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    Hmm… I’m a bit surprised some of you are watching slide shows on systems that are much better than mine, while S3D on mine is smooth enough to be playable.

    My setup:
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+ (2.1GHz Dual Core) on Gigabyte GA-MA69G-S3H mobo
    4GB DDR2-800 RAM (3GB accessible to Windows)
    Windows XP Home 32-bit SP3 (not all 4GB of RAM is accessible)
    integrated ATI X1250 Graphics, 256MB system RAM assigned

    Game settings:
    “main” tab:
    Resolution 640×480, not full screen, pause when not focused disabled
    anti-aliasing 0, dialog/font size medium, framerate limit 100
    sound = 8 channels, volume ~20%, ambient ~10%, music 0%
    “speed” tab:
    LoD settings all the way to the left (Land Error in the middle or one tick to the right)
    Graphics Detail – all checked
    “troubleshooting” tab:
    everything checked except No TexSubImaging

    In-game fps on bots server:
    25fps on loading screen & while waiting for round to start
    21fps on buy menu
    13fps using camera 2 to target a bot
    16-18fps zoomed out to view entire field
    75fps with buy screen on round 2
    50-55fps zoomed out to view entire field, dipping to a fps in the 30s during action

    I’m assuming I have a very un-l33t system compared to the rest of you scorch addicts… so why is it that I have much better FPS on the beginners server than some of the ratings I’ve seen in here?

    On the other hand… I do know of a way to bring my install of scorch to its knees, using the same settings….
    start a local game, set it as TurnSimultaneous, 24 players, mod apoc, 2 lives, give all weapons, wall wrap, no wind, weapon scale large, speed 17500.
    Set all 24 players to humans. Have every single player wear chutes & an ultra shield, and shoot a strangelove straight up (or at a high angle) at full power.
    During the phase while I was setting up the shots, I was averaging about 22-24fps, which dipped to 13-14fps when zoomed out with the shot camera turned on.
    Upon firing the 24 simultaneous strangeloves, though….12fps while they were going up in the air…. then 1 frame every 5 seconds or so…. which is actually better than I remember it. (I remember having it take like a minute before it unlagged enough to update the display.)

    So who of you has a powerful enough computer to be able to set your settings at max (including 2560×1600 resolution if you have one of those 30″ LCDs), and get at least 180-240fps while simultaneously firing 24 strangeloves? 😉

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    I also definitely think the tanks should be visible while buying. Virtually 100% of the time what I buy depends on where other tanks are placed.
    Also last time I played in main (when gcamp was on) I had difficulty seeing my shots in flight.

    Another thing (although this isn’t applicable to main) …. with the shot camera in the TurnFree mode of play (if I named it correctly – it’s the one where you don’t have to wait till everyone’s shot to shoot again), if you fire a second missile right after you fire your first (before the first hits something) the shot camera pops back to following the most recently fired missile, making it impossible to trace where your shots are heading while shooting streams of missiles. (At normal game speed when I temporarily set up a local game I can have 10 or more missiles in the air simultaneously.) Is there any way around this, so the shot camera will work as in V42 when multiple of your own missiles are being fired consecutively?
    If you want to see what I mean, start a local game, set it to TurnFree mode, set either your main or secondary camera to camera 4, make the bot a target (so you don’t die immediately), select the baby missle and when it’s time to start shooting, start spamming the space bar… and you’ll see what I mean.

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    BTW just so you know my time zone (Pacific) is GMT-8 during standard time, but during daylight saving (2nd Sunday in March through 1st Sunday in November IIRC) it’s GMT-7 …. (unless GMT also goes on DST…)

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    hmm… sounds like fun… i hope I can be there but I won’t know until fairly close to the time.

    btw… i’m in pacific time zone and we’re on daylight saving… so would that still be 1:30pm in my time zone or would it be 2:30?

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    @thrax wrote:

    @hyde911 wrote:

    If you want MCB type play… Goto the place we specifically made for you, and let the more appreciative players use whatever they wish. If that place is not acceptable, explain clearly why.. and how to fix it.

    Thrax, the main reason I don’t on the MCB server is because it does not give me the opportunity to choose from ALL default equipment, like I can on main (if I save my $). Like, what are you going to do with $950k, with only 12 shots per round, and only able to buy Ms, Cs and Bs on the final round? On the final round I expect to see force shields and teleports being used, funkies and death heads flying around, and everyone (at the start of the round) having a combined grand total of maybe $5k left. That’s how I’ve always played (and observed others play) MCB – last round was always FFA, and that is currently (at least last time I connected several months ago) impossible on the MCB mod server.

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    Well… I for one haven’t been here (or in the server) in a while for various reasons, many of which have been named in some above posts.
    Personally I don’t mind the bot… if it had been set up properly it could have helped me climb out of my deep stats hole… but at one point my skill was so much higher than the bots skill I was only getting something like 2 or 3 points for killing it with a baby missile, and I was something like a few thousand points removed from even being on the first couple pages of the stats. What would be nice is if there’s a way to lock the bot on, say, rank 5 or something, so I would get more points for killing him while I’m a much lower level.

    Also, the stats server crash several months ago did NOT help matters any, as I was unlucky enough to have my stats reset without everyone else’s being reset (and went from rank 15 or 20 to rank 800 or so in the space of a few minutes). On a positive note, though, the relatively recent stats reset DID help somewhat.

    Now I would like an explanation for something. Why is it that I am ranked 28 (and not like 200 or 300 or something) when I haven’t even played at all in a couple months? WHERE IS EVERYBODY?!??!?!? (I looked at the stats page and several players in the top rankings haven’t been on in days or weeks! Also recent history mostly shows players I’ve never heard of before (which by itself would be fine) playing with the bots, but where are all the regulars??!!!!
    I do notice that there’s no bot in main right now, though. It’s kind-of hard to do target practice on myself.

    Another thing that doesn’t help is the prices of defenses versus the prices of the weapons capable of defeating them. $15k for 8 chutes, versus sometimes $1k for 10 baby diggers is, in my opinion, way too lopsided, for example. There are probably others, but I haven’t played in so long I can’t even remember. I do think the prices of funkies, DHs (speaking of the previous 2are they FIXED? in non-free-market mode their prices are much less) and force bubbles are a bit high, personally. Also, like others have said, I have noticed the game settings favor good players. For example, I might connect on round 5 or so (in which case I may join or may wait till the next game), have $30k to my name, whereas a couple other players have something like $400k each, AND are using fairly heavy weapons and shields. Needless to say, I know that I’m going to get killed first or 2nd shot anyway so I may as well not waste my precious resources on anything except maybe 1 or 2 chutes (buying the bundle and selling all but 2 maybe), and hope I can get lucky with a baby missile or two. (Not to mention that I’m a horrible shot anyway… but then I don’t do things like buoy counting (takes too much time – I’m happy when I can have my shot lined up and set to fire within 5 or 10 seconds after the start of the move), etc…)
    I personally am more comfortable playing MCB type games, as I feel it gives me a little bit of a chance. However, playing it on the mcb server isn’t for me, as on the final round (like we’ve done it in the past) I like to blow all my cash on big weapons & defenses. Unfortunately, though, buying 12 (or number of turns per round) each of teleports, death heads, funky bombs, packs of parachutes & batteries & force shields, even if I have max cash (which is virtually impossible unless I buy absolutely NOTHING for the first 9 rounds and be the ONLY player who gets ANY kills), is impossible, in part due to the $999,999 ceiling on banked $, and more importantly due to the high price of the aforementioned items.

    grr… brain! come back here! 😉 guess that’s what I get as punishment for not playing scorch in a few months :p

    Also I’m waiting for some to come out of retirement / come back from vacation….

    Not to mention that I’m playing some other games (farmville being one – I’m level 70 and have been for a while now) a LOT more than I’m playing scorch.

    Hey someone please wake me up when that … (dang! can’t do a strikethrough! oh well… guess i won’t quite say it the way i wanted to) … cat’s dinner (the one related to Mickey) comes back, k? :p although I hope she hasn’t fallen off the face of the earth! 😮 [-o< 😥

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    Hi Rommel (and all)… sorry I didn’t get back sooner… was going through my logs and RL got in the way too. 🙂

    I got together several of my logs, one from before the glitch, a couple at the time, and a couple afterwards. I condensed them, and had them prepared to post here, but as I went to preview I realized it would make for a very long post, so I’ll just post one (condensed – for example a few rounds of things that mostly consist of general gameplay and chat are edited out, hence a ~5-6 minute time gap in the log) that I feel is important, below. The logs are still available upon request.

    While going through the logs, I noticed one where right after the stats server had been reset, I joined the game ranked 19, but by the time the game was over, I was ranked 335. That log is in quote tags below. An uncondensed version is available upon request. (This one has several rounds of general chat/gameplay edited out, that I feel aren’t relevant to this topic.)

    EDIT: I have made the uncondensed log of what is below available here.

    Wed Nov 11 03:08:09 2009 – Connection accepted by “Scorched3D (Player Stats, No Bots)”.
    Wed Nov 11 03:08:09 2009 – Loaded mod “none”, 82 files, space required 38191 (176373) bytes
    Wed Nov 11 03:08:09 2009 – Tank connected “DigitalDirekt”
    Wed Nov 11 03:08:09 2009 – Tank connected “SaimekNEWBIE”
    Wed Nov 11 03:08:10 2009 – Tank connected “komar_number1”
    Wed Nov 11 03:08:10 2009 – Tank connected “PianoPlayer88Key”
    Wed Nov 11 03:08:15 2009 – [info] : Welcome back PianoPlayer88Key, you are ranked 19
    Wed Nov 11 03:08:15 2009 – [info] : Player playing “PianoPlayer88Key”
    Wed Nov 11 03:08:19 2009 – [general][SaimekNEWBIE] : didnt see
    Wed Nov 11 03:08:19 2009 – [general][komar_number1] : noob..
    Wed Nov 11 03:08:21 2009 – [general][komar_number1] : no
    Wed Nov 11 03:08:21 2009 – [general][PianoPlayer88Key] : komar you should rejoin
    Wed Nov 11 03:08:27 2009 – [announce] : [t:Tip:] You can skip your move in the player menu. The player menu is at the top of the screen.
    Wed Nov 11 03:08:30 2009 – Tank connected “tnick337”
    Wed Nov 11 03:08:31 2009 – [info] : Player connected “tnick337”
    Wed Nov 11 03:08:31 2009 – [general][PianoPlayer88Key] : stats are back up i think
    Wed Nov 11 03:08:32 2009 – [general][komar_number1] : why?
    Wed Nov 11 03:08:36 2009 – [general][PianoPlayer88Key] : stats back up
    Wed Nov 11 03:08:38 2009 – [general][PianoPlayer88Key] : rejoin
    Wed Nov 11 03:08:39 2009 – [general][komar_number1] : no
    Wed Nov 11 03:08:41 2009 – [general][PianoPlayer88Key] : i got my stat back
    Wed Nov 11 03:08:43 2009 – [general][PianoPlayer88Key] : why not 😛
    Wed Nov 11 03:08:46 2009 – [general][PianoPlayer88Key] : hi nick
    Wed Nov 11 03:08:49 2009 – [general][komar_number1] : s
    Wed Nov 11 03:08:49 2009 – [general][tnick337] : i brb
    Wed Nov 11 03:08:54 2009 – [general][tnick337] : hey keys
    Wed Nov 11 03:08:55 2009 – [general][komar_number1] : u see?
    Wed Nov 11 03:09:00 2009 – [general][PianoPlayer88Key] : see what?
    Wed Nov 11 03:09:04 2009 – Finished playing Shots 14.18 seconds
    Wed Nov 11 03:09:07 2009 – [general][komar_number1] : no stats?
    Wed Nov 11 03:09:10 2009 – [general][komar_number1] : id see
    Wed Nov 11 03:09:11 2009 – [general][PianoPlayer88Key] : oh lol
    Wed Nov 11 03:09:14 2009 – [general][PianoPlayer88Key] : now i have no stats 🙁
    Wed Nov 11 03:09:18 2009 – [info] : Welcome back PianoPlayer88Key, you are ranked 19
    Wed Nov 11 03:09:19 2009 – [general][komar_number1] : )
    Wed Nov 11 03:09:25 2009 – [general][PianoPlayer88Key] : weird it says i’m ranked 19
    Wed Nov 11 03:09:25 2009 – [combat] : [p:SaimekNEWBIE] killed [p:DigitalDirekt] with a [w:Missile] (5, -3 skill)
    Wed Nov 11 03:09:29 2009 – Finished playing Shots 11.78 seconds
    Wed Nov 11 03:09:32 2009 – [general][PianoPlayer88Key] : which is about what i remember being ranked before
    Wed Nov 11 03:09:35 2009 – [info] : Next Round
    Wed Nov 11 03:09:35 2009 – [announce] : [t:Tip:] You can play against other players on the same computer by choosing a custom game.
    Wed Nov 11 03:09:42 2009 – [banner] : PianoPlayer88Key’s Move
    Wed Nov 11 03:09:48 2009 – [info] : Restricted camera movement : Off
    Wed Nov 11 03:15:16 2009 – [general][PianoPlayer88Key] : nice chutes
    Wed Nov 11 03:15:17 2009 – Finished playing Shots 14.86 seconds
    Wed Nov 11 03:15:17 2009 – [general][SaimekNEWBIE] : i’m dead 😉
    Wed Nov 11 03:15:18 2009 – [banner] : PianoPlayer88Key’s Move
    Wed Nov 11 03:15:33 2009 – [general][evil bastage] : back
    Wed Nov 11 03:15:37 2009 – [general][PianoPlayer88Key] : wb
    Wed Nov 11 03:15:38 2009 – [combat] : [p:PianoPlayer88Key] killed [p:SaimekNEWBIE] with a [w:Baby Digger] (5, -1 skill)
    Wed Nov 11 03:15:39 2009 – [general][evil bastage] : he is chuteless
    Wed Nov 11 03:15:42 2009 – [general][PianoPlayer88Key] : i know
    Wed Nov 11 03:15:42 2009 – Finished playing Shots 15.19 seconds
    Wed Nov 11 03:15:48 2009 – [info] : Next Round
    Wed Nov 11 03:15:52 2009 – [general][PianoPlayer88Key] : switched to digger so as not to waste hogs
    Wed Nov 11 03:17:22 2009 – [general][PianoPlayer88Key] : overshot by 0.000000001 cm
    Wed Nov 11 03:24:48 2009 – [banner] : PianoPlayer88Key’s Move
    Wed Nov 11 03:25:09 2009 – [combat] : [p:SaimekNEWBIE] killed [p:PianoPlayer88Key] with a [w:Baby Sandhog] (5, -3 skill)
    Wed Nov 11 03:25:11 2009 – [general][PianoPlayer88Key] : ouch
    Wed Nov 11 03:25:18 2009 – [combat] : [p:PianoPlayer88Key] killed [p:SaimekNEWBIE] with a [w:Funky Bomb] (3, -1 skill)
    Wed Nov 11 03:25:20 2009 – [general][PianoPlayer88Key] : heh
    Wed Nov 11 03:25:23 2009 – [general][PianoPlayer88Key] : gg
    Wed Nov 11 03:25:28 2009 – [general][SaimekNEWBIE] : 😛
    Wed Nov 11 03:25:29 2009 – [general][SaimekNEWBIE] : bad dude
    Wed Nov 11 03:25:31 2009 – [general][PianoPlayer88Key] : lol
    Wed Nov 11 03:25:34 2009 – Finished playing Shots 30.37 seconds
    Wed Nov 11 03:25:34 2009 – [banner] : PianoPlayer88Key is the overall winner!
    Wed Nov 11 03:25:35 2009 – Final scores

    Wed Nov 11 03:25:35 2009 – PianoPlayer88Key – 758 (9248$ 11K 2A 3W 0L 335R)
    Wed Nov 11 03:25:35 2009 – DigitalDirekt – 40 (2052$ 1K 0A 0W 0L 440R)
    Wed Nov 11 03:25:35 2009 – SaimekNEWBIE – 529 (20463$ 8K 1A 2W 0L 657R)
    Wed Nov 11 03:25:35 2009 –

    Wed Nov 11 03:25:37 2009 – [general][PianoPlayer88Key] : i gtg…. bbl 🙂
    Wed Nov 11 03:25:43 2009 – [info] : Player disconnected “SaimekNEWBIE” (User)

    I find it very interesting / odd that I joined the server ranked 19, but by the time the game was finished I was ranked 335, as the end-game scoreboard shows. What gives?

    in reply to: Stats Reset #58539


    It’s the same user ID that I had before.

    I connected one night, and instead of being PianoPlayer88Key, ranked 19, I was something like Player 14, with no rank. A few other ppl also connected (Mouse, komar (I think), can’t remember who else), also as Player XX and with no rank/skill, and we got a game going, but there was NOTHING under “rank”. Apparently during our game, the stats server was restarted or something, because I saw another player connect who DID have a rank, although I don’t remember what that rank was). I disconnected and reconnected, only to find that my skill had been reset to 1000. My kills, suicides, deaths, etc, are still all correct, it’s just my skill is borked. The others that were in the game at the same time all seem to be still ranked where they should be (don’t remember where komar is, and mouse is still #9 afaik).

    Any idea what’s going on, and how to fix it? And if not, is there a way I can quickly (like within the time of 2 or 3 full games, assuming I’m killed 1st shot every round, and WITHOUT CHEATING!!!!) restore my rank to where it should be?

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    The thing is, I’m still using the same ID. I’ll do a forum search, though….

    in reply to: Stats Reset #58535


    I had my stats glitched the other day, so actually I’d like to see them reset now, if my rank 19 can’t be restored. 🙁

    in reply to: SK penalty #57670


    I remember when the SK penalty was -50….

    I actually would like to see a “wasting big weapons” or something penalty when someone gets a direct hit on a shieldless tank with anything bigger than a baby missle or missle. For example, get a direct hit with a funky or full-sized nuke (two of the biggest weapons I know of that doesn’t spread in flight), or heavy roller (direct enough so the roller balls don’t show), and while you get the game points and money for the kill, your skill gets docked to the tune of at least -25 (same as a current SK).
    Also, what about the idea of increasing the bonus/penalty for a low-skilled player killing a high-skilled player with a small weapon? (For example, someone ranked 2500 or whatever kills someone ranked 5 with a baby missle, and it’s maybe 30,-20 or something like that.)
    Another idea I have would be to implement a penalty for falling to your death, with the amount of skill penalty directly relating to how much damage you take in the fall. For example, it’s -1x falldamage skill when killed by a digger/riot bomb (any size) when you buy, but forget to activate chutes (having them activated then turning them off later, or running out, wouldn’t incur nearly so much penalty – maybe only -10 at the most (this is so I can move next to a tank, turn my chutes off, then they kill me and i die baby nuke or funky SKing them in the process)), -0.5x when you don’t buy chutes and are killed by the same weapons, and maybe -0.25x in all other fall damage cases (including funky or death head taking hill out from under you, regardless of whether you bought chutes or not (and if bought forgot to activate).

    P.S. Darn. ppl seem to be figuring out my tactics… they refuse to shoot missiles when buried (either use riot bombs or don’t shoot at all), or won’t target me when i move close to them, or run away. 🙁

    in reply to: Weird Pillar Thing #57759


    gcamp, are you referring to what happens when a dirt charge hits near a cliff? If that goes away, i’ll be a bit 🙁 …
    Also, when are we going to be able to choose how we die? I’ve lost count of how many times i’ve wanted to die funky… and sometimes I wish I could die death’s head when killed…. sure I could commit suicide with one but that’s not quite what I have in mind 😛
    And the rollers sticking to shields – did that start when it was changed so rollers wouldn’t go flying when in the middle of a mound of dirt that was being created?

    in reply to: main down, ? re: mass willis, DH uphill vs f5 wind? #57637


    sounds like you were probably using a baby missile, and had parachutes. What would be the results if you used a death’s head, and did NOT use parachutes?

    in reply to: Game-Server Lables(DNS?) #52977


    Where are you getting those server lists? My in-game browser doesn’t look anything like that, although many of the same servers do show up…

    in reply to: Realtime play? #55673


    I would be in favor of realtime play….

    One thing though… would it be possible to have it so that as long as you’re using the small / weak weapons (for example baby missle, baby digger, riot bomb, dirt clod, etc), you can fire your next one while a previous shot is still airborne? (I can understand not being able to airmail someone $120,000 in 2 shots within 1.5 seconds of each other, but if I’m shooting baby missles, then for example at 1000 power and 75 degree angle I might want to be able to have like 7 or 8 of them in flight simultaneously.)

    Also, I personally would like to see the buy time increased. I’m always running out of time to buy, especially on the last round. 🙁 (as in… I really could use an extra 30 to 45 seconds to buy)…. also would it be possible to change gifting so you can actually specify a number to gift someone? If I wanted to gift Player ID 41694, for example, $200k, I’d have to click gift, 10k, that player’s name 8 times, and then even after that I wouldn’t have time on round 10 to buy my 12 teleports, 8 deaths heads, 8 force shields, 24 parachutes, 40 batteries, 90 rocket fuel, 80 fuel, ok what else did I leave out 😉

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