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    I very much dislike the new sandhogs for the same reason Willis says. With no effort at all I have been slaughtering bots left and right with them. Yes, funky bombs do just as good, but you get 3 baby sandhogs for the price of one funky – and they seem to do just as well. I havent had a reason yet to use a heavier one.

    Maybe there could be a new defensive weapon/shield type to protect the bottom of the tank somehow…? Like a jumpjet… take damage if you jump a hog and dont have chutes, heheh. And then you might drift and land on the edge of a precipice and go sliding down.. forced tank movement could be so fun 🙂

    What seems different to me is that the burrowing missiles are *much* more accurate than they used to be. Maybe just turning the Baby Sandhog damage down a good bit to reflect the Baby moniker would do the trick, although it wouldnt be nearly as cool as what I said above.

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    Wow.. a battleship mod (no land, inf fuel or something) would be sooo fun…

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    Sandhogs are expensive, but they do come in big bundles.. just something to consider

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    just a couple ideas from a random player, after version 39.

    -Lasers tied to Power: So low health tanks suffer a bit with their lasers.

    -Laser power reduced by going through earth: Because otherwise you could just pile Tons o’ Dirt on yourself and blast everyone with them. Then again, they can get you back, but you know.

    -A teleporter that you can aim.


    Love this game, as always 🙂

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    First off, just wanted to say great work on this; obviously a lot of work went into it 🙂 Very nice.

    Secondly, just to reference…

    @willis wrote:

    Sandhogs are way way strong for accuracy.

    Lasers – somethings gotta be done to make them stronger, the “heavy” laser takes 3 attacks for a kill. I could understand if the “regular” laser did that (not even knowing what damage that does) but the heavy should do better IMO. Maybe 75 damage per shot. This way it is NOT an insta-kill weapon, however it is signifantly potent. Yes maybe his could raise the prices of them too (or not, whoknows)

    Second laser suggestion – maybe include lasers to have a 1.0 second delay before firing. Why? Again we do not want a insta-kill style weapon, this gives plentiful time for fuel and teleport systems to activate (ok maybe > 1 if we’re talkin about teleporters).

    All of those points seem valid to me. A firing delay on lasers would be perfect, as would a little extra punch – although not much, considering they seem to fire right through the ground (not sure how I feel about that.. maybe they are ok after all 🙂 )

    Sandhogs seem VERY overpowered now – almost like the rollers of version 38. I killed 3 full strength Cyborg bots right through their shields without try at all – just randomly aimed and ended up with 3 kills for 5 shots. And that was with baby sandhogs.. ouch.

    And.. well.. the explosion sound is kinda.. well.. weak. I much preferred the old one, myself. The new one sounds like something that woulda come out of my PC speaker in the original Scorched 😆

    But overall, this is a great patch. Love the ambience, and cant wait for more!

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