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    Congratulations to Outer, Vitos, and Noob Bandit for becoming the newest members of the Gold Jacket Club.

    *shakes bottle of cheap champagne and soaks them in da face*


    Here you go gentlemen…here are your Gold Jackets. Wear them Proudly!

    Next…Lines them up like the 3 stooges and trout-slaps all three with one single swoop. :badgrin:

    NP…..wait….let me get that “N” out the way…..

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    @nomoresteve wrote:

    Sorry, man. My mom’s busy that weekend. Although, my Grandma can still make it as long as she gets your number.

    I like it!…..Now that’s the kind of outside-the-box ideas we are looking for…

    Tell your grams here is my toll free number (800) FROGS-4-U

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    Couple of things to comment on: Version 40.1b(ck)

    Ability to Fuel In and Out of Water: is this a new feature or a glitch? Tactically speaking, whenever I put a tank into water with a digger…they were as good as dead (less any teleport activity…expensive, but it was the only way to get out of the hole)
    The red line outlining fuel area is very cool too!

    Favorites Tab in Buy Screen:
    What does the default radio button do?

    Weapons List Sorted Backward?
    In V40, when I hit “Favorites Tab” I knew my parachutes where way at the bottom and my DeathHead and Funkies on the very top.
    In V40.1 when I hit the favorites tab, Parachutes are now at the very top and death heads and funkies on the bottom. My faves felt awkward, this might be a minor point but I think everyone has somewhat ingrained in their brain where to find their favorite weapons. At least everyone who doesn’t use the “sort by name” option.

    I actually just noticed that all weapons list have been sorted in exactly the opposite way as before. If I was buying a weapon that I didn’t keep as a favorite like Napalm, I knew I could find it by clicking weapons and scrolling to the very bottom. Now they are on top. If I wanted to buy a Teleport Before I would scroll all the way to the top now they are on the very bottom.

    DeathHeads, MIRVS, Spread-MIRVS no longer travel for 30 seconds when fired at 0 deg. 1000 power.

    Rollers: ma-babies are Back!!! No more pop-corn effect…thx!

    Tank-Tracks after Fueling: LMAO…that (SomeGuy) sure has a sense of humor. Hilarious.

    I’ll keep looking I guess.


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    @spectrum wrote:

    Why no1 post anytihng here recently?

    Do Not Fool Us Spec-Bot!!

    ….30 minutes earlier

    I regret to inform you that our good buddy Spectrum is no longer with us….earlier this evening a malicious SPAM-BOT snuck up behind him while at his computer and injected its malicious DNA into poor ole Spec’s Brain.

    resulting in a Half-Man / Half-SPAM-BOT…

    the results were quite devastating as his post will now only be Half funny/Half SPAM

    please be on the look out for any unusual activities…..wait!!!….the picture below illustrates how efficient this new type of threat will be on the Scorch community….it has completely taken over all the OFFTOPIC post as we speak.

    it’s just a matter of time before it changes its Forum-name to: Spec-Bot

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    @deathstryker wrote:

    Just make sure it’s people we can trust because the last time a preview version of 38 was released, people were making servers with it, lol.


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    yup, just experienced the same thing:

    weapons: DeathHeads, MIRVS, Spread MIRVS

    0 deg. Firing 1000 pwer then pressing 4 to follow —> you can follow this dud for 30 seconds (yup, I actually timed it)

    – – – – –

    same weapons

    15 deg. 1000 power firing into nearby hilltop —> will go into ground before apexing, resulting in a dud.

    15 deg. 1000 power firing into nearby hilltop —> will go into ground before apexing but will come out on opposite side until weapon finally apexes (due to travel time) then warheads are released and explode on contact. This is wicked as Wowbagger mentions above, & rather Cool..but it just goes against all the rules of making a good shot (if you fire these weapons into the ground before it apexs…to bad…you’ve just duded a $30,000 DeathHeath)

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    suggestion: next time new version is ready to come out. Perhaps 1 week B4 coming out, allow certain players (maybe 20 or so players that understand how things are suppose to work to download the version by password only) to give them a week to test new version. It seems with lots of players playing around with the new version it’ll be easier to find bugs.

    I apologize in advance for not having any idea how the whole development process occurs before release.

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    *dusts off Gold jacket in anticipation of hazing ceremony*

    ahem (clears throat)….Fellow Gold Jacket Members……lend me your ears….
    As we await the end of another great series. Many DeathHeads and Funkies were thrown and missed but never in vain.

    New members will be arriving shortly into this fine Elite club of Bastages! Preparations must be made…I encourage all you to find your best hazing materials so that we may welcome our newest members when they arrive.

    & although it brings a tear to my eye right now…sniffs…. to have this 3 foot stinky rainbow trout on the shoulder of my Gold Jacket……the amount of trout-slapping I’m gonna get in on them will be…. so sweet-a-sound!

    OK Here is Your Orders Men:

    • CBX – get 3 kegs of beer….drink the beer then fill them back up with spoiled prune-juice
    • Bear – Make your finest recipe of pickled-herring. After the final 2 to 3 days of refrigeration. Take it outside to the outhouse and leave there for an additional 2-3 days at room temp.
    • Ebo – for God’s sake man put some pants on! I know the Gold Jacket looks good on you but sheesh….wearing nothing but a pink G-String and a Gold Jacket is just so wrong…at least go get us some cheap Ripple or sometin’
    • Jack – don’t forget to bring Mr. Daniels along
    • Steve – Bring some of your finest ho’s for blackmail pictures
    • JiNx – take that silly clown face off……doh!!! bad dawg..put it back on.

    The rest of yuts….use your imaginations….

    Godspeed Gentlemen….& see ya at the party!

    Right now it looks like there are Three Scorchers trying to fight for Gold Jacket Membership.

    C’mon Irish…you got two bogeys on your tail!!! Get to steppin’ lad. I’m rooting for ya!!
    The coveted Gold Jacket has eluded Mr. Irish five previous times.

    Current Gold Jacket Members (41):


    Greener Pastures:

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    @bobirov wrote:

    *opens eyes*

    I still say she’s got a helluva rack for a 5 year old.. 😛

    Finally…..the denial phase is over….Now is the time for healing Bob….dont be bashfull…..let it all out man….let IT all OUT…..keep those tears coming…..

    Just think how cute your kids will be

    crazy one-eyed-bandits..

    light emerald-green complexion…

    nice racks for the gals….

    O HELL…who am I kiddin’…….where do I sign up!!!

    opps its seem I too have gone way off topic… 😳
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCORCH….may you outlive us all…and one day service our kids too.

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    @nomoresteve wrote:

    Dang it! I hate cheaters

    yeah….the last time I tried to cheat a certain pimp ….one that shall remain nameless…..

    I got troutslapped by one of his ho’s!

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    @boy wrote:

    as I put the two thousand and first post to bed.

    damn……im such a Virgin 😳 😳 😳

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    @deathstryker wrote:

    What’s even more cruel is “she” is only 5. 😯

    finally!! That explains the time I got hit in the face with spaghetti

    @gcapm wrote:

    If Ms. Scorched is only 5, what does that make me?

    lets see..that would make you her pappy. But I’m afraid Bob’s got some explaining to do….. 😆

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    Very nice proposals Gavin.

    Just a thought to throw out there regarding the Beginners Server:

    Although I like the idea of having 2 main servers. I prefer the current setup: 1 Main Server (No BOTS) and 1 Intermediate Server (BOTS server)

    Total newbies should have a place to learn the ropes. While other players need a BOT server as an alternative to MAIN or to wait around until a game at MAIN starts.

    For me the best part of playing at the MAIN server is playing with other skilled players.
    About a month ago, I was at MAIN with about 5 newbies (7-8 shots per kills kinda newbies), after 5 rounds I had about 9 kills and decided to just say….”cya around fellas and have fun” and left. I offered help during the 5 rounds, but they said they understood the basics of the game. All I’m saying is I would hate to see the current quality of games at MAIN get diluted out by having 2 Main servers and no “beginners server <—needs a name change” (and then there’s the issue of having BOTS around at Main…..a bad idea).

    I wasn’t around when there was only 1 Server around (Pro’s + Newbs all playing together) so I can’t comment how things worked out then. I do think it was a good idea to remove the 50 kill limit on Main.


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    @willis wrote:

    How do you kill, that which has no life?

    “Listen! And understand! da BOY! is out there. It can’t be bargained with! It can’t be reasoned with! It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until he catches up with gcamp!”

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    *golf claps*

    way to put it in the hole Bob….

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