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    heh..I never knew that many other parents had punished their little ones
    in the same manner

    over 70 times in my state. none of them myself..but

    hmmmmm….i think “they” are getting closer now…

    so i’ve updated my profile’s location to something a bit more general.

    you can find me somewhere around that
    tiny 3rd rock from the sun

    ……there, I can go back to sleep again

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    another possible logo for the back of any black T-Shrit

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    I didnt realize how dark the logo i made looked, so i brighten it up.

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    o hippo..u dont need no stinkin medals (no more than badges at least)

    we all know…you’re an xcellent shooter

    just get some new ones

    and o yeah…….be good.

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    hellllllooo hippo

    welcome backs.. are in order.

    what you would need is to request this player’s ID number
    from the powers that be.

    next, take that number and edit your current ids.xml file in notepad
    with new number & hit save.

    next, log on to the forums, hit the “profile” link and paste in this ID
    down at the bottom and voilà

    wb “Angel of Carp”

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    sweet idea!

    is this hi res enough?

    was my first try, I could try again.


    here is another possible scorched3d logo idea.

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    With 5 pages worth of post: It is difficult to keep track of all that’s said.

    But I believe it was said a few times, that the grid will not be present in the next version

    I am sure that this issue was heavily debated by the admins and gavin as well (in private)
    It was probably even taken to a vote and the final decision to remove it was the democratic results of those votes. At least that is how I hope it was handled.

    Perhaps one of the admins could post another announcement here stating their collective decision on the matter? hint bold letters in color usually do the trick, short and to the point too

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    @cbx550f wrote:

    Using the grid is fair game, IMO, as it is included in the game. HOWEVER, due to popular demand, it will not be available on the official servers in the next version.

    Have A Nice Day


    did everyone miss this?

    @vihor: Please don’t leave the game my online friend.
    In my three series here, I have never encountered a tougher opponent than you.
    Recently you and I do not find each other in the same games as before.
    I used to play a lot around midnight (my time) and there you would be. Those days are more so in the past for me.

    I’ve read the posts, and I honestly think that people here are not accusing you of cheating.
    On the other hand, if they are jealous……..who cares!!!

    In my opinion, the root of the GRID issue originates from this (at least, this is the position I was defending, when requesting the removal of the grid)

    Newbies like Shotzo & Primate & others I’m sure, through no fault of their own, downloaded this artillery game and did so with a strong background in programming. So naturally, being knowledgeable in programming they began to interrogate the engine that drives the game “the code” in hopes of solving the mystery of how to get the perfect 1 shot kill. They did so from a purely mathematical aspect and never once tried to hide their intentions to the community as to them it was a mystery that needed solving.

    For most of us, we downloaded the game and started playing just because we were looking for another great game to play, some played a series or two and moved on…
    never to be seen again. Others made good friendships,
    enjoyed the thrill of chasing a target, & loved to chat with folks from all over the world (these folks never left & consider this place a home away from home)

    To me, this is the reason I took a position for removing the grid. In my own naïve way of thinking, if the grid was gone I thought, it would be more difficult for a programmer to write a script that does all the math for you (no question that this would be cheating)

    That way when the next Primate or Shotzo comes along (no offense guys, really, I wish I could program) they wont even know the grid ever existed. & can go about their business as they please. .

    (just in case you are reading this and you have never played scorched3d: you do not need 1 ounce of math skill to be good at this game)

    I never once cared who gridded & who didn’t (they can be killed just as easily with anything homing).

    Apache in a previous post, said,
    “I’m not sure but vihor not long ago told me he isn’t counting anymore he just knows now what shot to make…he got all in his memory.”

    I want to use that thought, to try to get you to stay. Heck, take a break then come back.

    After all, every player that has stayed throughout the years has had to endure changes in the game: Having the grid removed should be seen in the same matter.


    1) pop-corn rollers in V40: yeah we all complained and griped, but we dealt with it and moved on. Even if their bouncy nature had not been “fixed”…we would still be playing this very day.
    Regarding these rollers, after a few weeks of playing, I knew I couldn’t just 1000 pwer them and expect a smooth roll to the target, required perhaps 850 in pwer in order to get the kill. It actually required a little more thought to get the kill.

    2) increase in force shield price

    3) increase in parachutes price

    & so on and so on…adapt & evolve is key.

    I strongly hope you reconsider staying, as many many players here have become that much better for having played against you.

    The second reason why I was in favor of removing the grid is this: All the accusations and innuendos regarding cheating would be put to rest.

    Can we finally put the issue to rest and get back to just scorchin? I hope so.



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    @pr1mat3 wrote:

    I am fascinated with this game, not the the gameplay…..

    ok the statement above was quite disturbing.

    huh? not the gameplay……yeah, that’s the ticket…
    I like to go online..
    but not for the gameplay.

    suggestions thread:
    so here ya go (short & to the point)

    It would be really cool if the grid was gone
    for 1 series only. on a sort of trial run phase.

    I know for a fact….not one person is going to
    start flooding the forums saying: where are the grids!! I want em back!

    I’ve played the mental game in my head at times and said: how is it really possible to count that far away? when I know from experience that the target is in the range of 850-950 power away.

    I’m beginning to suspect that the mini-map maybe the real culprit & not control-g (although the G should be quite deadly for short range shots)

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    Hate to see you go bro,
    but everyone needs a break from da game.

    Im going to miss your light hearted humor,
    including your continual use of


    Perhaps the best answer to your post
    when you do decide to come back is this:

    Join the server, have fun, enjoy yourself,
    do some chatting and a bit-o-killin
    and under no circumstance….
    ever….ever…ever…..ever…visit the forums.

    *you’ll just end up pulling all your hair out…
    & whatever is left will just end up turning grey*

    btw I still remember the first time you walked into the server…
    it was really cool & the beginning of a another friendship
    steve and I let u kill us the entire game 😛

    cya when u get back

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    very well said fish.

    so how much funk is being used in games?
    no one person could possible know, unless he/she was present all the time?
    so here is a snapshot in time, of how much funk is taking place.

    the numbers do seem to be the highest i’ve ever seen

    (just an observation……i didnt really have anything
    more to add than what i said on my first post on the matter)

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    Wow Dire! what an awesome video

    I really needed that, as somewhere along the road
    I feel like I lost my mojo (the need to unleash)

    The sweet carnage I just saw makes me wanna go
    On a funky rampage……I just wanna go out and
    Buy 6 funkies and throw them all at once in different directions

    If u cant remember why u love the game so much…watch DIRE’s
    Video………& U will once again BELIEVE!

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    was just in a game,

    when i spotted a pink-dress-wearing-cash-cow!!

    couldnt resist the screenshot

    way to go elle!

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    @jdog wrote:

    You did realize that all gif files are being replaced with png files in the next version?

    @TODO wrote:

    Added: Removed GIF files in preference to PNG files

    thanks for the heads up jdawg,

    once the new version comes out, I’ll repost all images with the proper .png extension

    its very simple to convert the gifs to png in photoshop
    so keep the flags coming

    will they still be 32×32?

    @ thrax: here ya go

    Im still waiting for either you or cbx to post a rendition
    all canadians would be proud to wear,

    till then….here is this one.

    @kowal – I’m not sure if u made a request. but here ya go.

    @spec – is this the one u had in mind? or would you prefer one with the fish?

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    what can i possibly say about
    my buddy steve’s win last night….

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