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    Hello again Boy,

    Thanks for your efforts. appreciated.
    The following, in my opinion, are still things to reconsider:

    1) HOGS – right now you can get 5 hogs with 4k, which is ridicules.
    I think they should be very very expensive! I am not the only one who thinks that way btw. In fact – couldn’t find 1 person to say he thinks hogs should be cheap.

    2) As for having a game with 9 players in order to kick the bot for good – it is very hard to “Arrange” such a game. Good players prefer playing each other without the “bot first” thing – wasting time and pleasure. So they spread on the PROFFESIONAL server, MCB, and sometimes “blame canada” or anywhere they can hang and play humans.

    3) Still didn’t understand your stand regarding the minuses thing. There are still minuses and better players stay away from main because of that. Isn’t there any other way to do it? Do you really think it’s a better way of calculating score ? can you give reasoning for that ?
    Can anyone else here explain why minuses are better. If I’m wrong – would love to know why and learn πŸ™‚

    btw – many people don’t post here because they gave up (just spoke to a few of them on the game chat).



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    Another important thing —>

    The bot in main reduces the chance of players meeting each other for a game on main server, because:

    No one can just enter the main server and wait for others to join, while doing other work stuff meanwhile. You HAVE to play the bot i believe. You can’t just put your name and wait until others will see you there and join. Or did I miss something out?

    Playing the bot is a waste of time and no fun for most of us here.


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    Hello again boy,

    Main server is literally abandoned in the last 2 weeks!! I am sure you can watch the logs for yourself.

    Just wanted to let you know that I personally spoke with more than a few top-rank players and found out that veteran players simply ran away from the main server because of all the minuses they take from low rank kills, sometimes made by other veterans that play from a different PC, or by noobs that got improved to get to the top 200 and can kill once in a few rounds.

    I think this fact is really disturbing and the scouring system should NOT be changed in a way that will impose too much risk for losing points for getting killed.

    Now high rank players rather go play with bots and waste 2 hours finishing one game (with all the 2 lives on bot server) or play on the “TESTING” or the new Pro server, and not risking their high rank position due to -10, -12, -15 scores on main.

    Another thing – giving all these minuses for being killed by noobs, is encouraging the veteran players to always FIRST get rid of all the noobs in the game, KILLING NOOBS always FIRST, and only then go kill each other.
    This will cause noob players to loose interest very fast. I litteraly witnessed that a few times. This scouring system is a two edged sword that ensures:

    1) Noobs get demolished on Main server!
    2) Veterans run away from Main server!

    Please restore the old scoring system before main server becomes obsolete.

    If other players agree with me please speak up your voice.

    Btw – I’m a returning player (now ranked 42. was 12 on my best) and I can tell you that I am starting to loose interest with all these new changes that make the main become a poor place for playing. The ranking system is a very delecate issue that should be dealt with extreme caution .


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    @pastor of muppets wrote:

    It saddens me that so many say don’t change a thing. Where have you all been? Suddenly you come out of the woodwork begging for no changes yet you sit alone in the “main server” waiting. That is fine all you who want no change live alone then. Sit in main alone waiting for who you consider a worthy apponent and watch the game go into the goodnight. If that is what you want.

    Just wanted to drop a few words here:

    I think change is ok, but I also think that changes to main server that so many players are regular to and build their expertise on – should be made in small steps. Drastic changes to things that work fine – usually miss the goal and cause the opposite of the initial intention.

    As a marketer point of view – when I’ve got a winning ad that keeps my bank manager and my wife happy, I would split test other ads in a smart way – showing my original ad 90% of the time, and testing my other ads only 10% of the time.
    So I think the idea to TEST on a diff. server is a very good idea.

    As for sitting alone in the main server – I don’t think that changing settings all the time will solve that problem. I think that there should be more emphasis on beginners server, where beginners can play each other with much easier and “fun” settings before jumping to main.

    Things that I think should be changed:

    HOGS – I honestly believe that this weapon is too easy to get (7 baby hogs are so cheap) – I think this weapon should be VERY Expensive. I would also recommend adding a new Hog-Shield in the next version of the game.

    Other than that – I think that the bot on main server should be kicked as soon as another player joins! a bot in main is very frustrating for me.

    Just my thoughts


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    OK Issue resolved !!!!

    My ranking is back to where it was.

    Thanks All for your willingness to help


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    I think I found my unique ID in the setting tab under “identity”.

    Who should I send it to ?


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    Hello Guys,

    Sorry for all the hassle.

    I was stupid enough to forget that I once registered to post one question on the forums.

    I was able to retrieve back my password and Login.

    I don’t reall yknow what’s the xml file and my ID number. where can I find those?

    About a week ago for some reason my ranking on the main server went from 43 down to 970 or so.

    I would like to restore my ranking back.



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