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    It makes me very happy to see after all this time
    scorchwars mod & other oldys still being converted / alive & kicking.

    It was defn given into good hands.

    yoUr daman ThraX! 😀

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    @gcamp wrote:

    none at the moment, another platform may kill me 🙂

    death by carple tunnel

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    If you are all (if any) wondering what happened to ShoCk?..

    I have been deeply envolved in only what I can call THE other
    Greatest game you have never heard of called Mount & Blade.

    Aside from scorched 3D this is THE game to try (trust me)
    It’s a jewel and a game & a defn keeper!

    you start out on very cool overhead view & rotatable 3D map world
    (alot like scorched maps but on a greater scale) as a lil animated
    horsey icon holding your kingdom banner and trot/wander around
    the map to towns, villages, & castles.. looking for trouble to get into.

    meanwhile there are many variated bandit & kingdom faction army icons
    that wonder around looking for lower numbered troops to chase & pick
    fight with.

    when one of these lil animated trouble doers catch you on the map during
    your travels it throws you into a fps style minigame which is truely top
    notch graphics.. you really feel like your mounted on a horse I s%!t u noT

    you & your hired armys mixed of previously captured bandits or enemy troops
    or mercs you hired by visiting a towns tavern start off on a map in first person
    or second person view mounted on a horse you gallop into battle all well & easily managed orders.

    after the battle ends you collect the auto randomised collection of loot & $
    denars collected from the battle field to either upgrade your hero troops with (or) sell in a nearby towns weapon shops, & or villages.

    beseige castles.. take on quests.. endless hours of limetless down right
    blasts of humor & fun point blank!

    whisper.. After that google keyword mount & blade uniloader

    take my word for it & try this game & hope to see some of you scorchers
    in the taleworld forums! my name there is: KnightonaHorsey


    main website here:
    screenshots can be fount here:
    info here:
    forums here:

    do yourselves a favor and just try it one time that’s all I am sayin..

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    @peanutsrevenge wrote:

    IMO less mods is a good thing, compress the players down to fewer servers, so hopefully, there will be more people playing together which, in turn should get more people playing there as there will be people to play with!

    There is such a thing as too much choice.

    whats this now? ..saying no to mods talk? *glares*

    me no like u 😛

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    was browsing threw some funny clips & ran into these 2 so im posting the links for you all to enjoy.. these are fan made films but hilarious none the less..
    grab some coffee & have some laughs they are kind of long but worth watching.

    Troops: Star Wars Bad Boys movie

    Click here to watch:Star Wars Bad Boys

    Click here to watch:Cold Patrol

    Click here to watch:The Emperor’s New Clones

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    just wanted to pop in and say hi to all, I hope scorched still thrives and cures countless lives of endless boredom for those of us who like to blow S%it up 😉 cheers.

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    K dude, this isn’t about YOU or ME..

    if you dont have something nice to say in this matter..

    move along and please dont flame/post that type of very rude
    *stays in holiday spirit*.. $%^#@

    it’s just not the place for it…

    *shakes head*

    wich gives me yet another idea/feature to add to features & requests..

    💡 a way to ignore un desirable people/scorched accounts from seeing
    *ANY* postings of in the forums.

    who.. i never, ever, ever want to see postings of again 💡

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    k but wheres the poll to vote for wich map/maker we like ?

    or is there a selected judge?

    point him out please so i know who to brown nose.. ty.

    I *would* join in and send the deathstar map but 2 people made it
    so that cancels out that idea + all the files required would probably
    be a lil much for something like this..

    so @ any rate they are all looking luvly.. hard to choose..

    I guess I like irish bandits map idea best so ile go with that one.

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    thanks irish! *clink*

    I figure even if only a few of us send in a little bit.. it all adds to the pot!

    hopefully this brings someone important to us all a little something
    extra in his stocking from a very happy community.

    he gives & gives.. so I am sure it’s a nice thing to *get* once and a while.

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    @peanutsrevenge wrote:

    @.-*-.ShoCkwaVe.-*-. wrote:

    lol @ wolfy and I agree.. cheaters = flamers.
    anyone editing builds who is not apart of the dev team = get a life.

    ummmm, this is open source, thats the whole POINT of open source, that anyone can edit it, if something is added it must be made availible for the community. (short brief description from my understanding of the GPL)
    If Gavin didnt allow people to edit it as they saw fit, he would be break the license!

    Plus…. not many linux users would have been using 41 (pre .1) if we couldnt edit the source as it wouldnt build under GTK 2.8.

    some of that may be slightly wrong as I have only just woken up and only JUST had my first sip of tea!

    somehow I knew this topic would open the big flamer gates and several
    of you would come flooding in here..

    and so the king has arrived.. *hears trumpets*

    ok, i think you are looking too far into what i said there..
    the topic is about making hack builds.. to edit builds for cheating sake..

    hense what i meant by saying & staying on topic:
    anyone editing builds who is not apart of the dev team = get a life.

    To be more clear for people who love to pick out words & twist them into
    something else..

    anyone editing builds TO CHEAT WITH = get a life.
    there that better? can we spare the licensing agreement speech now?

    and yes I have used linux and compiled scorched many times..
    and for the last time I understand perfectly what opensource

    Hense Forth The King has decided the next person who shows
    another opengl license agreement (or) explination will get their
    heads chopped off and placed onto a pike that stands in front
    of flamer Castle.

    you wouldnt perhaps be related to lielollie would you? *rolls eyes*

    and further more I will add this questiuon for those who feel they
    need to cheat in scorched 3d / any game lame can one person
    possibly be?

    is playing scorched really that hard?

    * recalls the last flamer war & runs back into exile*

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    * hears the Twilight Zone music playing *

    *points* you must be drunk.. & you.. & you..

    in reply to: Mod Download -Torrent- style? #48108


    are we really getting that upset about leechers? lol

    ..not like i see any people lined up to slurp mods.

    all that work and noboDY even wants em or *rarely*..

    so i would have to say no real point.. sry to disagree for once.. 😛

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    very nice looking maps, makes you feel like your back in 1701 ad. 😉

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    man.. what is it with these sounds I thought we where past this..

    after we did all the conversions.. all sounds should now be encoded @
    the lowest possible for both .ogg & .wav I beleive @:

    sampling freq 22050
    1 channels mono
    bitrate 32kbs

    maybe gavin or someone needs to be specific & let everyone know
    exactly what is best to encode/ convert @ that scorched works best with.
    seeing as trying to figure that out on our own is not working.

    more sound testing…

    wonder if this could be the music related sounds..
    ile try & narrow it down.

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