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    nice job on the pink panther thats a keeper =)

    keep up the good work

    in reply to: ShockMod V1.0 RELEASE!! #13919



    many sorrys

    the problem is this..

    ShockMod was made on windows wich report no errors at all.
    Both myself, and bobirov unfortunately do not use or own unix.

    give us time and please continue posting ALL of your errors
    we do want to help you all resolve these issues, and your input
    is very important in fixing them.

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    dont worry we will fix this problem

    its a matter of the files being case sensitive wich windows xp has no problems with and I am guessing unix does but all the files are being lower cased now so that should resolve the problem

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    awww man that sucks

    It almost makes you wish scorched was sold in the stores

    my own oppinion:

    I think its almost at that level of quality anyways
    Id gladly pay 20 bucks or so for it now
    and beleive me when I say:

    I have a closet full of old crappy less fun games
    I have made god only knows how many people rich on to prove it

    but all I can say to your problem for now is to maybe download
    small chunks here and there and eventually you will have 38
    use a free fast download manager like leechget and your all set.

    in reply to: Thoughts from Non-US people wanted…. #13269


    im a teXan and from where I come from putting down the us
    is like asKing for a buT wooPin

    I support our troops “reguardless of the mistakes of our retarded president” who: cant spell, cant read, and probably cares nothing
    on our best interests.

    fact is ever since the 911 act of unspeakable senceless waste of
    innocent human lives” I have been looking forward to bombing
    those cammel ninjas who did that

    ask me if they are bombing the right people and I could’nt tell ya
    but what I do know is.. that voting for anyone running for
    office is a complete waste of time..

    who decides who is president anyways? because its surely not us.
    wheres all the great presidents like regan types and how is it they
    cant make it to run for office?

    truth be spoken im just babling and laughing at you for reading this
    for so long.. If I was forced to vote for anyone I would def vote for
    a jerrys kid .. heh atleast we would know we have better brains in office!!

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    hey I have an Ideah .. How about you keep your negative opinions
    to yourself and intsted of placing your opinion on that matter as though
    you are the only one in this world..

    Insted how about showing a bit of “gratitude” and pointing out the all the great “HARD work” the developers have been making “of their own FREE and GIVING will” to bring us all joy and fun. =)

    even the small things that people hardly notice should be appriciated.

    after all its a —>free< --- game and you are at no loss
    and there is always the option to uninstall it “wich I hope you do”.

    you see I on the otherhand want to encourage the developers
    and applaud anything they do. do you see where im going here?

    lamens terms:

    complain= bad, depressing, Ungratefull

    appriciate= happy,better for us in the end,happier developers= better gameplay results at the end.

    (((claps))) ((fanTasTic joB guYs keeP up all the faNtaSTIC WoRK)) !!!

    Is it so hard to uderstand what the word BETA means as though
    thats the ending result of how its going to be released?

    and people wonder why its so hard to get their hands on betas for scorched lol because of quick to complain people like—> bam bam
    boooooO !! ***throws roCks “SToNE hiMMM”!! ***

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    just thought I would wine about the fact that some sounds
    dont play when multiple explosions are going off.

    not that big of a deal I guess.. but. it would be nice to hear
    the explosions rather then just seeing say a sandhog explode
    and not hearing it because player 2’s weapon exploded first.

    also,.. in multiple explosions from one weapon “again” same problem
    I recentlty made a combo weapon that releases variouse types
    and you may get the chance to hear 2 but the others are muted out
    and you just see the explosion taking place.

    wine,bitch,complain,sniffle,waaa waaa!!!

    other then that I am still in love with all the new features.

    oO 1 more thing I almost forgot to ask..
    didnt some1 make a new controll over stopping the spin
    in the projectiles in this latest cvs?

    if so what is it because I see no examples anywhere
    and also .. I see the trees have shade but now my deer,cactus,boulders
    have no shade reflection from the sun

    well this code worked:


    but now the shade resembles that of a tree ..and to a cactus thats small
    it does’nt look right. so is there a way to add some sort of mask or something?

    maybe I am just suffering from newb sindrome **shrug**

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    ok I have a bug to report..

    I just updated the new cvs and everything works fine rain/ lightning
    but I did find one error anytime I use any roller type weapons
    I get this error below as soon as you choose a roller weapon and all the players hit the space bar after making their shot the entire game
    stalls you can still wonder arround so its not a freeze

    ..its more of a endless stall and nothing happens .. the entire game waits forever

    I waited 5 mins to see the next thing it would do and nothing

    the and

    in reply to: Lightning #13471


    I finally got a current version CVS

    and I have to say the Rain &Lightning effects just took scorched up a level and was done by what you would expect by a PRO
    VERY niCE ** drools & ClaPs Retarded like ** yaaaaY!

    great job people

    in reply to: Some Bugs From CVS #12702


    Is it possible to load the current users tank in as a projectile?

    example of what I am getting at:

    Lets say a player uses a suicidal bomb the first explosion goes off
    then ofcourse.. the players tank
    then disapears and the texture explosion loads this all happens
    in a matter of seconds.

    but, after that initial explosion occurs then you see the secondary
    weapon launch the users tank into the air “as a weapon illusion trick”
    instead of using a weapons projectile model… using the current players
    tank to load in

    Then it would appear as though when the explosion went off
    his tank did a flying leap into the air then exploded when his tank hit.

    that I think would add a very nice funny factor especially if his tank
    landed on someone else and then killed them as well.


    I have noticed alot of players have been asking for a Torpedo type weapons lately

    a description of what they mean:

    a projectile that when hits the water stays at water level 0
    and swims towards a direction until it runs into the landscape.

    that got me thinking .. if you have controll over movement of a tank
    on land when the player uses fuel & the wall markers bob in the water
    with the wave movement also, ..should’nt it be possible to create a new model
    pirimitive code that could allow “only weapons” or certain types of tanks
    with an example code or or

    thisway we could either have ship type tanks,subs or
    weapons that could both float & move

    then we could have depth charges and Torpedos and maybe some accessories
    like a inflatable life preserver that has a motor on it. =)

    also bob, that acidfire explosion texture problem i was having
    before when some weapons went off it loaded that texture
    for some reason

    and I found the problem i accidentally placed a non existing
    reference to the texture in the texturset.xml
    like this acidfire00-7 and there was no 00-7 heh oOps
    I think it was just acidfire00_1 – 004 **shrug**
    Im such a neWb =P

    in reply to: Ideas for new weapons definitions for next release. #11435


    holY @#&!
    that’s friggen amazing!

    “NoW That’S a lightning bolt
    you may even want to change the name to Lightning Strike
    because it looks like that exactly
    very nicely done in making those new primatives Gavin
    AWSOME job Bob.

    I hope you know I am stealing that wepon and puting it in
    wv^ShoCkMod^v.1.0 …..that’s 4 sURe 😛

    in reply to: Landscape MapGenerator Tool for use with Scorched 3D FOUND!! #13203


    I was fooling arround with this Terrain Generator
    a bit and I figured out how simplistic it is…
    so I decided I would make a small Tutorial
    for the simple minded scorched moderator folk =P

    copy and paste this all to a notepad
    on your desktop for l8r reference.

    here is how to use/export/import a map

    1) open the program and from the very top drop down menu under
    “file” select (new) a small box will pop up asking how large the scale of the map you want it to generate. ” and ofcourse scorched only
    supports 256 x 256″

    so fill in the first top 2 boxes labeled X Triangles
    and Y Triangles both 256 then the bottom box Labeled Triangle Size
    is how many triangle grid boxes the map is going to generate and we Dont want too many so the most I would put in that box is 100

    2) oK now choose ok and it will generate basically the grid size
    Now then you should see a gridmap in the window and “Just like scorched”
    Hold & use your right mouse button to competely get a 3d camera of the
    entire map to zoom in or move left or right use the arrow keys

    ok now we need to get the grid map lighting to look and feel 3d
    so just make sure the following boxes are checked from the drop down menu at the top click VIEW and select WIREFRAME
    then select view again and then hover mouse arrow over OUTLINE
    and choose POINTS

    note you can always choose a grid map or solid surface with color or greyscale for variouse uses =) I like using solid with color because it shows the map layers in different colors in a height scale.

    then make sure LIGHTMAP is checked under VIEW
    then under VIEW / LIGHTMAP OPTIONS make sure these boxes are checked: Directional, Smooth Shaded, Color scale,& Auto update lightmap.

    OK we are ready to import a bmp map

    click on the drop down menu labeled Terrain and choose Generate
    a box will pop up next check the box labled heightmap .
    then fill in the scale box with 10.00 and click
    the tiny browse box labled ” … ” and import a map from
    scorched landscapes directory then click generate button
    it thinks for a second and then loads it in

    Now look at the small boxes with small pictures hanging over the 3d
    view window those are all your movement tools

    fiddle arround with them by clicking and draging the surface arround
    with your mouse to start off choose the one named mountain/valley
    tool place your arrow anywhere on the map and left click and drag
    in an upwards (or) downwards motion and I get the feeling by now
    you are getting the hang of that

    now to export your map choose from the dropdown menu labeled
    FILE then EXPORT then choose HEIGHTMAP a popup window
    will appear allowing you to choose the name and folder to export
    ofcourse put it in scorched/landscapes

    one final not: when it exports the bmp heightmap you NEED to go back
    into the scorched/landscapes folder and right click on the map
    you just made and choose edit then change the size attributes to
    256x 256 ( for some unknown reason at this time it exports it 257 x 257
    so anyways from the dropdown menu in paintbrush under IMAGE
    then ATTRIBUTES make sure its 256×256 and save the changes

    then it’s all a matter of making the script lines in your landscapes.xml
    for your new map and a mask-pic for it

    I learned it all just by tinkering with it for an hour or so but there are
    actual tutorials on that guys website that you can use

    I hope this helped some of you and I don’t get carpal tundral from writing this

    in reply to: Could scorched3d soon see Buildings?? ..Yes! #13193


    @deathstryker wrote:

    @.-*-.ShoCkwaVe.-*-. wrote:

    Yes everyone should not only be looking forward to the release
    of Scorched3d version 38 but more Importantly… Apoc 2.0

    Ofcourse, Version 38 is going to be what everyone has been waiting for… and I never meant that apoc was more Important

    I am just trying to get people to realize that the new apoc 2.0 is
    going to be a great looking mod to 38 with great new features
    after all… many changes have been made since 37.2 & Apoc 1
    So I anticipate the release of both 38 & apoc 2.0 will make alot of people
    happy…. ” If & when that ever happens”

    ((Hint Hint)) Please hurrY!!

    and with that in mind …that with all the people working to help in the
    background Scorched 3D & Apoc 2.0 Is going to be worth waiting for

    Thanks to Gavin.Bobirov,& everyone who helped ((combined))
    relentless Hard Work & their ability to keep everyone
    in mind with their oppinions/ideahs ..IT’S GOING TO ROCK!!

    Hense … Version 38 is not the only thing people are waiting for

    In lamens terms of what I was trying to say:

    …. We want to play with the New Weapons & bloW up sOme buildings
    with theM DaMMiT! HURRY UP!!!! 😈

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    @R@p7oR wrote:

    nice,really nice,if you need any help ask me,and i seing some polys that can be saved from the buildings,and maybe you could add streest

    Well It’s good of you to offer help..
    I was actually drawn in by luck chance in seeing
    Bobirov online & was lucky enough to have
    been asked to do a projectile for him..
    after that it was 2 weeks of self modivation and ideahs
    but, I am not the one to ask in these matters
    I mearly helped. 🙂

    Bobirov is the one you should talk to because
    he is the one who does all the hard work.
    he Codes & places anything he likes in it.

    I have seen some of your weapons and projectiles and have to say
    they are good, but Again’ I am not the one making the decisions

    But he is always looking for great ideahs and I’m sure he would’nt
    turn away from others contributing to making apoc 2.0

    So if you want to contribute my suggestion is to you or anyone!…
    you have to catch him online on the Apoc Newb server
    and ask him

    (or) post some great ideahs in his post and follow up daily in it.

    (or) send him some of your work and wait for a response =)

    Remember though he has final say and has the right to decide
    what he chooses to be in apoc. so dont be disapointed if he does’nt
    like everything you send his way.
    He knows what he is looking for when he sees it
    (in simple terms)

    and a few of my weapons & Ideahs got the could shoulder
    but that was to be expected because Im a nut job =) lol

    Something to ponder on…

    Just think.. if everyone chipped in
    and helped a little in their own way with contributions
    just IMAGINE if you will what scorched would be like?

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    @deathstryker wrote:

    Any way we will be able to select using the buildings seperately from the Mod? The reason I ask is because I like keeping my Scorched 3D original and I don’t use the Apoc Mod too much but I like the buildings idea.

    …OR do the buildings have to be physically placed on a map?

    yes you can as Bobirov Mentioned But, I also agree with what bob
    said The Apoc 2.0 “When Released” Will be worth making an
    exception I think Deathstryker … Simply Because the Buildings
    Map Project is only a taste of what Bobirov is cooking up
    I had the privalage to help in other little areas in it and from what I
    saw & heard while doing this I had the feeling that Apoc 2.0 Is going to become a legend !

    You may very well see me on apoc server 99% of the time and that says alot considering it took me VERY hard work & a VERY long time
    to crawl up the ladder to rank 17 on gavins server

    But I would throw that all away in a heartbeat to get the chance
    to Napalm a Trailor Park or some deer 😈
    also the new weapons & their projectiles will draw people
    in crowds

    Yes everyone should not only be looking forward to the release
    of Scorched3d version 38 but more Importantly… Apoc 2.0
    It’s going to be worth calling into work sick for a few days
    and I anticipate the Apoc Server being VERY PACKED.

    So to miss out on that would just be foolish

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