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    W00h! This game is crazy fun, except when you cannot quite finish a long game and you wish to continue later where you left off. I was rulerizing against people and computers (set to the harder difficulties) – high interest rate (I think 40%), reasonable kill money, and I was number one out of like a 40 round game or something, but only 10 rounds in… I was blasting people with nothing other the baby missile (default) and getting 1 hit kills – after 10 games with 10 tanks, I had about 60 kills with nothing but baby missile! I rulezoried, but then my friends had to leave and it was getting late – I wanted to save so badly – I was the only one who could afford sheilds and stuff… Multiplayer Saving/load would be great idea.

    Another thing that someone else said – custom made landscapes… I want a level that has a lot of dirt – or at least no water (why make it like worms?) There needs to be an amount of dirt option.

    Another thing – an option for placing your tank where you want.

    Real time mode: Simulatious is good, but I want a real time mode – where weapons have cool down time (something like 10 second) and if you don’t shoot, you don’t hold up the rest of the people. Real time mode!

    Yet another greedy, humble request – movement: I buy fuel, but I cannot move…

    I like the wind sock idea too.

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    I was thinking that if someone had a couple hours to kill, they could make a new shield like that in the latest versions of Scorched Earth where the projectile would actually be pushed away from the tank’s sheild without ever touching it. I remember that I would be nearly invensable if I was at the bottom of a hill with the Mag sheild (or whatever it was called) and the missiles would come close to me, but the shield would push the missile just beyond me, often hurting another tank.

    So a sheild that will bend the projectile path of the missiles without ever touching it, is my not so humble request. A new property of or something could be included. However I doubt many ever played that version of Scorched Earth… I remember that someone added a lazer as well, but it was worthless.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)