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    So, I’m one of the only real pics not from kids trying to pick on NetPoon?

    LOL….funny, since I’ve been here weeks now and never seen one of you in battle. 😈

    Come battle….unless you have become complacent and tired in yer nearly-abandonware Vet-Ness.

    Give a Newb a chance for glory. 😉

    And, a future for your game. It’s dying, admit it.
    My game is nearly dead, after 14’s nearly dead. Let me save you.

    WITH WAR!!

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    Win7, Opera 11.51 🙂

    The site appears to work just fine here, thx!

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    Wow..I thought you were older Wraith.
    If ya got any younger you’d be a fetus… ;-D

    (I’m old…I’ll just say I’m over 40…lol)

    Ok, here’s a pic…I have rather long hair that’s in a ponytail in that shot.

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    @chopper wrote:

    Welcome Quad ! bring some friends. =D>

    Heh, that’s funny because I did, and he dug the game too…then a few days later he sold his PC…. #-o

    Dumb question; I haven’t yet found anyone online in Main to play, although I popped in once. Now it says I’m ranked 27th in Main?? That makes no sense since I didn’t even play anyone. I’m like 40-somthing rank in Beg Serv, so the higher rank must be some kind of starting ground for Main, eh?

    Oh, I found out yer supposed to kill bots first..but it seems that isn’t really adhered to…so how can it be a “policy”?

    I mean, so I was playing in BegServ…one of the high-ranked peeps spawned right behind me…I coulda taken him out, but there was a bot also in front of me, so I took that shot. Next shot up, the Vet dude kills me. Whaaat?

    Just trying to grok the unwritten rules…all games have them. 😉



Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)