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    Hi Again Belezebub :

    One more thing …

    I’ll venture another guess that anyone that has
    set up a current server, also has a copy of the
    default settings of the current swear filtler.

    Then again … perhaps you should, find another
    word. Fitting sounds a bit stuffy … and English.

    Keep Smiling and Best Wishes,


    P.S. –
    If the word Flying is allowed, you might try
    Farming and Fracking to determine if the problem is
    with seven letter words starting with F and ending
    with ing.

    P.P.S. – An old cat skinner might suggest that you try
    using the phrase ” A fitting end ” instead of ” Fitting end “

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    Hi Old Man :

    I’ll venture a guess that it has something to do with the swear filter.

    Maybe it is set to filter F*ing. Some experiments might tell you more.

    We’re off to a flying start ( and Flying start, Caps may matter ).

    @belezebub wrote:

    Twice at the enad of a game, I tried to send the message
    “Fitting end”, but all that shows is “****ing end”.
    Why is that?

    In any event, the server operators have access to the filter and
    should be able to check it and intelligently answer your question.

    Good luck,


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    “There’s just one more thing sir … ” Peter Falk as Lt. Columbo

    Dear Moderator(s) :

    I offer the following suggestion as friendly advice,
    intended to prolong your enjoyment of the game :

    Although I deem the off topic section to be a large part of the
    soul of this site, I still consider the interaction that the game
    provides to be the required catylist that brings us together.

    Even if you can’t provide help, please reply to posts for help.

    If one sees posts from the moderator(s) or a mod maker or a
    server operator, here in the off topic section, while a post in
    the help section is being ignored, they might get the wrong
    idea about what kind of operation you are trying to run here.

    If you can’t find it, let me know and I’ll provide a link.

    Thanking you in advance,


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    Hi Raden :

    Malaysia Airlines recently released the names of the flight crew.
    It was a great relief to see you were not aboard Flight MH17.

    Either as an active member of the flight crew or as an
    employee making the return trip home as a passenger.

    I’m sorry that your return was not better received but
    the more things change, the more they stay the same.

    Seeing that this thread is once again under threat, I
    do not feel comfortable saying more at this time. Well,
    there is one thing … it seems that’s always the case.

    Welcome back XTC. It is always
    good to see the unseen readers.

    Best Wishes to All,


    P.S. – ( see what I mean )
    Here’s the list in text format.
    You may find it easier to navigate pasted into columns.

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    Hi Again Raden :

    My peace of mind was short lived. Please write
    back and let us know that you weren’t aboard
    flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.

      There is a crime here that goes beyond
      denunciation. There is a sorrow here that
      weeping cannot symbolize. There is a
      failure here that topples all our success.

      John Steinbeck – THE GRAPES OF WRATH

    My heart goes out to you and your people.

    If a missile or a drone or any other act took
    down the plane, I hope the guily are found.

    If the Boeing 777 is unsafe and the truth
    has been hidden in the name of profits, I
    hope your country can bring this to light.

    Best wishes, now and always,


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    If you read the previous post before I made the P.P.S. you
    may have thought, “the old boy has gone over the edge.”

    Perhaps so … In any event :

    The Simon and Garfunkle was a rushed selection. After
    finding the song I wanted, I forgot to change the link.

    This is a much better selection than the previous song.


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    Hi Raden :

    Thank you for stopping by and for letting us know you are alive and well.
    If I could, I think I’d give you a bear hug. Your message eased my mind.

    I hope that you and your family ( “you and your’s” ) are all doing well. ; ^ )

    @raden wrote:

    I am fine, thank you Rommel. Lots of assumptions and theories regarding that missing plane. 

    Touchy subject in this discussion, but it’s good that it’s being discussed. Maybe it would open up some eyes and hearts to really see what is happening elsewhere in the world. 

    In my opinion, if the US were to really be the responsible ‘only remaining superpower policeman of the world’, they would do better if they based their actions without any prejudice and bias and without thinking of any profit gain from any of their actions. Real problematic issues such as the Israel-Palestinian should be the “policeman’s” main concern. Helping to solve that issue, with pure intentions and common and logical sense and humane reasons, would help to change the views of what most of the world are having of the US. Its practically a case of slow mass genocide and ethnic cleansing taking place there. 

    The real culprits and terrorists are not who you think they are. You need only to empathize and place yourselves in the other party’s shoes to see where I am coming from.

    Not wishing to see this thread locked ( or any more of the others ) I stopped posting.

    Best wishes old friend, and best wishes to you all.



    P.S. to POM
    – My sincere condolences on your recent loss. Although nothing
    replaces our old friends, my new friends ( Bear, Jack, Jill and Jim ) have been
    very good medicine for me this spring and summer. My doctor seems amazed.

    P.P.S. to ALL of my old friends – I posted the wrong song earlier.

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    Hi Gavin :

    It was good to see the servers back on-line in time
    for MoM to get a heavy sand hog for Mother’s Day. ; ^ )
    @gcamp wrote:

    I’ve just installed Chrome but I don’t see this warning anywhere.
    What URL were you using?
    What version of Chrome is it?

    I’m using : Version 34.0.1847.131 m ( up to date )

    You’ll need to consult with DireWolf for his browser details.

    He initilally reported the warning in the Quote of the Day
    thread on Sunday November 10, 2013. That might be the
    best place to start your investigation. After we exchanged
    messages, I made a post in the complaint section so that it
    would be sure to receive your immediate attention.

    The post in the complaint section is titlled :
    Web Site Problems and/or Error Messages

    It was ignored for more than than 2 months
    and then, after I bumped it, I was threatened
    with banning for mentioning it to Kangabunny
    in Panther30’s thread about closing his server.

    You’ll find more good reading there, then …
    see the phoney complaint he forged in my name,
    immediately above the Web Site Problem thread.

    In any case, the problem is that when I log on
    using the https option, and then make a post,
    the BBS software does not strip off the s.

    You should be able to duplicate this by logging in
    under another account using the https option and
    then making a post in a thread you are tracking.

    All this time, I had thought you were a loyal fan. ; ^ )
    It’s a shame you haven’t been tracking my posts.

    The section of the BBS software where the e-mail
    notices are sent, may contain an option about this.
    If not, it should be a simple matter to include an if
    statement to change https:// to http:// in the e-mail.

    I haven’t checked this and can’t say for sure.

    My concern is not the established users
    like DireWolf, but recent new users that
    might get spooked into not returning.

    Hopefully, Google and the other bots
    aren’t getting e-mail notices and then
    archiving the https:// address.

    If you are just now learning of the warning, thanks to the
    servers being down, which gave me the opportunity to
    make a post in the news thread, then the warning isn’t
    your only problem. It’s been reported for six months.

    Good luck and thanks again for the reply. I was
    beginning to think you were ignoring this too.

    Best wishes,


    P.S. to MoM : Happy Mother’s Day you ruthless “mother” !

    P.P.S. to Gavin : To save you some time and assuming
    that you track the news thread, I’ll log back in using the
    https option and submit a test message for you. BRB

    Oops … I’m not sure why but chrome can not find
    your site using the https option : or
    Both addresses return the message … Webpage Unavailable

    Most likely, it’s due to my security settings.
    I’ve not been using the https option lately.
    I may have even accidentily refused the cert.

    Oh yeah, I thought of something else … PayPal !
    If the securtiy certificate is an issue with Paypal
    perhaps modifying the BBS code isn’t important.

    P.P.P. and Final S. :

    When logged in normally the Pay Pal link gave
    me a secure ( https ) connection to PayPal.
    Wasn’t sure if the referring site address was
    required to have an approved security cert.

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    Hi Again Gavin :

    If you will delete this post as soon as you’ve read it, I will
    at least have some way of knowing that you have seen it.

    Feeling that you may not have been made aware of the
    seriousness of the message sent to the potential users,
    please review the attached copy of the screen capture,
    that was submitted on your site’s behalf, by DireWolf.

    By the way, DireWolf deserves the credit for the discovery
    and for making a concerned post to alert the moderators.

    The credit for what transpired as a result of our
    later posts, must rightfully be given to others.

    A proper response to the post in the complaint section,
    would make it easier for me to forget about this issue.

    Oh yeah … In case you thought that my request to have
    my moderator status restored was a joke, it was no joke.

    I would very much appreciate a public reply from you.

    Thanks in Advance,


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    Hi Gavin :

    Since you asked …
    @gcamp wrote:

    Think it’s pretty much done now. Let me know if you notice anything wrong.

    I thought I’d try to be helpful and let you know that all of
    the game servers have been off-line for quite some time.

    I’m not exactly sure what this means :
    @gcamp wrote:

    Looks like forum email notifications were getting lost, should be fixed now.

    but since I’ve already posted in the news thread … I’ll ask you a question.

    I made a post in the complaint section about the https header being
    sent out in the e-mails. Has this been addressed or are people still
    being warned that your site may be harmful to their computer and
    then further advised to exit the site ?

    In order to maintain the news section as news, please feel free to move
    this post to the complaint mentioned above and post your answer there.

    All the Best,


    Server (click to join)

    Unavailable ▼

    Unavailable ▼

    Unavailable ▼

    Unavailable ▼


    Time -32 to -36 hours 2
    Time -28 to -32 hours 0
    Time -24 to -28 hours 0
    Time -20 to -24 hours 0
    Time -16 to -20 hours 0
    Time -12 to -16 hours 0
    Time -8 to -12 hours 0
    Time -4 to - 8 hours 0
    Time -0 to - 4 hours 0

    These stats were updated 52 hours, 11 mins, 6 secs ago.
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    In the end, more than freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable
    life, and they lost it all – security, comfort, and freedom. When the Athenians finally
    wanted not to give to society but for society to give to them, when the freedom
    they wished for most was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be
    free and was never free again. – Edward Gibbon

    P.S. To Laptop’s Daddy : Nice post, your depictions are very visual. Uncle Sam
    with a meat cleaver. Obama with a chain saw, Arnold with the maid.

    Oh yeah, “cherry-picked quotes” ? How nice of you to notice.

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    The only viable solution that I can envision is that we keep working at
    untangling the things you mention and put them in proper perspective.

    This can not be accomplished without having logical discussions that
    engage as many people as possible from all walks of life and cultures.

    @chopper wrote:

    Dis-entangling religion, politics and business from the relations of countries today is difficult.
    The solution?….I just don’t freaking know.
    But, I can only hope, come next election, no matter WHERE you live…….. you will vote your conscience, its all we have left to influence our respective governments.

    Please let’s stop talking politics and let AW’s comments, as always wise beyond his years, put this to bed.

    I miss my friends and our good times. 😥

    Thus, it seems that as distateful as the untangling might be, it is
    still better than simply ignoring the obvious and hoping for change.

    The only truely important change that I see in this presidency is
    that we are once again on the brink of a world wide nuclear war.

    That means New York, Chicago, and Culpepper, VA this time.
    This time, the war will be coming to the U.S.A. too, in spades.

    When it comes to nuclear weapons, there will be no do-overs.

    Speaking of respectful discourse with those from other cultures, I’d like
    you to all note that Raden flys with Malaysian Airlines. If you ever see
    this Raden, and I hope that you do, you have been in my thoughts.

    A post just to say you are fine would be great.
    Best wishes and best wishes to you all.

    May God bless us, everyone.



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