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    have u tried running the original version
    or u playing with ur hacked/cracked personal version
    that’s crashing ?

    btw, cbx, u just gave the master cheater a good physics lesson :S

    he was really missing that one on his cheating records, now
    he’ll be able to calculate all of his cute nukes so that they’ll
    end up right on our heads 👿

    bye e1


    in reply to: Source-editing players #35979


    @shotzo wrote:

    (Eh, Thrax? I gotcha’ to ban everyone new to your server!! Arent’cha proud?)

    that’s just “pure eviL”

    Thrax, i’m sorry you had to do that… there must be another way around..
    check if he’s always off the same IP for example, if he’s not and he’s using dialup or something, just flood him and his conncetion should burst…

    Shotzo, no one is proud of what u did.

    quit it,

    bye ,

    in reply to: Truce and Betting Implementation #36197


    i meant it that if only trucers are left they are “allowed” to kill each other without the need of skipping to avoid losing money

    anyways it seems like the trucing interface wouldn’t be such a great idea.. what do u think about what was said above on the trucing only allowed in a certain radius ?

    also, truces could appear in a corner and shown to everybody as soon as they are confirmed …

    anyways, i saw the other topic about it and it seems to be on the same exact thing, so i’ll abandon it and …

    what does everyone think about the Betting Mod ? where a player can bet his/her money when dead at the end of a round ?

    btw, money betting should be limited to 1$ less of who is winning the round, so that people would not be able to win only by betting… <– not so clear eh'…

    (this betting thing has come up widely during the last games so if there is no topic about it i’ll turn this one into it…plz tell me if this has already been discussed somewhere else in the forum, thx)

    so, betting mod ?….

    bye e1


    in reply to: Incident on main #35903


    hi e1

    i apologize too…
    HWB is right,
    i did do the tr thing a bit to often….
    now i did stop doing it every rouind though…

    i don’t thibnk i wanted to tr with non existent people…that wouldn’t make sense
    maybe i did by mistake or something…

    i follow this proverb:

    “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”

    so i don’t tr with dead people…
    ( at least intentionally…)

    if you have the log of that can u please send it by pm or something if it doesn’t take a lot of time to take the pricvacy stuff off…



    in reply to: Incident on main #35898


    i agree, the One should not be “punished”… he and I both learned our lessons for the day…

    i’m sure this type of thing won’t happen anymore…

    btw, i agree that Mandy and BD have been the ones that were almost always online… (when i’m online)

    others i’ve not really seen a lot…

    bye e1


    sidenote which has nothing to do with the topic : Btw, Carter, if you read this, i’ve tried the Dirt-Laser thing for rounds 2-6 on some games and it seems to work great… the bummer is that later people buy hogs and napalm 🙁

    in reply to: Incident on main #35892


    hi e1,
    i thought i would reply to this as i seem in it pretty much
    (see log above)

    well, i understand One’s thing about truces because i have been annoying sometimes with the “tr” thing… but in any case, looking at the log again, oh my, was One going over the limit…
    (btw, i stopped trucing every round)

    i enjoyed the first two, but the rest were undoubtably “spam”

    i just said ” ok one, tr” to make him stop as he wasn’t stopping otherwise…
    and he actually stopped after that, ( I didn’t notice the admin login )

    while i was playing i thought the joke about logs as wallpaper was funny, but i’m not really sure about it now that i read the context again… oh well, that didn’t have anything to do with the problem anyways…

    conclusion: admins shouldn’t spam, but “teach” others not to. if someone does spam they should tell him not to… One, that “fighting back” or how ever u wanna call it (plz check logs to see if i spammed before him, but i believe not, but i’m not sure, so i don’t want to say something false) was inappropriate and not …ok , i’ll stop here… i admit i did tr with many people at the same time… but never like One was trying to do when dead already !! :S

    oh well,
    i didn’t make anything clear really 😕

    bye bye

    PS good killing and don’t get addicted like i did !

    in reply to: New Version 40.1c #35320


    that makes sense ….

    oh, btw…. probably brain damage already informed u
    in greater detail, but the server is apparently crashing once
    in a while and disconnecting all the players…
    (happened to me twice)


    in reply to: Admin discussion 2.0 #33577


    @mandy wrote:

    on main server you are ranked 30, you played 19 hours 26 minutes and 36 seconds

    on teams you are ranked 25, you played 3 hours 14 minutes and 51 seconds

    on beginner you are ranked 211, you played 46 minutes and 8 secons

    haven’t gone on beginners cause from when the new version is out i can’t play from my mac, and that’s where i play beginners from…(other account…) i don’t understand why u put the other times there btw…?

    my believe is you are a pretty young player,

    yep, 17…

    i know for a fact you are defently not playing as much *alone and unattended with no admin around*.

    now that is something i don’t understand ..>?

    when you play *our* late night, there are admins from the us timezone. if you dont know them, just click on

    in the morning, on weekends, i usually play around 6-7-8…AM depending on the time my cat wants food and wakes me up, and at 8-10 AM i assure u it’s even hard to have some1 online, as europeans sleep or work, and in the US it’s in the middle of the night….

    so please, as cbx and i are saying, if you have any troubles and there is an admin needed, feel free to ask for help.

    😀 as i said though, it’s not really a matter of “Help” but rather… correctness…in the sense that an admin should be present in lets say 98% of the games, not to say 100, as they are the ones representing the game itself, and do a good job as i’ve seen throughout my short experience…but obviously can’t be omnipresent as they also have other stuff to do…

    this reply is not in any means meant to be criticizing ur response mandy, but just trying to point out that sometimes admins should be more “present” than they are.

    Thx for the advice e1,
    Bye !

    in reply to: New Version 40.1c #35318


    personally i use a pc,
    but for people who use macs,
    they r still stuck with version 40 and
    can’t play on main (for ex. a friend of mine)

    I would like to know when the
    40.1 series will be out for mac
    (i know it’s a lot of recompiling,
    but someone has to do it 🙁 )


    PS good luck on Scorched, so good so far 😉

    in reply to: Admin discussion 2.0 #33575


    @mandy wrote:

    i honestly believe when you are playing i am mostly there. so there is an admin for the servers.

    i rarely see you online when i’m online

    if you see players make trouble, you can always report them to me or any other admin.

    i will

    🙂 bye !

    in reply to: Admin discussion 2.0 #33571


    i’ve seen multiple times players doing things they weren’t
    supposed to as cussing and more while admins were not present
    in the game… no one was there to tell them to shut up
    and it got really annoying sometimes, as people playing this game
    may be pretty young too.

    I don’t know if it’s just the time zone i’m playing in which doesn’t have many admins, but at night and late night in italy, especially on weekends
    it seems like there aren’t many moderators/admins online from either europe or the US. 🙄

    this is one of the reasons why i have offered to be admin 💡 myself, but it seems like the “admin spots” are full at the moment. 🙁

    ➡ even if not myself, i would encourage the enhancement of the number of admins who can be online during those hours…


    in reply to: Is this cheating? #34435


    sure wouldn’t have expected that behaviour from tnick337, “he seemed” a nice guy… 🙄

    ➡ “learn from your mistakes” ❗

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