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    @jinx wrote:

    np nice avatar
    would you mind if i borowed it?


    thanks mate…

    its pretty public now, so I cant really stop anyone from
    using it. so long as its a “true bastage” ya’ know who u r
    then NP

    PM me dawg & I’ll see what I can whip out


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    @cbx550f wrote:

    This is what frightens me the most.

    u know i’ve heard of the Gold jacket club…..

    is this some new version?: The Sissie Jacket Club

    the final winner shall be crowned King Sissie
    and the top 10 shall be his spineless minions 😆

    the post says: Hey Hobbes!

    so here ya go:

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    Is this cheating? sorry, but I’m not here to discuss cheating.
    but rather, I just felt like voicing my opinion.

    – – – – –

    the laid back person in me says:
    I have never cared to know who uses the grid or not
    nor does it bother me one way or the other.

    – – – – –

    the sensible side in me says:
    this is just a game, and all games have rules. And as long as the rules
    & available features are the same for everyone, then by all means…….Play On!
    & shaddap!

    – – – – –

    the competitive side of me says:
    Laptop’s chess analogy has swayed me to say the following:
    On some level Scorch is a competitive game, with everyone trying
    to carve out a tiny piece of scorch fame in the form of skill, rank, kills,
    status, kill ratio, resigns, self kills etc……
    If it wasn’t, I’m sure we might not be discussing such matters.

    Taking into account fairness, universal playing conditions for all,
    and the desire to play the game to the best of your ability without feeling
    others may have an upper hand on you.

    I am making a suggestion to have the following game-setting conditions implemented on
    the 3 official servers (Main, Beginners, Teams):

    1. No Control G feature
    2. No Control H feature
    3. No Landscape OFF command from the console
    4. No Water OFF command from the console

    what would we have left after this?
    A very beautiful and pleasing to the eye masterpiece of a game
    played by a lot of incredible people from all over the world.
    It’s probably the way the game was intended to be played
    (probably over 90% of all players play this way)

    Oh &
    5. Somehow make the mini-map un-gridable
    6. did I forget any other ingenious console commands?

    LOL, its fun to dream aint it.

    – – – – –

    grid users – please don’t take offense at my suggestions above as they are in no way an attack on your craft

    if I were given the choice of getting rid of the grid and possibly losing quality players
    keeping the grid and keeping them as part of the diverse playing styles in scorch
    I’d take the latter

    I say this because I’ve never been convinced one way or the other
    if the grid is as sinister as people make it out to be.

    For starters, if the use of the grid was that easy,
    I would expect 20-30 players with a kill ratio over 40%
    we don’t see this.

    Top 25 “Main” *kill ratio*

    Top 25 “beginners” *kill ratio*

    to summarize:

    1. lets compromise and find a set of in game-features that can serve as the accepted
    universal game settings for all. In addition to the ones I stated above,
    it might also include shortening the shot clock too.

    2. Gavin spoils all of us with lots of cool and new features, then later
    we complain about them once someone finds a unique way of using it to their advantage. So Beware, the next time you request some new feature.

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    *fires “DeathHead” @ SolSuite Solitaire 2007

    and destroys over 460 professional-levels of solitaire card games*


    there…….I feel better now

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    yeah..u tell that clown bear 😆

    – – – – – –

    I just found tons of screenshots I had taken during games.
    was reading a post and BD mentions that if u use F5 to take
    screen shot, this is where they go

    C:Documents and Settingsyournamehere

    I never knew that and found a lot of old ones.
    Im going to have to sift through them too see what I can find.
    I’ve always just used alt-printscreen then paste into paint and save as jpg

    here is one that made laugh again:
    pay attn to ellie mae’s last comment as she blasted me into the 11th round.
    you can also see my blue light death behind.

    Ellie mae : sry he’s “just being” uncontrollable “and I’ve had just about all I can take”


    I also ran across an old battle screeny and re-posted it here,
    the pic brought a tear to my eye as that was one of the best games I’ve ever
    been involved in (fun factor off da roof!), and looking back at the post date,
    I’m sure it was my first month here in scorchland.

    “The bastage Wars”

    can u decipher all the bastages?
    twas a fine day!

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    Option 4 – less yapping…….more playing 😛

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    jokes thread

    & funny pics too.

    ahhhhhhh…after 100 straight rounds of Scorch..its good to know I can relax in my own Jacuzzi

    (log in to see picture)

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    @shotzo wrote:

    But what exactly lies… ‘beyond the buoys’?

    Beware! The Matrix has You…..

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    NP – no problem…. due to my laid back attitude, no worries state of mind.

    Outlaw – the man with no name……a la “Sergio Leone’s spaghetti western trilogy”

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    The Screenshot Above has been approved and checked for accuracy by The Badger’s kids

    – – – – –

    very intense game!

    82 group kills……..can any group reach the 100 mark?

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    @bigbear wrote:

    @gcamp wrote:

    Let me get this right, you want stats updates? 😉

    Just checked out the updated stats. I think you can go to bed tonight Gavin feeling reassured that there are quite a number of scorch-o-holics out there singing your praise for giving their stat starved brains a much needed fix. 😉

    LOL Bear, I was hoping Gavin would hold out a lot longer…was very interesting watching folks go through withdrawals. now we can only wonder what other zany stuff woulda been said 😆

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    Happy Birthday BD! may you continue to have success in all you do

    here in the US, turning 21 is a special moment in life. You can finally buy your own
    booze and can enter the nudy bar without the bouncer givin’ ya grief. yes, it was real nice @21 to finally throw away the fake ID

    but since you are abroad, you’ve already had 3 good years of practicing this


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    @viking62 wrote:

    😀 I think this is one of my highlight moments in the Scorched arena- Was a good day 😯

    very nice mate………& quite the cash cow too. grats.

    and yes, I look forward to putting the gold jacket on you real soon


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    OMG……………………..he’s just a phetus

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