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    Happy Birthday Your Royal Bastage!

    may you never catch up to matter how hard u try.

    Yeah they kinda sux..they were fine and dandy when you are a kid and even up till the mid 20’s….. after that……do you really need an excuse to have fun any damn day you please with the buds……nope!

    aww.ight…I cant resist…..Stevie?…I’m looking for a new pimp to patrol the southside of the train tracks….you available?

    PM me dawg…. 8)

    in reply to: map placement refix? (glaciation map) #34064


    everytime this map comes up…..I say……..gah!!!!!!!!!! not this sucka again.

    HOWEVER….you talk about getting a good “noggin workout”..its not the faint of heart.

    I have on many occasions taken exactly 12 shots!! to get 1 kill (whata workout)

    and although it pains me to play in such non-friendly conditions no one seems to be mentioning that finally exist a map where you get to live beyond the norm of 1 or 2 sniping shots.

    perfect for those who constantly complain of getting killed to quickly.

    funniest thing i’ve seen on this map: CBX resigning on the very first turn just he wouldnt have to suffer through 12 shots.

    in reply to: in-game voting feature for Scorched3d 4.1 #33979


    @lithium wrote:

    Just a suggestion:
    Have in-game voting to mute or kick human players.

    Looks like more evidence for additional game admins in the beginners server is mounting up again.

    I see this wanted feature creating more problems than resolving them as stated above.

    Till then here’s a couple of suggestions:

    Phase1: Use the Current “Talk Mute” command by clicking on Monitor Icon in upper left hand corner, then selecting the player which to Mute (this will only turn OFF that players chat for you while still ON for other players)

    Phase2: Buy some cool weapons and neutralize your target 😈

    Phase3: Play more Main Server (No Bots Server). Less problems in there cuz more admins are present, and the “regulars” wont allow pestering players to ruin it for everyone else.


    in reply to: South Park season premier #33725


    OMG i am LMAO as i ROFL

    Just saw the episode… 22min spent today.

    Willis’ quote from the episode reminds me of another great movie quote:

    Cop: I think we can handle one little girl. I sent two units, they’re bringing her down now.
    Agent Smith: No lieutenant, your men are already dead.

    damn that’s scary. As I watched the episode, I couldn’t help to think…..which guy in scorch might look like their nemesis? Just the physical part of course….I’m certainly not talking about not having a life cuz lets face it….men are to video games as gals are to shopping. besides it’s in our genes, so why even fight it.

    Having said that……
    *grabs the basketball and runs to the nearest court for hours of outdoors enjoyment*

    in reply to: Request: HALL OF FAME — STATS page #33638


    @wowbagger wrote:

    Does this mean I’m a Scorchedaholic? 😀

    Say it baby!!!! Say it.

    Ummmm……I’m still in denial mode. but i digress.

    Anybody wanna start guessing who’ll end as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd?? B4 this idea turns into reality.

    In no particular order, I might be inclined to guess Wow, Apollo, and some darkhorse which isn’t obvious to me. or perhaps the more obvious killa would be Vihor the Great.

    @xal wrote:

    There are many players such as Goose and Paris who are no less great just because they don’t play anymore.

    Something interesting to note: took a quick look at top 100 in Main as of today, and by golly there appears to be a “Paris” in the stats….could it be??? It seems Zebulon is making a statement of Identity perhaps. And It also looks like “Goose” has posted something in the offtopic forum “southpark season premiere”

    Could it be that the pot has been stirred up and is starting to brew for a hellavu new ERA in main where old school collides with new skool?

    If Goose returns…………..let’s see…we’ve got a Maverick…which means we’re gonna need an Iceman, Viper, Cougar, and a Jester………wait……….my bad…we’ve already got JiNx for the part of the Jester.


    in reply to: Someone else has my nick! #33655


    you could always re-create and be alittle creative..

    how bout

    *casey* as your forum ID



    the possibilities are endless.


    in reply to: Request: HALL OF FAME — STATS page #33631


    exactly! They have to be included, no butts about it. Leave it up to cbx & other computer wizards to figure out how.

    Did paris and goose decide to disappear after v37 or were there others version prior to v37? what were those like? cuz we have it good now.

    in reply to: Is it that time of the year again? #32056


    since the polls are now closed….

    Here’s a few name alterations that made me crack up……

    Including one of my own:

    sea-bee-x (cbx)

    Cowbagger & Brokeback Bastage (NMS)

    Hairy White Boy (HWB)

    Dont Fear the Wowbell (Wowbagger)

    Bruce ****enson (Joe)

    NoParachutes (NP)

    Comfortably Dumb (Comfortably Numb)

    Drain Bammage (BD)

    too bad my nick is not Noob Bandit, cuz I’d definitely use Boob Bandit from time to time.


    in reply to: Forum for muted players? #33448


    :-k you could always post something like this:

    .. — .-.-.- … — …. .-.-.- … — .-. .-. .-. .-. -.– .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.- .–. .-.. . .- … . .-.-.- ..-. — .-. –. .. …- . .-.-.- — . .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.- .. .-.-.- .– — -. – .-.-.- -.. — .-.-.- .. – .-.-.- .- –. .- .. -. .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.- .–. ..- .-. – -.– .-.-.- .–. .-.. . .- … . .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.- .- …. .-.-.- -.-. — — .-.-.- — -. .-.-.- .-. . ..-. .-.-.- .. .-.-.- -.. .. -.. -. – .-.-.- — . .- -. .-.-.- – — .-.-.- -.. — .-.-.- .. – .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.- -.-. .- -. .-.-.- .. .-.-.- – .- .-.. -.- .-.-.- .- –. .- .. -. ..–..

    in reply to: Forum Request : Add Captcha to Login? … #33032


    heh..i get the code right… but its buggin me I have to type it in everytime
    even though I have clicked on the automatically log me in everytime i visit button.

    any suggestions?


    in reply to: shortcut keys? #33139


    I’m ready and armed….

    gotta think of a few others though….

    Say “Dibs on Steve”
    Dibs on Steve
    Say “Dibs on Steve”

    Say “bastages!”
    Say “bastages!”

    cyas in the game

    in reply to: Building scorch in windows #25731


    Im confuzed fellas…..why are ya’ll trying to do this?? ](*,)

    in reply to: Advertising Links – Down Below #32876


    ahhhhhhhhh, all is well again.

    I edited my initial subject, cuz I sounded abit like chicken little yelling “the sky is falling….the sky is falling”.

    but gavin explained what’s going on in the post above…..stroke of genius I tell ya.

    while I have your attn:

    If you enjoy playing this awesome game, and I know you do.

    please show your support by donating one cup of coffee’s worth in ($$$)

    are there other ways to donate beside paypal?? just curious??

    in reply to: TEAMS SERVER NEWS #32770


    :D/ SWEET!!! count me in! :D/

    in reply to: Is it that time of the year again? #32039


    hey Blast,

    what’s a “weapon set”?


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