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    Common guys!

    Take it on the chin, and lets move on.

    If i can live with a woman who reeks of clam dip oder, you guys should be able to tolerate a few bed wetting cheaters.

    Cheer up please 🙂

    Thanks for all the support in the past 😀

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    This looks verry neat!!

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    what a great looking map!

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    I just wanted to shrink them actually..

    Bummer, I guess this map pack is finished then 🙂

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    Thanks guys! some really cool ideas 🙂

    I am going to try finalizing this tonight, after i search in vain for a way to control the landscape texture scale.

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    Hey cool 🙂 I will turn up the volume a bit on the trees, and the low-poly buildings 🙂

    About the ground textures… is it possible to tell the game engine to scale them down so that they are more “crisp” looking?

    or should I just use (new) 512×512 textures?… I use texturemaker, and I could have a new complete set done in about an hour, thanks to the macro feature re-sampler, and the ability to add fine seamless noise in hundreds of patterns.

    well, anyway! thanks guys 🙂

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    Hi guys 🙂

    I get great FPS on this map, I have some very densely populated islands , and not so much as a hiccup happens on my system.

    But, I have a very new system…. I need some people with older systems to run it, and see if I am a “motherboard melter”.

    Think I am just going to wait until this afternoon, and if no one tests, I will just upload to the mapping competition.Hopefully the judges will like it and if I need to fix something they will let me know.

    I want to start on another texture pack, and some more models in a snow like theme.

    I would also like to expand this texture pack to include some commercial buildings, hospitals, and schools. I feel weird about adding churches or other religious structures. People get offended way too easy now-a-days.

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    they look very good!

    Hopefully the S3D developers will include them in the official pack, or the Official PLugin pack.

    I especially like the textureing 😀

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    I like the idea of a separate alpha file. It gives some flexibility in the option to use the original without alpha if you need to. Consider that a 32bit png is likely no smaller in file size than a 24bit png and a greyscale png combined.

    in lots of game engines they give an option weather to use the alpha or not… some even make it nice, so you can actualy tweak the transparency with a range of numbers rather than the alpha simply on or off.

    other game engines wil give you an option on a “per face” basis…. the actual UV face tells weather or not to use the alpha.

    as far as why to use PNG over bitmaps is the lossless compression rather then the sloppy RLE compression of bitmaps. PNG files compress better than bitmap files too when you use Gzip,zip, or 7zip.

    Oh yea!

    DDS ,DDR, and DXT files are all Direct Draw surfaces. It is propriatory, and to the extent of my knowlage we cannot use them in open GL yet.

    it is no big deal if S3D dose not support the alpha channel of PNG files… it only takes me 2 keystrokes to have it extract the alpha channel , and save it as a greyscale image.

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    Yea the 32 bit version runs great, I have a monster system :
    amd 4800+ x2 +64bit
    4 gigs ram
    and a 7900 gtx 512 meg graphics card form nvidia.

    That is not the point though :p

    I have a 64 bit system, and very little 64 bit software….this damages my ego!!

    it is exciting to hear about any 64 bit application, I have been running windows x64 and various flavors of user made unix since 2003.

    my only 64 bit applications so far:
    UNreal 2004
    unreal tournament 3
    Red orchestra

    Pov Ray
    Zbrush 3.1
    Blender 2.45 (only 64bit in linux 🙁 )
    7Zip (awesome, de-compresses twice as fast as the windows unzipper)

    well anyways… I load the .sln file into visual C++ and it tells me it has to convert the file… I say ok… it converts it, then I tell it to build and in the console window it just ticks away and says everything is file not found,for about 10 minuets 🙁

    also in the project property’s, it will not allow me to assign 64bit to the packages, it just stays in 32 bit mode. I have installed 64 bit .NET SDK like it says on the M$ website… but it still does not work for me 🙁

    I went and got the BOrland C++ free compiler like it says in the COMPILE file, but this too is only in a 32 bit flavor 🙁

    I have a 64 bit Dev C++ is it possible to use this? I am able to build Blender 3d with it without a problem (the 32 bit version).I also did a build of SWF Tools a while back to play with the bleeding edge Jpeg2SWF.exe.

    BTW if you guys list a 64bit file at, I bet you will get a jump in your downloads ++a few thousand . 😀

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    Hey thanks guys!!!

    Ummm, when did that map contest start, and when is it going to end?

    I would love to enter a few maps in there 😀

    so that is 10 megs per map? I have 7 in this set I think, I would like to make a couple that are randomly generated too that uses the same textures, and models.
    The accessories package for this map pack is already 17 megs from all the huts, and houses.

    will I be disqualified if that 17 megs of accessories goes for 10 maps?

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    After 4 attempts now in windows X64 I am going to give up.

    If someone publishes a link to a windows X64 build I will put you on my christmas list 🙂

    Any word when an official windows x64 binary will be available?

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    Great thanks Thrax!

    I just found some information here too,

    looks like we can make all kinds of cool things happen with our map decorations 🙂

    I have a bunch of low poly houses I made for a few different games.
    Think I may try to port them in, and see if I cant make some kind of fun scoreing / rewards system for blowing them up 🙂

    I am going to go over the manual a bit better first 🙂

    they sure made it easy to make stuff for this game ,this is a lot of fun 🙂
    thanks S3D developers!!

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    Glad you guys like it 🙂
    I might do 2 more skins for it later today.
    it will be an urban, and a desert skins. (grey, and pee yellow)

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    Thank you for doing this!!

    Great exporter 🙂

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