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    wb willis

    you’ll be glad to know that even in your absence
    willis’es are still taking place everyday

    and yes, gav’s latest version has graphically crippled many
    machines ’round here….but the view is spectacular! if it can handle
    all the new features

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    suddenly, i’m awaken from a deep coma to find

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    LOL db, ya’ silly man.

    the blinking lights was on the few perks one could use to make sure your neighbor had fired his shot and he wasnt putting up a shield (a plug, for No Delayed Defense to make a comeback), therefore not having to wait until the end to let ’em have it. another trick when encountering another worthy, yet civilized player, was to simply ask if he was putting shields up or not.

    here’s a short list of my learning curve deficiencies:

    i played 3 months without knowing about the “A” key
    i played 1 series without knowing about right clicking on mouse
    i played 1 series without throwing a hog or knowing what they did

    i’ll come up with some more later on…

    all in all……..non of these things are really needed to have
    a grand-ole-time

    the beauty of the game is its simplicity

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    @deathstryker wrote:

    Moved to Off Topic thread.

    that suxs, cuz now ppl have to log in to enjoy the pictures

    Here’s my bee’atch APRIL and her lazy brother BEAR

    not sure why i named her april since i dont know any aprils

    and bear was one of my best buds in the army

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    @laptops Daddy wrote:

    I hate to be an asshole (I don’t really – I love it), but that’s not an app, it’s rudimentary javascript………

    O lappy….you’re just ooozing with geekiness

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    thanks for the compliment DB

    let me take ya’ll down memory lane:

    as a newbie, i constantly got man-handled and violated by these clowns:

    Big Mo
    Big Bear

    after a couple of weeks, I was led to the main server
    (like a Lamb That Is Led to Slaughter)
    once there, these suckas picked up
    the pounding-duties and dismembered me to bits

    Kid Chaos

    once I finally shed my newbie skin and gained what they called “pro status”,
    I could take on and dispatch most players, except for a select few


    aw to be that good again. nowadays i’m just a tad better than ordinary

    is it my imagination or has the sight or gravity been changed?
    it seems all my shots go short now? things shouldn’t have changed
    that much for a seasoned-sniper like myself. I’m only talking about sniper shots, and not 45 deg. shots as I’ve clearly lost the sixth sense i once had.

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    hey laptop, i wanna see your incredible 87 seconds! in action **hint hint FRAPS**

    ya cheatin’ bastage!

    this application seems to be everywhere on the web too

    this one comes with a disclaimer on its addictive nature, though i have to admit, would be more
    addictive if the block pattern wasn’t always the same
    and if the speed maxed out @ 20 seconds, it would become a true endurance match.

    cuz once you hit just gets nasty

    it also comes with a “youre not so brilliant if you’ve hit 18 sec!” block frenzy scale

    ok, i retire

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    awww man, I thought you were talking about states!

    GO RED!!!

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    @irishbandit wrote:

    Didn’t watch the super bowl.

    u know those are grounds for a ban!

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    @boy wrote:

    ,,,but now I can get a better mouse or something, I still have a roller mouse!! 😮

    OMG 😯 …if you keep waiting…you’re going to fossilize right before our eyes!

    @boy wrote:

    So now I can talk about how I hate my card……..

    LOL man..lucky for you we’ve got a club already in place with plenty of members that “hate their graphic card”

    have fun tweaking the settings in order to get the game to your liking

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    @laptops Daddy wrote:

    ……I wonder if it’s an Nvidia thing, NP. No way you should have frame rate issues with that spec. Try setting everything to max, and check your NV control panel.

    yeah, i figure the same.

    if I have all the scorch settings to max, I get 5-10 FPS with very choppy game play which leads to missed shots, not seeing where shots land, and no chance to chat

    In my nv control panel…. since features give a small description of what they do, I went with all options that give the best performance over any graphical quality. Thanks for the help lap top cat. I’m okay playing with my current settings (previous screenshot)….all I care about is smooth game play and not graphical prettiness.

    @viking62 wrote:

    ….So, I am needing the best bang for my money 😉 I have a list made up that I can send to parties interested in giving me their advise.

    PM me the list…I’m an excellent bargain hunter.

    I suppose one of the first items you need to decide on is which motherboard to choose.

    are you gonna go with a motherboard with a dual PCI Express x16 base so you can have the option to run one or two side-by-side graphic cards?

    You should really start a new thread, something like

    “Help me build my next Scorched3D gaming PC”

    There’s a lot of knowledgeable peeps round here and it could serve as an exchange of ideas for anyone else wanting to build a gaming machine, either through upgrades or in your case, from scratch, with a limited budget.

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    Vike!!! how’da hell are ya man? good to see you’re still chugging along

    ran the test, mainly to see if I can begin to figure out why gameplay here is so choppy now compared to the last version (its decent on most maps, but other maps are pretty bad)

    here’s my V41.1 settings if anyone cares (dont even know what most things mean..its dont have to explain it)

    with these settings I’ve had an “enjoyable experience”, but I’m sure others are experiencing much worse gameplay than I

    its a good thing V41.1 helped out with some of the choppy game play
    as I’ve said in the past, the minute the game becomes that sluggish to play….it will be no longer any fun to keep playing in those conditions

    and would rather just quit playing all together than torture myself in that way


    PS no matter what anyone says…I’ll always miss the smooth engine that was V40

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    hey lap top cat

    i downloaded your mcbmasters mod, placed in scorch folder.

    launched the game, selected mcbmasters icon, everything starts up okay but then there’s no tanks to choose from….so i hit ok anyway and get an error message….tank thing….blah blah blah

    what kinda shoddy workmanship you trying to pull on us?

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    i wanda why this poll is only @ 19 votes while the old one got to a whopping 35 votes

    i’m with the NO’s for reasons already stated (mainly the anticipation factor)

    plus…i miss seeing those folks that would raise their shield last minute but ended up not firing because they cut it too close (ohhhh…..the comedy)

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    well said Ash

    best thing to do might be just to play when you see a room full of buds.
    those same folks you’ve grown to trust over the years.

    im sure gavin and co. are working on a way to keep the “lameness” down to
    a minimal.

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