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    Hi Again :

    The cost of living varies by locality. Granted.

    If 80% are in poverty and 20% are well to do,
    the bell curve would not be an accurate graph.

    A long gently sloping curve that rises and falls
    abruptly near the right side would be better.

    Under the bell curve I proposed :

    20% would be low income,
    60 % would be middle income,
    20% would be upper income.

    I’ve spent hours trying to find the posts where we discussed
    the economic suggestions I made. No luck yet but I have
    found some with the words moral bankruptcy in this thread.

    One of them referred to the post sought. It’s elusive.

    The middle class lifestyle has been declining. Granted.
    The middle income wage is close to poverty. Granted.

    That’s what I have been protesting.

    Using this 2010 income percentile calculator :

    You must earn $ 97,298 per year, to be
    in the top 20 % of income earners.

    I thought it would be higher.

    Using this 2010 Calculator for net worth yeilds :

    A net worth of $ 391,000 puts you in the top 20 %

    I thought this would be higher too.



      PLEASE NOTE : My proof reader missed a critical error above :

      If 80% are in poverty and 20% are well to do,
      the bell curve would not be an accurate graph. … (this is true)

      A long gently sloping curve that rises and falls
      abruptly near the right side would be better. … (this is not true)

      Given the anual income earned on the x-axis and the
      number of people earning that amount on the y-axis,
      A long gently sloping curve that rises and falls
      abruptly near the left side would be better.

      Net, Gross, Left, Right … What’s next … up and down

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    Hi Deathbal :

    On the war and Senator Sanders :

    @deathbal wrote:

    I did find some things I agreed with him on, just not enough. There
    were also some deal breakers. I would also like to know what his
    opinion is on a good tax code. That means a lot. And to tell you the
    truth, i’m not confident i’d like it.

    It appears that I didn’t explain myself well. What I am attempting,
    is to get you to reverse the way you have been taught to think and
    try a more positive and perhaps a better avenue of investigation.

    The negatives will still be there to fall back on but for now, if
    this exercise is to get under way, you have to let go of them
    until we finish exploring all of the positives.

    This isn’t just an exercise for the two of us, but an example for
    anyone that happens along here, of a more civilized way to
    have a productive and civil discussion. Since you have a
    very good idea of what I’ll find acceptable, it should be
    easy for you to present a policy statement that I’ll accept.

    Then I will attempt to find and post one (for all to read)
    that I think you will accept. Each iteration will become
    more difficult, granted, but try to be diligent, as shall I.

    When we have both exhausted all possibilities, we will
    have presented a very positive picture to each other.

    Then, if the previously perceived negatives still
    appear worthy of tearing him down, have at it.

    @deathbal wrote:

    I can only speak for myself here, but I was uninsured for about
    5 years of my life. I did go to the emergency room on at least
    three occasions for non life threatening events. The only
    difference I noticed between no insurance and being insured
    was, they didn’t run a battery of needless tests. Other than
    that I was well taken care of. Oh and, they sent me a bill.

    I’m unsure of the time frame but assume that your episodes of no
    insurance are long past. Please inquire of insiders in heath care.
    Hospitals are quietly suffering from a lack of sufficient income.

    @deathbal wrote:

    ‘Cause he’s a rouge renegade.
    Just like me. Wink, wink, you betcha.

    What I find interesting about comments like these are that
    they persist after 5 years with a proven amateur in the
    Whitehouse. Not only that, but the victorious VP is
    stunningly ignorant. You can’t get worse than a jester
    next in line to be president.

    What I find interesting is that I have to rewrite this to get you to
    see the intended message. Sarah Palin was supposed to be a clue
    that kept me from having to state my message like this :

    Thank you my friend. That was an excellent observation my friend.
    I will have my staff look into those policy statements my friend and
    get back to you. Thanks again my friend. All right my friends, next

    I would insert a smiley here but I’m still boycotting them.
    In fact there would several in this post if I still used them.

    A politician, and most anyone with any sense, is going to make
    their proposal as appealing as they can to as many as they can.

    Using the word fairness in a bill intended to promote fairness is
    fine with me. Calling me your friend and doing it with the most
    obvious insincerity is something that I find to be disgusting.

    Carter :

    @deathbal wrote:

    Ok, not sure what your point is with all of this, but i’ll respond to
    the last part. You gave an ideal example and are using it to make
    your case. Those types aren’t the norm. Do you want to limit
    investment to near sure things?

    You said you found most of what you clipped to be true. Being
    unsure what you found to be untrue and striving for the truth,
    it bothered me that I couldn’t find the untruths that you clipped.

    Yes, I want to limit my investments to near sure things. Those
    that don’t, are playing against the odds and although high risk
    is generally more profitable when you win, the longer you play
    the more likely you are to lose. A big win or two and you’re
    hooked into the idea that the next big risk will be the big one.

    Allowing compulsive gamblers (like me) to control our economy
    resulted in the housing bubble and the bank and stocks fiascos.

    @deathbal wrote:

    Semantics. Any gains is income. But any income from your
    wealth is not treated the same as the income tax brackets.

    No, it wasn’t merely semantics. If you read what you posted again,
    you should see why I corrected you. If not I’ll “elaborate” further.

    @deathbal wrote:

    But the 15% is not an income tax bracket percentage. It is a capital
    gains tax, the same for everyone. It is a bit ridiculous to expect
    someone to pay 28% or 39% on the sale of their house.

    You’re fixation on the tax brackets is fascinating but Semantically
    Speaking (I’m not an anti-semantic by the way) the capitol gains
    tax is still an income (profit) tax and to suggest otherwise is wrong.

    Not at all ridiculous to me. We are talking about gains (profits) not
    the selling price. What I find ridiculous is that working people have
    been persuaded to believe that when we sell something priceless
    at a loss ( our time ) for any sum, we have made a profit. Untrue.

    And that when the wealthy resell our time at a profit, they should
    pay a lower tax rate on their REAL profits, than we do on our loss.

    Oh if I could, what wouldn’t I sell to have back my youth and
    still know what I know today? All I would keep would be the
    clothes required to stay out of jail. The things that were sold,
    could all be recovered and much more, in rather short order.

    But alas, once our time is sold, we can never buy it back. Not
    at any price. The best we can do is to find someone that has a
    lower value on their time than what we do on ours. Then we
    can buy their time and use them to do the things we need done
    while spending the “Free Time” they have allowed us, in the
    manner we see fit. The wealthy have free time in abundance.

    Our limited time here, with family and friends, is sold for nothing.

    CEO Compensation :

    @deathbal wrote:

    I think you’re right. Probably over 100.

    Oh and, speaking of robots. I believe there was a company in
    Australia back in the 70’s that replaced their employees with
    pigeons to work the conveyor belt items. They were found to be
    quite reliable. But a ruling came down that it was cruelty to animals.
    So the humans came back! If you don’t see the irony in that….…

    Thank you. Yes, I imagine that several million dollars besides the
    CEO’s 13.8 Million was quietly disbursed and feel that the reporter
    missed a large portion of the story by failing to investigate all the
    executives and their mutual connections through other companies.

    Sometimes I get more out of saying less, than by saying more.
    It pleases me that you didn’t ignore my point the second time.

    About the Pigeons : What I saw was a company exploiting
    living creatures with no regard for the wellfare of workers.

    I know what you saw though. My idea of irony would be if the
    workers got a fungal bird disease and bankrupted the company.

    But the workers share blame, the fickle finger of fate strikes :

    Dead Workers Have Day in Court – Kill Bird-Brained Company.

    @deathbal wrote:

    You’re right, I did miss this.

    You, along with many others failed to recognize the key word in
    “Trickle down Economics”. Care to take a guess? I’ll give you a
    hint. If you asked someone how the weather was, and they told
    you the rain is trickling down, do you get into your knee high
    wading boots?

    Trickle down economics is exactly that, you get some leftover scraps.
    What did you really expect? Think of a Union at the bargaining table
    and their company has their books open. Their contract is fought for
    based on what primarily? You better believe that Rep. wants to see
    nice profits. The bigger the profits the better the contract, trickle down.

    It was never meant to shower people with money. It isn’t even an
    economic system, it’s more of a concept. the basic idea is, a company
    makes more, they may expand their business. As a result more employees
    are hired. That does not mean employees are paid more, just more
    employment. So obviously the business sees double the profit while
    employees see the same pay.

    You don’t have to tell me demand is the driving factor for a business
    to expand. Like I said, it is a concept based on the demand already
    being present.

    Hiding things in my posts is a little thrill I get sometimes but unless I
    revealed them (usually I don‘t) I always feared most of them were
    being overlooked. However, if as I suspect, they are now being
    examined more closely … Oh what fun it is to hide things in them.

    Where do I begin? This whole section seems to be saying :
    “Yeah Beaver, we’ve really been tooken!” – Wally Cleaver
    And if you don’t think so, please read what you wrote again.

    Make no mistake, I didn’t believe in trickle down when it was
    implemented. What did I expect? The results we have now.
    There was no increase in good jobs for all, no increase in the
    standard of living for all, no increase at all for the working class.

    There was instead, a dramatic increase in the cheaply made import
    goods; cars, tools, electronics, appliances, etc.; that were still being
    produced by Americans that were working in American factories.

    This was required if American workers were to retain their ability
    to make purchases as their buying power was being eliminated. “So
    what, they cut my hours and everything is higher, check out my new
    Celica! Yeah, it’s Japanese but what the hell, it’s all I could afford.”

      The year was 1975 or 76. My friend had just bought a new Toyota
      Celica on credit, in spite of his low prospects for advancement.
      There was nothing wrong with the Oldsmobile that he traded.

      He thought the gas savings would make the purchace worthwhile.
      I kept the tires on my Ford LTD longer than he made his payments.

    Then in order to be “competitive” American factory workers were
    required to make concessions. Unions were broken and nearly all
    upper and mid level middle class workers were demoted in status.

    All the while, many factory owners were making plans to move
    their operations to countries where they could pollute without
    consequence and openly use child and/or slave labor. I was a
    witness. Ask around. The more stories you hear the better.

    Ultimately, the working class helped to fund the destruction of
    American factories by being led to believe they were helping them
    to survive. That was one of the most cruel things that I can recall.

    The result of giving the top tier an abundance of excess investment
    capital was the rapid escalation of American companies building
    new factories in other countries with the goal of closing ours.

    Historically, people that can see what‘s happening, have a most
    difficult time finding others that will believe them. It’s almost as
    if belief in lies, is subconsciously preferred to belief in the truth.

    @deathbal wrote:

    What do you propose? Have any ideas? I would also like to know
    one minor detail, what do you consider wealthy? Another thing to
    consider. Even if you got your wish, and the “wealthy” paid a
    higher tax for Cap. Gains, that is not putting a single dollar in
    that Burger King employees check. Congress would simply waste it.

    The “Paying a Fair Share Act” is nothing more than a congressional
    money grab named appropriately to stir up class envy. I can
    guarantee you our poverty rate would not drop a single iota as a
    result. Speaking of fair. What about a good portion of the population
    paying little to nothing in federal income taxes? I have the firm belief
    that everyone should have some skin in the game. Or better yet,
    instead of redefining the word “fair”, come up with a different term
    regarding who pays taxes and how much.

    Yes, if you look back (in this thread, I think) or search for moral
    bankruptcy with Rommel as the author, you should find where
    you told me my ideas sounded good but they weren’t practical.

    I replied that if they sounded good, you should look at them again.
    Still holding to those beliefs, please don’t make me type them again.

    Wealthy is a very subjective term with a variety of definitions. To a
    homeless person, I might be considered wealthy. However, in order
    not to dodge your question, I’ll offer that the top 20% are wealthy.

    My rational : The statistical Standard Bell Curve.

    Perhaps you’re right. That’s why we need our elected officials
    phone numbers near a phone. In days of yore they had this book
    with damn near everyone’s phone number in it. Handy thing that.

    Back to your point, Federal tax dollars aren’t supposed to be paid to
    fast food workers and I hope they aren’t. What they can do, is put
    the cost of these wars onto the backs of those that are profiting
    off of them and make them, Pay as You Go Excursions from today
    forward and forever.

    If the threat of Vietnam was real, and since
    we lost, why aren‘t we a conquered country?

    Perhaps we are, eh?
    But not by Vietnam.

    In war, even if you win, you may not be the winner.
    If you aren’t the winner, regardless of the story, you lost.

    We lost in Korea too.

    Class Envy : Why don’t you call it what it really is? The desire for
    fair and decent treatment for all. I’m not concerned with myself in
    these postings and have no desire to do anything but move into a
    smaller house in the country, so I can try and live out the rest of my
    days in peace and quiet. Class envy, me?, my mother would bust a
    gut and die. She’s decided that I don’t have human envy. She might
    be onto something there but it’s beyond her capacity to understand.

    I told her that looking like Moses
    had helped me feel closer to God.

    Taxes : Good! I’m tickled pink that the poor don’t have to give any
    more support to the rich. Too many have been forced to push their
    children into the military due to the traitorous bastards that ran us
    aground off the coast of England and then used our gold to hire a
    bunch of pirates to take us to safe harbor. Their harbor, we were
    to learn, only after being sufficiently disabled. Run by their pirates!

    No, Please. Fair is a good word and although it has fallen into
    misuse and disuse, it hasn’t gone down the rabbit hole yet. Let us
    strive to make it once again, a word we can all be proud to use.

    If you want everyone to pay their fair share, as do I, then first, we
    have to give everyone a fair share. That’s a proposal I can support.

    And do. Hoping you will too, sometime … while it still counts.

    If you want a short reply next time, say : “It’s all true Rommel.
    I can’t believe I never saw that myself and I’m a changed man.”

    Funny stuff … the things we remember … the things we forget.

    Wishing you health and happiness, now and always,


      Recent Edits : Added a few lines to the section on Pigeons.
      Corrected a few typos : they’re to their … ect..
      Minor change to section about war, costs and profits.
      Minor change to section about taxes.
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    Hi Deathbal :

    “I know you were afraid. Who wouldn’t be?” – V for Vendetta

    On the war and Senator Sanders :

    The object of the exercise was to find high importance topics,
    like the one I opened with, where we would be in agreement.
    Going for his throat, as your first move, makes it appear that
    you aren’t interested in giving him a sporting chance at you.

    Perhaps you couldn’t find any, if so. That’s fine. If you have
    school age children or heavens to Pete, grandchildren, you
    might look into his filibuster attempt. The ability of us all to
    receive a quality education, limited only by our potential for
    learning and understanding, should be a primary goal for all
    Citizens, whether they have children or not.

    The single payer system I envision would be good for all but
    insurance companies and those with investments in them, as
    it would stop the excessive profiting off of the desperate.

    It’s acceptable to try and gouge someone’s eyes out on a car
    sale, because the buyer isn‘t being forced to accept your price.

    It’s something altogether different when you’re standing in the
    emergency room with a dying child in your arms and the first
    thing they want is your insurance card and then watching as
    they check to see how much care your child can afford. All the
    while you keep telling them that you’ll sign anything, pay any
    price. This is not a valid contract due to duress but in spite of
    that technicality, it’s all perfectly legal and legally binding.

    If they find you to be a good credit risk, you’ll pay, and
    pay dearly, regardless of the outcome. If not … your child
    may die, due to the critical condition of your credit rating.

    And if you think that this doesn‘t happen, please talk to
    people that work in intensive care, hospice, emergency
    rooms and geriatric centers. People die all the time, due,
    not to their medical condition, but their financial status.

    Catch Phrases :

    Excellent observation my friend, thank you. I will have my
    staff look into those policy statements and get back to you.

    He will too. ‘Cause he’s a rouge renegade.
    Just like me. Wink, wink, you betcha.

    Carter :

    If I ever say anything untrue, please let me know with specificity,
    so I can not only make amends but educate myself to my errors.
    And rest easy with my firm commitment to do the same for you.

    Comparing 70’s dollar’s to today’s dollars is not fair without taking
    inflation into account. As for the tax rate charged on capital gains,
    the evidence is there and is not disputable. The percentage charged
    is not subject to misinterpretation due to other factors.

    Investors in the 70’s could earn 6% by leaving their money in the
    bank. Instead they chose to invest it, even at what you feel is a
    rate that was too high to charge them.

    This is direct evidence against Grover Norquist.

    Given a 90% percent chance of a 50% return, only a
    fool would say, not unless the tax rate is less than 25%.

    Note : The capital gains tax is an income tax. It grants
    special favors to the wealthy that working people aren’t
    entitled to but comes under the U.S. Income Tax Code.
    ( see : USC : Title 26 – INTERNAL REVENUE CODE )

    The reason that I believe that the middle class pays a higher
    tax rate ( were back to percentages ) than the upper class
    investors is because I can not only read the tax code and
    understand it, I can do mathematics and think for myself.

    15% is less 28% and until 2 + 2 = 5 it always will be.

    No, people buy lottery tickets because they are morons.

    McDonald’s :

    Wages :

    My grounds are simple. Because it’s right thing to do. If you
    were making $ 8.00 per hour instead of getting $ 30.00 per hour
    performing the same function you do now, perhaps you could
    see this. Other than subjecting you to poverty, I’m out of ideas.

    CEO Compensation :

    I doubt that the CEO is the only one making more than $ 1 Million a
    year. But no matter, on that. So what if they are all buddies and they
    all serve on each others board of directors and give each other lavish
    lifestyles at the expense of the workers. Perhaps PeanutsRevenge is
    right and all manual labor positions should be filled by robots.

    However, even though I have been intimate with quite a few
    robots, I feel sure, I will always prefer working with people.

    Aymay eacepay ebay ithway ouyay,


      : In case you missed my encoded and secret message :

      Your final point reminds me of a life I lived a long time ago
      aboard the USS-USA. The boat was sinking. Then,
      all of a sudden, it was turned upside down.
      But the water didn’t trickle down like
      they said it said it would. The
      boat kept right on sinking.

      There are some codes, usually between friends, that can not be
      cracked, by anyone or any machine, with any degree of certainty.

      Ain’t life grand !

      Oh yeah … One more thing. The first of the “entitlements” to be
      eliminated, should be entitlements ( like the capital gains tax ) for
      the wealthy. Same answer … Because it’s the right thing to do.

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    Hi Deathbal :

    Just a short note to let you know that my reply is underway. You crack
    me up, “No need to ask you to elaborate” (semi-quote). If I thought I
    could say more by saying less, I honestly would and sometimes, I do.

    If I thought I could say the same and be understood using less words,
    I would and although it might not seem so, I trash quite a bit of stuff.

    My condolences on the passing of your father. I was looking forward
    to seeing a message from another old timer. Hopefully, like me, your
    father still lives in your memories and is never more than a moment
    away in times of need. “What would dad say ?”



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    Hi BOY :

    Have you seen Willis ?

    Thanks for the linked article. It makes it hard to ignore that we’re
    “rolling down hill like a snowball headed for hell.” – Merle Haggard

    It’s getting more difficult to find a decent
    place to spend money in good conscience.

    Most everywhere you go you see someone that is working
    multiple part-time jobs and barely making it on there own
    and others that still aren’t able to make it without help.

    There’s a discussion here someplace where Deathbal and I
    considered the moral bankruptcy of companies that did not
    pay their workers a livable wage. My opinion was that we
    can’t afford them. If they can’t operate and be an asset to
    the community, we need to stop supporting them. Public,
    private, and the guy that has a landscaping company too.

    A business license should indicate to the customers and the
    employees, that the business will be operated in the best
    interests of the community without consideration to profits.

    Not, operated in the best interests of profits
    without consideration of the community.

    When we require that, slave labor will be a thing of the past.

    Until we do this, good companies, of all sizes, will be under
    ever increasing pressure to follow suit to remain competitive.

    If we allow the current trends to continue, at some
    point, the vanishing middle class, vanishes completely.


    I think that answered all of your questions except
    for the salaries of CEO’s versus the Landscapers.

    Yes, at least one and perhaps many more. The first
    that came to mind is termination salary and benefits
    ( Golden Parachutes ) that follow the CEO’s even if
    they bankrupt the company and have to close it.

    The Landscaper is dependant on the profitability of
    the business to pay the employees that generate
    income for the company. Without the employees,
    the owner will have no income and no business.

    Therefore, the small business owner is under more
    pressure to maintain profitability than many of the
    CEO’s, and also under more pressure to treat the
    employees fairly.

    This is why we should support our local small
    business owners as much as possible. Even if
    Wal-Mart is a little ( or a great deal ) cheaper,
    the benefits to the community are likely greater
    by supporting small business owners.

    If that sounds Socialist and I think it does, that
    doesn’t make it a bad way to think or act to me.

    Before signing off, I meant to say this before :

    It was a surprise and a pleasure to read the post where
    you said that you had changed your vote on the war.

    Take good care,


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    Hi Deathbal :

    Before you reply, I have to know … Have you seen Willis ?

    On the war :

    We agree on Mr. Sanders war stance but feel differently about
    his title. No problem. If we forget the title and look at some of
    his other policy statements, it seems likely that we may find
    others, where the three of us agree. That is a good start.

    If we were to find more places where we agree with him,
    than with the non-socialists, and these were topics of
    high importance, then the title Socialist and the type of
    Socialism he favors might be something we’d approve.

    I know that thought is bothersome to you, but if you’ll
    think about what I just wrote instead of his title, I think
    you’ll have to agree that it just might be worth the time.

    Rejecting someone without examination, that we at first
    see good in, simply due to a their party title, seems like
    more of the same game to me. We have to do better.


    About the economy …

    I was going to go to PeanutsRevenge’s thread but see that
    BOY is posting about the economy too and it’s his thread.

    Perhaps he shares my opinion that all wars are economic in
    nature. If so, then this thread seems fine to me. Hoping he
    doesn’t slap me … I shall continue.

    Carter :

    Yes, under Carter taxes were higher and so was interest.
    It was tough times for those that had to borrow money.
    ( Comparison between Carter and Reagan terms )

    The Kuwait oil embargo of 1973 and subsequent inflation
    due to oil prices wasn’t on Carter’s watch but he paid the
    price for it. When Ford left office, Carter was thrown in
    front of the bus. His Presidency spent the next 4 years on
    life support and never recovered. Economies don’t generally
    rise and fall dramatically without prior and heavy influence.

    Inflation was high but workers contracts mandated that their
    wages would be adjusted annually to account for inflation.
    We weren’t asking for a bigger slice of the pie, only to
    receive the same size slice that we contracted for initially.

    After all, it wasn’t our mismanagement that caused trouble.

    I was banking money every week at my local savings and
    loan and getting around 6% return on my savings account.

    For me the economy was good, even paying a 50% tax rate.

    After Reagan came in the Unions took a big hit.
    All those cost of living raises evaporated. GONE.
    Wage and benefit concessions was the term used.
    We ultimately were forced to pay the price for the
    mistakes of others, that had been and still were, more
    highly compensated for their failures than we were for
    our accomplishments.

      Recent Edit : The point I intended to make was this :
      That like Carter, we never recovered. We never got the
      raise that got us back to our previous economic standing.

      In fact, as time progressed, inflation out paced the paulty
      raises that were intended to ( and did ) keep us quiet.

      “Jobs are awfully hard to get right now fellows.” seemed to
      be the motto of the day. It’s still the motto of the day.

      As the economic status of craft and other mid to upper middle
      class workers declined, the economic status of executives and
      companies skyrocketed. Surely this is not debatable in either the
      facts presented or the fairness of their actions. The result, most
      all of our wealth is concentrated at the top of the pyramid. [/Edit]

    Now, we’re lucky to get 0.05% return on our savings
    even though (with few exceptions) interest is higher
    now than it was then. Our money is buying less every
    year and keeping money in the bank has become costly.

    Investments don’t go away because of the tax rate.
    Investments go away because of a lack of confidence.

    I’m pleased that your father and I agree, put him on here.
    Maybe between the two of us we can get you ship shape.

    If you look at the historic Federal Income Tax Rates, you
    will see that the argument you proposed doesn’t stand
    scrutiny. Investors, good investors anyway, aren’t the
    type of people to loose their farm playing roulette. They
    tend to make sound investments with a high probability
    of return. This is also the sentiment of Warren Buffet.
    ( see – Quote of the Day, Aug 15, 2011 & Oct 16, 2013 )

      Recent Edit : Although the tax rate influences the net
      profit on investments. At any value less than 100%, it
      does not influence the probability of a return. [/Edit]


    20 MILLION Illegals :

    My point about Illegals was that the dramatic increase of
    indigents and near indigents both domestic and imported,
    has resulted in a likewise increase in social expenditures.

    And if you believe our government, a substantial increase
    in our border security enforcement and associated costs,
    along with a new bureaucracy we call Homeland Security.

    Yes, Homeland Security … and the TSA too. Also, the
    Patriot Act, and the wars and their associated costs in
    Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, etc.. All this expense,
    caused, so they say, by 19 illegals.

    Hospitals are compensated for indigent care by both, the
    rates we pay for their services and our taxes. The more they
    treat, the more we pay. Obviously, we can’t let people bleed
    out in the waiting area or tie a plastic bag over their heads
    while in an ambulance but we can start seriously working to
    lower the number of indigent and near indigent people that
    reside in our country.

    The easiest and most fair place to start seems to be that we
    enforce the visa laws and start revoking corporate charters
    for those that break the law.

    A fine can be passed on to their customers and/or shareholders.
    Charter revocation is a death sentence to their immortality.

    20 million indigent and potential hospital patients that aren’t
    supposed to be here, by rule of law, is 20 million too many.

    “They could go home.” – Helen Thomas, May 27, 2010

    “Illegal infiltrators have no privileges at the expense of
    Israeli citizens.” – P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu, October 18, 2013

      Final ? Edit : As human beings, we are obligated to provide basic
      needs to domestic infiltrators, even in prison. However, we have,
      no duty, no obligation, nor any right under law, to use our taxes
      to support the illegal Israeli infiltrators residing in Palestine.
      They need to go home too and the sooner the better.

      Our illegal infiltrators have no privileges at the expense of
      Israeli citizens. Our goyim slaves provide all of their needs.
      Now if we could just get these damn Africans out of Israel …

      What goes around, comes around, Bibi. Furthermore, if you
      ask around, you’ll find it supercedes the 10 commandments.

      Funny stuff … for Jeronimo … I couldn’t resist.

      You understand don’t you? Just for the refreshment
      of it. And to get the rancid taste out of my mouth.
      Mark Twain (semi-quote) [/Edit]


    McDonald’s :

    Wages :

    The number you mentioned, 700,000 employees consists of mainly
    part time and student workers. If McDonalds and other companies
    strived for full time employees and only used part timers as trainees,
    or fill in staff, the total number of employees would decrease greatly.

    Let’s assume 50% for ease of presentation. Now you have 350,000
    employees and most likely increased profits due to happy workers, a
    low turn over rate and happy customers. 5.5 billion in profits will
    now allow you to give the full timers that $ 5.00 an hour raise you
    mentioned and still remain profitable even if sales don’t increase.

    $ 5/hr/employee x 2080 hrs/yr –> $ 10,400/yr/employee
    $ 10,400/yr/employee x 350,000 employees –> $ 3,640,000,000/yr

    If my calculations are correct, you will still have almost $ 2 BILLION
    To distribute among the share holders who have done absolutely
    nothing to generate a profit for the company. Not bad for nothing.

    CEO Compensation :

    What you seem unwilling to acknowledge is that the Pope isn’t
    worth that kind of a salary and he oversees (or Holy Sees) a much
    more diverse and wealthy business than the CEO of McDonalds.

    The work you produce, not the amount of capital that you oversee
    should be the standard to which all workers are held, Executive to
    Janitor, Pagan to Pope. Even if these guys passed golden turds,
    they couldn’t eat enough to shit out $ 13 Million a year.

    That’s the point I think you are missing.

    Assume rectal gold brings $ 1,000 per oz. (fixed) on an annual contract.

    At 1 oz. per day they could generate 365.25 ozs/year.
    At 16 ozs. per day they could generate 5,844 ozs/year.
    At two pounds per day, ( HEALTHY !! ) they could generate 11,688 ozs./yr.
    Times $ 1,000 per oz. and that’s still only $ 11,688,000/ year.

    Now, consider that most foods are at least 80% water.
    And that gold contains 0 % water.

    If 50% of the food is consumed by the metabolism,
    and 50% (minus the water) is converted into gold,
    how many pounds of food per day are required to
    produce 2 pounds of anhydrous rectal gold ?

    Given that an additional pound ( 1 pint ) of water per
    pound of food, will be required, calculate the water required.

    Is it feasible that anyone could consume, on a daily
    basis, the total amount of food and water required ?

    I say no but I’ll leave the final calculations to you.

    Have fun with that … No copyright … But a
    link back to this post would be appreciated.

    NOTE : A link in an Algebra book would be terrific !

    I could care less about the advertising expenses as I’m neither a
    customer nor a stock holder. It was the idea of wasting money on
    expensive ads they know aren’t likely to be worth the cost just to
    inflate their egos and those of the stockholders, when paying their
    employees decently is not one of their primary concerns.


    Your final point reminds me of a movie I saw a long time ago.
    The Poseidon Adventure. The boat was sinking. Then,
    all of a sudden, it was turned upside down.
    But the water didn’t run out.
    The boat kept on

    When things are as topsy turvy as they are now, you
    can’t bring up the bottom before pulling down the top.

    Imagine a pyramid shape and that you start moving the
    blocks from the bottom before moving the blocks on top.

    Best wishes to you and yours and best wishes to you all.



      P.S. – Good post BOY but I can’t type a decent reply to it.

      My posts to Deathbal although enjoyable, take several hours to
      compose and drain me, sometimes, more than may be healthy.

      Intensive thought is said to consume a large amount of energy.
      Yeah, yeah, I hear you. Where’s the evidence ? Funny stuff …

      I hope, all of you have the time and energy to read this post and
      still and have enough left over to read the entire thread that BOY
      started. It’s one of the best you’re likely to find here.

      I intend to send a reply to you very soon BOY. Until then …

      To you both : Welcome to the Brotherhood. KAWSIME !

      To the rest of you : It’s great fun.
      “Try it, you’ll like it !” – Pepto Bismol


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    Hi Again :

    Thanks for the update.

    @direwolf wrote:

    I am not really HillBilly so to speak, I am more of a mix of California Redneck Stoner with a touch of Oki, not sure if that is real HillBilly but my mouse is made out of real varmit! I just bit the tail off to make it wireless.

    This is what I got following the link [attachment=0:37zoowag]Capture.JPG[/attachment:37zoowag]

    It looks like you have solved another one Holmes.

    Well done … er … like, gnarly dude!

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    I’m pert near pos o teeve that yur gonna find you
    one of them https links in the new P.M. I sended.

    Hillbilly code for check your mail.

    Hillbilly code … hmmm …

    Ya reckon ?

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    Hi Again :

    I just started a PM to you from your last post. The url
    that was inserted into the PM was https … So, it’s
    not confined to the offtopic forum.

    Yes, it all helps. The more information we can gather, the
    better. Hopefully we can get someone else in here soon.

    Thank you,


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    Hi Direwolf :

    If you set your mail to send you a notice when you receive a
    PM, we can see if it sends you the https header when I PM
    you. If you have set this thread to auto-alert, you should
    have something to investigate with this message or the next
    one if you haven’t already flagged the thread.

    If you use the https option to log in, you’ll have to accept
    the security certificate. Two Americans … logging onto a
    foreign website … using encryption … KAWSIME !

    Welcome brother!

    Take good care,


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    Dear Timid and Shabby :

    Not knowing how the budget crunch is going to shake
    out, perhaps you will not have the funds available to
    further your education. However, if things go as I wish,
    education will continue to be affordable to the public.

    If so, I hope you take the opportunity, as have I, to
    see Mr. Holbrook’s soliloquy of Mark Twain, in person.

    He does a marvelous job and being older now than he
    was in the video I posted for you, in the Quote of the
    Day, he looks much more Grandfatherly.

      In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce
      man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his
      cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs
      nothing to be a patriot. – Mark Twain

    Although he makes a great many people in the audience
    uncomfortable, he inserts enough laugh lines to keep those
    with a low capacity for understanding, laughing happily and
    laughter, being contagious, is soon widespread. However,
    there seems to be a different kind of laugh from the guilty.

    Your friend in the brotherhood of KAWSIME !

    Aymay eacepay ebay ithway ouyay,


      P.S. : If you agree with his message, be sure
      you let him know when he makes eye contact.

      : A trip to Washington, D.C. could be the
      most rewarding and educational trip you will ever
      experience. If possible, you may want to consider
      planning a trip there for the coming spring.

      D.C. is very pretty in the springtime.
      The flowers mask the stench nicely.

      If Mr. Holbrook, is able to perform, he will be
      presenting “A Night with Mark Twain” at the
      National Theater on the 4th and 5th of April.

      Considering that he will be 89 by then, I urge
      you not to miss witnessing one of these last
      scheduled performances. The recent reviews
      have treated him harshly and it seems likely
      that he will end this segment of his life soon.

      You will not find a better group of hypocrites
      than the D.C. crowd, so be sure to hone your
      observation skills in preparation for the show.

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