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    I think the tricky part would be giving the stationary tanks some other advantage, or nobody would ever pick them. What you don’t want is either make them so strong nobody would pick mobile tanks, or so weak that everybody would pick mobile tanks. It’s a delicate balancing act. I know it’s not ‘realisting’ to have tanks without obvious wheels, treads, or legs to move, but I think having a non-mobile tank is such a disadvantage that nobody would ever consider one. (Might be good just for computers, in fact).

    My idea would be to make all tanks start out equal, but you could buy upgrades to them that would last the whole game:
    – chassis upgrade would increase your life permanently
    – engine upgrade would allow greater range and/or speed for a given unit of fue
    – fuel tank upgrade would allow greater fuel capacity
    – generator upgrade would strengthen shields that you buy by, say, 10% / 20% / 30% .. something along those lines.
    – launcher upgrade would allow higher power for shots

    These would be purchasable, and of course the price would vary according to how much time was left in the game, etc.

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    I dare, indeed! 🙂

    Question: Can I have both a shield AND armor active? Looks like I can’t, but want to make sure that is the intended behavior.

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    What’s the reasoning behind the change in the M2, specifically the max power thing? That surprised me the first time I tried it out. i definitely prefer being able to have full control over it’s trajectory.

    Does it stay at 1000 even if the tank is damaged?

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    Glooping countermeasures:

    – Sandhogs

    – Lasers

    – Funky Bombs

    – M2 machine guns

    – More sandhogs

    – Landscapers

    Those seem to be effective gloop countermeasures, and it’s not like they don’t have their uses when people aren’t glooping.

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    @jdog wrote:

    thats because in apoc when you hit a building, the building has a weapon explosion of its own. YOu can kill other tanks with buildings in apoc.

    OK that explains it. 🙂

    Now it’s just funny, not worrisome. 🙂

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    Thanks for the kind words for my suggestions!

    As for negative elevation, a few degrees (10 or less) was all I was really thinking of.

    Another few I thought of:

    Statis bubble: area of effect. Objects in the area are temporarily put into ‘stasis’: they cannot be damaged, and they cannot take any actions (shoot, move, fall, etc). The statis would last a set number of rounds. You could use it to: protect yourself (although you get no shots while you are in it), throw it on an aggressor tank, toss it on a wounded teammate, etc. Various strengths would alter size or duration of the bubble. All objects under the bubble (including terrain) would be affected.

    Mines: projectile weapon sows a number of explosive mines on the ground. They persist until end of the turn. Tanks which move over the mines take damage.

    Magnetic mines: projectile weapon which sows a number of strong magnetic mines. They persist until the end of the turn. Weapons which travel with a certain distance of the mine have their trajectories altered (in extreme cases, are drawn directly to the mine, in which case the mine is probably destroyed). Various strength mines would be possible. Some weapons may be less affected or perhaps imprevious to magnetic mines (lasers, ligthning, etc).

    Liquid dirt: Like in the original SE. A thorny programming challenge, as Gavin now has to write algorithms for deformable fluid flow. 🙂

    Jammer: Tank with jammer does not yield health or shield status information. This would last 1 round.

    And I’m waffling on the tank types idea, unless any modded tank a person thinks up is also available to any other player (human or bot) to choose.

    An alternative: tank upgrades. All would be persistent across the whole game (like auto defense):

    Engine upgrade: faster movement
    Fuel upgrade: tank moves farther on one unit of gas
    Chassis upgrade: Tank gets permanent +10 health
    Armor upgrade: All damage to tank reduced 20% (won’t help against direct hits, but would help against napalm and near misses).
    Range upgrade: max power increased +100 (would require decoupling of health and max power, another idea I toyed with)

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