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    @gcamp wrote:

    I am not one for posting personal stuff on the forums, but I am getting married on Saturday (16th Oct). So not only am I very busy at the moment but I won’t be around for a couple of weeks.

    Rest assured the rest of the team will still be here and active.

    Well, I guess congratulations are in order, so


    Hope you both have the perfect day! I got married in Gretna Green a bit over a year ago and that was perfect for us, so I know that Scotland has the charm and magic for anyone getting married there!! 8)

    Best wishes to you and your soon-to-be ex-fiance! 😉


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    @bobirov wrote:

    Thanks for all the new features :). I’ll check them out and see what I find.

    @gcamp wrote:

    I am also wondering if a different placement type that allows you to actually specify the exact x, y coords and the angle for objects would be useful?? But perhaps this would make the xml too large 🙂

    Hmm I like the way that sounds. For trying to add a large number of objects you would probably still be better off using a mask or height limits to keep the xml short. But for doing something like adding a few larger objects in specific places on a file-generated landscape, exact placement could be an extremely useful tool. I think that would be a nice feature, but its your call.. 🙂

    Just my 2 cents worth – not that I should be telling you guys how to make scorched – cos you’re already doing a fantastic job!! 😀 but this thought occured to me:

    4 specific numbers are all that’s really necessary.
    1) centre of a grid (a flat area on the map?)
    2) number of objects in grid
    3) grid blah blah (bugger, can’t think of the word) like, uniform distance between all objects in the grid… granularity? no, not that… hmm. Ok like tic-tac-toe grid, with effectively 16 points, or 9 squares. Object sits on grid point co-ordinate or alternatively centre of square co-ordinate. All co-ordinates originate from 1) above, so can be calculated by the client – less data to send
    4) object type in grid placement (random from a selection of buildings? With optional “none” or “grass”?) (jetty if next to water?) (occasional high-rise?) (mountain chalets if on hill-side?)

    Anyway, just my thoughts! 😛 Keep up the great work!

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    @anonymous wrote:

    Since they are uncompresed .WAV files, I recommend finding out how well they compress e.g. rar or bzip2 or just plain zip.

    Obviously the audio won’t compress as well as text would, but it might be enough to be able to email it.

    Should be no probs converting to mp3 and then back to wav – even 256 bit encoding is relatively small compared to a wav file! When converted back to wav, the amount of data loss will be inaudible to the human ear. Just an idea…

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    @.-*-.ShoCkwaVe.-*-. wrote:

    poolee as far that goes gavin wrote me a letter saying in the newest release that bug is fixed so for now heh throw out beta its not ready yet
    as far as I know, the one I had only 3 tanks worked in it unless you unchecked the no tank skin box in display settings they would crash

    My friend, you have inadvertently stumbled onto the fix!!! 😀

    Ticking the box for “No Tank Skin” finally showed the tanks when next running the game – obviously looking VERY bland. THEN going back and UNticking the box showed all the custom tanks in all their glory!!!!! YAY!!!! 😀 Somehow, this fixes something somewhere that was broken – buggered if I know where though! Gavin?? ❓ ❓

    So, Shockwave(TM), don’t let anyone tell you you’re NOT genius, cos I have proof right here that you are!!! 😉

    Thanks for your help everyone! 🙂

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    @ebonite² wrote:

    @poolee wrote:

    – reinstalled Scorched

    All the tank info needs to be added to your tanks.xml file, again. Reinstallig restored the default tanks.xml

    Ah, Knew I would forget to add the obvious… 😉

    Thanks Eb, had added the tanks of course, but they still don’t appear. Added to v38 too, but don’t appear there either.

    Double-checked the tanks.xml additions, tried changing the names of the files, even mispelt the the tank name on one model to see it if was being loaded at all. Yup, got the error message that the file could not be found, did I want to restart Scorched in safe mode…


    @cambo wrote:

    I ran into this as well, make sure that the tank detail in the config section is set to high.

    By default from CVS this setting is set to medium, and most of the custom tanks are WAY over the threshold for high detail tanks.

    Thanks for the suggestion Cambo… came across this early on too when I had my first tank from shockwave(tm). Double-checked this again just to be sure, but sure enough, it was already on high. So that’s not it either… 🙁

    Keep ’em coming please – obvious as well as geeky suggestions welcomed! ❗ ❗ ❗

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    @hobbesme wrote:

    @poolee wrote:

    Please do tell what POOLEE stands for!!

    Pretty Ordinary Oreo Losing Every Encounter ❓

    Aw Ish… you know that’s just not true ALL the time! Pretty sure I’ve beaten you once, mano-o-mano 😉

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    LOL, very cool Ish! Please do tell what POOLEE stands for!! 🙂

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