini laser that does baby missile damage? to blowtorch of the god ( does deaths head damage)

    I think they should be powerfull though, the question I have will they bounce of the bounce walls? but they should reach everywhere on the board

    As for a teleport weapon I really don’t see it being played that much.

    As for lasers how about one that blinds a player, one round firing with only a white screen (aaaauuuuggghhhh my eyes where did my shot land?) 😈

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    Thank you for your responce,

    The clip paste that I refer to is a pet peeve of mine, I don’t think you need to paste in another post in your replie to give a responce. We can all read and remember, you are not the only one that does this so it is aimed at everyone. And no I don’t expect it to change.

    As for spelling fair enough, my wife says as long as other’s can read it so I will take a hit on that

    As for swaying the topic, everything about AT (which he adds to as well) tends to get personal and away from what I think was the topic “Security” and “Bugs”.

    Look back at everything that has been written. Take out all the personal attacks, edits, threats, rants, and comments about admins, gloats and whines and you have a one or two page topic at best.

    My wife and I love the game and the forum but it is getting silly,

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    Was he playing despite the ban?,

    If he was,

    Is that not your proof?

    Your response said many things that have been said before, but not if he supplied the proof or not?

    Willis instead of doing the clip/past method of response I may suggest you use a nice feature called “spell check”, second instead of attempting to sway and misdirect the topic confront or address it.

    Apollo was on the server, despite the ban, the mute function is not working either for disruptive players. Apollo has proven his point about the security issues. His methods of address leave more then something to be said (diplomacy is not only dead the corpse has been nuked). But correct and your responses show some lack of foresight also.

    Gavin may or may not know of the issues, they may or may not be addressed (people have real lives outside of this forum and game).

    Gavin hats off and salute to you for all that you do!

    Apollo: You made your points, now move on, or make corrections and suggestions in the form or PM or emails. This forum is not the place to try and shame changes.

    Willis: I said my piece on you, but banning an opposing view if it by valid or not is burning down a house to kill a roach.

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    So if I have to download a mod for a scorched earth server I should virus scan it?

    and then log into the server.

    Should I restrict my firewall to only the Scorched Earth ports and setting

    To be safe I will only play on non moded servers

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    My wife thinks it’s just a kid, mute him for a while (that way she can still kill him but not have to read him 🙂

    But give him a message that’s a warning and if he keeps going ban him

    I think reporting him to the server will do nothing because they have there hands busy with kiddie porn, virus transmissions and people sharing copies of
    Star Wars Revenge of the Sith.

    But muting would really be a good warning

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    18.05.2005 at 21.08 is when she started playing, thank you for your prompt actions and responce.

    And to you Apollo thank you for all your lessons she says!(Mandy)

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    Thank you for the prompt responce!

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    Thank you, I ignored the whole RTFM

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    Thank you!

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