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    Yeah, that’s right! I agree in every point. The game becomes exciting, when players use only specified weapons. This is why I often play “Rampage!” instead of “normal” game, where players can buy and use anything. If you’re tired of winning, and destroying anyone with a simple blast, “Rampage!” is your game. (I saw that on Grand Theft Auto, where you need to annihilate people/vehicles with only one special weapon). The weapon limitance appears to be an excellent idea! BOTplayers – of course – can buy anything, but as you can expect, they never use such things like Riots, diggers, sandhogs, dirts etc. So playing “Rampage!” against BOTs are also a great training. If you do not cheat by buying “unallowed” weaponry, “Rampage!” is also a fair game type in Team deathmatch. This may emphasize the importance of teamwork, and shows the real power of aiming, and tactic 😉
    Just try it, I’m sure you’ll love it 🙂

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    That’s such a good idea, I think. Many people doesn’t know about this great game, that’s why there is few Scorched3D fans around. But we’ll ensure their number will be raised soon… :)[/code]

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    Holy SHIT, these maps are great! Bobirov, you certainly did an outrangeous job with your map editor 🙂 I like these maps sooo much!
    I bet it took several hours to make them such great!

    By the way, I suggest you to play “Rampage!” I found out this game-type, and I also played it with the DOS version of Scorched Earth. The rules are simple. Every tank uses specified weapons, and accessories.
    Here is an example:


    1: Sandra – Missiles, and nukes, never use deflector shields.
    2: Backstab 78.5 – Riot bombs, never use Missile, and fuel.
    3: Virgin – MIRV and Spread MIRV, never use fuel (and guidance in the old Scorched Earth). He can use the Death’s head though.
    4: Stealth XL – Just diggers and sandhogs. Must have parachute first, and he just use (normal) Shield.
    5: Nilaya – His speciality is the Leap frog, but he can use Missile as well. He must have Mag deflector first, then parachute.
    6: Deviator Launcher – Regular Missile and Funky bomb. He always buys Death’s head, if can. He only use Force shield.
    7: Nocky – Nocky loves regular missiles, and Rollers. She likes tank fuel, and Heavy mag. She is the only one who can have large dirt weapons.
    8: Anastacia (BOTplayer, Shark)
    9: Theta Guard 855c (BOTplayer, Shark)
    10: Maya Gold (BOTplayer, Shark)

    Small riots and dirts are allowed to any players,but only for self-defence.

    So this is the “Rampage!” game, what I figured out. I know, it’s hard to use only the “allowed” weapons, but I think, it’s fun, especially when you want to figure out, which player is good with which weapon, and which weapon is the most effective (Death’s head – of course – doesn’t counts).
    I know, I know…you will hardly play this…still… 😉

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    Yeah, that’s right 🙂 Usually, girls don’t like gaming, but if they do, they could kick some ass 🙂
    Scorched3D is not a girls’ game, but I think there might be some girls, who interested about artillery-games. (for example: military girls 😉 )
    I love Scorched3D and military girls. Do you? 🙂


    Hm. You know, that is a really good point of wiev. The 16 is OK (this is the optimal), somehow, I will lower the frequency. But still, WAV files are quite big, I don’t know how to shrink their size. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t create 11-minutes long environments sound (I planned the longest to 3 minutes), because as you can expect, the Scorched3D would play them periodicly.
    I already created new explosion sounds for the game, it appears to be good.

    Well, I will try then to decrease the quality of WAV files to lower their size, but I doubt how useful can it be. Thanks for the advice anyway, I’m working on it!

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    Nice ideas for changes. I also recommeded some stuff, you can read about in “A few upgradements would be great…!” forum. I’m a bit lazy now, I wouldn’t write them down here.

    To discuss in short, this is a great idea to make the dirt covering adjustable. I noticed that the playfield sometimes very small. All 10 (not to mention MORE) tanks are pushed together on a small island. This makes the game sometimes too easy for a player, who has Funky bomb, or Death’s head, or even Spread MIRV.

    I imagined the following: Various map sizes would be available. From 32×32 to the largest maps. The limit would be – of course – the maximum shoot range. It may appears as a dumb idea, but it’s no challenge to kill all the tanks with one shot, just because they are too close to each other. If a Death’s head has been launched to the battlefield, nothing stops it, not even a Heavy shield, or a Heavy mag. The selectable tank deployment appears to be a fantastic idea! I saw that on Imperium Galactica 2, when you attack a hostile planet.

    Oh, and one last thing. The Rollers look quite…um…goofy, like bubble gums 🙂 They are very useful, but their look might be a little more menacing. At least color them black and grey.


    Uh-oh 🙂 I meant that my Scorched3D appears in a window, not in full screen. And I can’t raise it to full screen. I dunno why…the “maximize window” option is inoperative. I also tried CTRL+ENTER but the game still is in a medium-sized window.

    The measures of the land? You know…when you play in full-screen mode, the distances seems to be longer than playing in windowed mode. For example: The shot with 576 power might be a same distance in full-screen and windowed mode, but “veteran” players often get confused, when they need to play in windowed mode. So when the playfield “shrinks”, you need to get used to it…and it’s a bit difficult.

    The sound effects. Well-well-well, I can easily create various environment sounds (sea waves, birds-chatting, lightning storm sound effects, wind blow, and much more!). It’s as easy as 1 2 3… The problem is: If I save it to a WAV file, it becomes quite large. I could convert it to MP3 easily, but still, it’s too big to send it in e-mail. I have no websites to load up these environment sounds, but throught MSN messenger, this could be possible. If you agree, and co-operate with me for a period of time, I could support you with several environment sounds (100% virus-free). Just tell me what you require.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention again: This game ROCKS! God DAMN it, you guys did a great job!!! My girlfriend left me, and after a couple of games, I felt like a million bucks 🙂 Yes sir, this game surely helps your problems! (This was an advertisment 😉 )

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    Yeah, I think, a photon grenade, or somethin’ would be great. Or a smoke grenade, which effects on a large area, and covers anything but the tallest hills. The problem with a photon grenade or photon cannon is that the light disappears very quickly. Just think after how far the light can travel under 1 sec!

    First I thought the next version should contain changing weather. Once the weather changes (per round, or per game, it could be adjustable), there could be rainy day, or snowing (not in “hell” levels, of course 😉 ), or misty, or even fog. With fog and snowing etc. in the game, it could be more realistic. Like in Grand Theft Auto 3, or somethin’ like that.

    It also would be lovely, if there can be several battle times. For example: morning, afternoon, dusk, and night. What do you think?

    And one last question: Girls also play this game…like we do?
    I’m waiting for some answers or what… 🙂


    Oh, sorry for writing about Team deathmatch mode…it’s already in the game 🙂 Silly me!

    But Gavin! Is there ANY way to maximize the play window? After the former Scorched3D, it’s a bit annoying, because if the map is minimized, the distances, the measures of the land are also minimized…this may stir up some shit.

    The BOTs’ skills are great! It’s well upgraded, I like it so much!
    “Here lies BOTplayer, the battlefield duke, who accidently swallowed a nuke” :)))

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    Damn hackers…I hoped the internet games will roll, without any fancy crap. Well…no matter. I just hope the situation will changes. 🙁

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    Hey Skull, I think, these are wonderful ideas!
    I also searched for guidance systems at the game, but there was no results…it’s quite confusing, cuz the game’s help says some words about guidance systems.
    It seems there was a plan to make guidance systems in version 35, but they didn’t make it.
    I think guidance systems are great, they can save a life 🙂

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    Yeah, that’s right! I also checked my “All Seeing Eye”, which was empty as my stomach 😥
    I need playmates! I fed up with simple BOTs. I think this website also could have a server, where the visitors can meet, chat, and play in the virtual battlefield 😆
    Holy SHIT, that would be perfect!
    Too bad we can’t see that TV channel in Hungary. Lot of fucks to ORTT 😛
    Well, I hope the situation will change sooner or later 😉

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    What do you know, your patch actually WORKED! Now I can annihilate all my classmates in a simple blast, when we play with computers in a break :))) God DAMN it, you’re a very great chap, aren’t you? 8)

    I hope the new version of the game will have this fix built-in…the other guys may also have this Funky bomb, and Death’s head impact problem…
    Thank yo so much again!

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    Thanks for the help, gcamp, I would really appreciate that bugfix. My email is I would be most graceful if you would be so kind as to send me that error fix.

    I have the latest version of the game, and the funky bomb-crash still appears.
    Apart from this, and some minor bugs, it is a nail-bitingly great game! You boys did a great job! 😆

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    Deviator I agree…and a Tournament mode would be greatly appreciated!
    I also hope the new version will be added with some tasty stuff 😉

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