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    I didn’t like the new settings too.

    We are in the main server with no mods, so there shouldn’t be any new settings once in a while during the same stats series.

    Maybe it’s an habit, but that’s what I’m used too and I think it’s normal in a game to have the same settings and rules during the whole game.

    Having less money to start with could be good (harder) but changing that all the time with prices floating all the time can be a mess for the players that don’t win a round.

    I remember in the previous MCB tournament (not the last one, in the one before) that the wind kept changing direction between rounds. Maybe that could be added to add more spice to the game – but that would be hard to understand in a no mod server 😕

    Just remember that a game usually is played by players who follows some rules. It would be a mess if in the middle of the world cup somebody changed the settings (ball color, grass color, number of players, etc) every two games.

    Maybe a vote about this issue should be done to know what all of us think.

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    Wow, 7 years! Congratulations for all of you guys that have made this great game all this time. It IS a great work, which is a reference IMO.

    Thanks for the the great game, for it’s great community, for keeping the game FREE, for keeping it open source, thanks, thanks…

    I love this game 😀

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    Hey Pizza! Nice disguise! Nice too see you around 🙂

    Back to the topic.

    After reading the thread over again I agree with Jurily:
    @jurily wrote:

    Alternatively, make resigns public the second they push that button, not just have them disappear out of nowhere. That gives a fair chance to the shooter too.

    If the player wants to resign fine, but save the other player round. Give him the chance to decide if he can hit the target in one round or get another target now. Just like with shields (and chutes, you can hear them when the other player enables them).

    That would be the simplest way for “resign” to be more “fair”. On the game you can hear the others enabling chutes and shields, “resign” could be announced too.

    Please note that my opinion has changed from “-1” kill to this point.

    Another thing, I resigned… It happen (twice) on the beginners server. Round 9 and 10. Me and Real had 2 round wins and 10 kills each. 10 players on the server, all playing AIF (2 bots). On round 8 I said “aif” just to remember people that 2 bots had arrived. But the next round I completely forgot about them!!! I had being playing all the round 8, won it and got distracted from the aif rule – being used to play on the main server also helped to the distraction! So, round 9 and I see Real sitting one step down the hill and kill him with a sandhog to secure my win! Wrong, there was 2 bots on the game.

    If I didn’t resign, I would kill a bot and/or win the round. That wouldn’t be fair (we had the same number of wins and kills), so I resigned. Both me and Real got to round 10 still with the same kills and wins.

    I think that was the main purpose of the existence of “resign”: to resign.

    The story would end happily and with justice if there was no round 10. Again I was distracted (at home) and when the round 10 came up, I see both Real and Run down the hill again waiting for a funky to hit them… Geez, I did it again… 2 bots on the game and I shoot people… A fatal distraction, so I clicked “resign” again, although I didn’t hit neither of them. It (resigning) was deserved since they both where shooting the bots and not me.

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    Hey ppl,

    got a bad and buzzy week here.

    Thanks for all the replies. It’s good to know there is more people that don’t like “runaway resigners”.

    I see now that it is a very commonly used tactic, even by bots.

    I didn’t know there was a resign option on the original game, so though I don’t agree with it, I’ll accept it.

    Thanks for all the feedback. It was good to see so much people replying.

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    @rommel wrote:

    “honourable retirement” ??? Just in case, I think I’ll resist and let someone else have a little fun.


    Yeah, you got me, Herr General. That’s a “resigner” argument. Honourable would be fighting ’till the end and die with honour… 8)

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    @xtc wrote:

    Why is it cheating or not fair?

    I did not say it was cheating.
    @xtc wrote:

    If you got someone with first shot, then you must finish him with second. If you miss with second, you are not deserving your kill.

    So you are the other side of the map, there is wind 5, I got the resigner after 2 diggers and he can’t “heal” up because he doesn’t have batts he didn’t buy. He resigns with 2 kills, I spent ammo and made a great shot and I don’t deserve the kill… WTF?
    @xtc wrote:

    THERE IS one fair chance for you.

    Where? I finally nail him, jump to my prize and he resigns? This is not logical.

    @xtc wrote:

    Why if I’m damaged and no batts should I give kill to someone?

    Because it’s the game? Are we both playing or just one of us?

    I’ll skip commenting the rest, but you are describing exactly what I’m talking about.

    Please vote.

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    Hey PeanutsRevenge,

    nice top 21 games, but someone should warn the author of that webpage that the top list of games should be 20, not 21, and revert the list upside down. Now that would be a better top 20 games in linux (at least for me :roll:).

    For those who use Ubuntu like me, there is a cool website where you have clear and easy instructions to install many of the top 21 games:

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    I’m in too!

    Didn’t play it last year, so I don’t know how it really looks like.

    I think it will be something with snow falling, jingle bells music, tanks are like presents and a DH will be a santa clauss sweeping the all map in his flying slips. 😈

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    Hi ppl,

    I just read this thread because of people talking about aimbots on the game. I suspected about it when I saw some players shooting and hitting targets the other side of the map with wind force 5 on their first shoot several times. Now I know how they do it.

    I thought I was loosing my aim, almost went to a doctor about it, but now that I read this I feel much better, thanks.

    roflmao, most of what you say isn’t any news. Yes, this is an opensource game. I think that for students and programmers (and linux users like me) it’s only normal and educative to read the source of the game. I could do some tweaks too, I understand C. The point is that this is a game, played for fun. Give other goals to your life and spend your time doing more positive things than this, there is much more things to do with it.

    For me it’s a matter of life philosophy, a question of honesty maybe. Using cheats is like using steroids on sports. You can do it, but if you are busted, you’re banned and/or punished. If you cheat, you aint better or smarter than others or even a winner, you’re just a poor cheater, nothing else.

    Please keep this great game as open source. Thank you very much for it.

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