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    Laptops Daddy

    viking made me do it

    (you’re still an ash hole : )

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    Laptops Daddy

    note to self:

    clown boy looks after himself

    : )

    nah, i’m just kidding, you’re alright : |

    poor jesus

    shotzo with his hand up : )

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    Laptops Daddy

    Hey Shotzo,

    How come you like to portray yourself as a script kid? I don’t understand why you’d actively perpetuate such a derogatory label. You’re obviously relatively intelligent.

    Just a thought…

    If you present your (openly made) ideas/changes with the premise they’re fair and reasonable, maybe they’ll be accepted as such.

    I think it’s the middle finger that’s pissing people off.

    Hacks are bad, legitimate changes to code made by a concerned player who dabbles a bit are good.

    It’s all in the way you play it.

    Help the noobs, respect the elders… Satirical is fine for the clowns, but keep it subtle.

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    Laptops Daddy

    : )

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    Laptops Daddy

    yes. linux (debian).

    I compiled (sorry, configured) with [sh –disable-openaltest –with-mysql]

    (without the disable-openaltest thing, I get errors)

    Any idea where I can find a list of switches?

    darn my noobness

    in reply to: I must be a game programmer! #36866

    Laptops Daddy

    I love short and to the point.

    Not sure if I’m real enough for you, but since I’m here…

    If all you want to do is play Scorched, you should download one of the precompiled packages.

    Specific question (makefile): (sorry, I hate to link (no offence)).

    Starting off with games:

    Games aren’t really what I do, but at the level you’re talking about, it’s all the same (only difference is the mind-set).

    The programming language you use if irrelevant. It’s all a matter of logic.

    One of biggest, most important ideas in programming (‘least I think so), is that of IF Functions. (IF this thing is this, THEN do that.).

    I’ve written a simple html/javascript example (just for you) (javascript’s as good as any for explaining the principle). All this does is move a blue square up and down on the screen, but it wouldn’t take much to add some user interaction. (E.g. Look for a mousemove event within a certain area and IF it corresponds to whatever, THEN make something happen).

    Hope this helps. (Not sure this is really the place for it (not that I’d know (I’m just a miner)))

    Tip: Never run script/html without viewing it in an editor (e.g. Wordpad) and understanding it first. (‘Specially when you’ve downloaded it from some freak on the Internet).

    I’ve attached it as a .txt file (you’d have to rename it .htm). I’m not sure if the forum rules will mess with it. Have a screenshot just in case.

    Their God, I’m actually useful. : )

    in reply to: Max Players Option #36864

    Laptops Daddy

    @willis wrote:

    Regardless if theyre playing or merely spectating, the data of shots being fired and what-not still needs to be transfered about. And adding more people only adds to that bandwidth.

    ‘Course it does. Makes sense now. I was thinking it didn’t apply to spectators, but you’re right, there’s no distinction.

    A second class of spectator sounds like a good idea though. One that can join the room, listen to taunts, death log etc, but be blind to the tank positions, weapons, effects. (Or maybe you could just limit the effects (the ground disappears when blasted or something)). You could tell them they’ve joined the room, but that they have to wait for a space.

    All starting to sound very complicated. I’d be interested to know where the bandwidth requirement lies. I mean, I’d guess that normal chat/taunts are fairly insignificant compared to weapon positions etc.

    Out of my depth : (

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    Laptops Daddy

    Not really (but I’ll take your word for it if you’re making the point that it’s there : )

    Matter of interest (‘least I think so)…

    [deleted] [deleted] [deleted]

    wow, that was incredibly boring. sorry about that. don’t know what came over me.

    Shotzo, just for you, I’ve attached a key code thing. (The two colours are #8390fb (that’s 131, 144, 251) and #81e1d5 (that’s 129, 225, 213).

    in reply to: Blame Canada Server / Mod #36824

    Laptops Daddy

    Sorry, didn’t mean to incite personal attacks and the like.

    But while I’m here…

    I don’t think software licenses are the issue. It’s a question of manners.

    If you want to use someone else’s work, you should ask permission and give credit.

    From my experience, this is something any serious software developer is happy to do. Not just as a matter of courtesy, but as a matter of pride.

    (It wasn’t me, damage did it : )

    in reply to: Blame Canada Server / Mod #36818

    Laptops Daddy

    Very well then. Guess that told me.

    I don’t blame you/him/her(damage?) to be honest.

    I’d be a bit pssd off if some wonnabe pinched all my hard work, messed with it and tried to pass it off as his/her own.

    Thanks anyway.


    Any idea who I need to go to for the drill missile? (That’s really the only one I want to pinch). (Want to be sure I give credit).

    in reply to: A New Administrator Command: admin warnstrike #36533

    Laptops Daddy

    Just in case anyone’s interested, I have something to say…

    I’m inclined to disagree with shockwave out of principle. (It’s just the way the World works). But…

    I think you need to separate rule enforcement from game play.

    (Familiarity breeds contempt my young shockwave).

    Point is, if you want people to take you seriously, you need to take it to the next level. (Like, beyond silly penalties that are worth a chuckle).

    in reply to: shield impact alpha? #36558

    Laptops Daddy

    that’s right damage. and the effects don’t seem to be passing through the impact textures. (wasn’t v clear. effects don’t pass through the shield impact textures alpha channel. (that is, transparency bit belonging to shield impact texture).

    no big deal.

    all very interesting though. u say it happens to u too?

    (again, just a matter of interest (not that i happen to be working on a mod or anything)… does this mean that if i position myself inside of a building, looking through an alpha channel window, i wont be able to see the effects?)

    in reply to: Feature Request – Polygon/Object Limiter #35179

    Laptops Daddy

    oh. looks like it cant : /

    here u r then

    in reply to: Feature Request – Polygon/Object Limiter #35178

    Laptops Daddy

    @cbx550f wrote:

    Adding more polygons to many things would be nice, but for many things it would be overkill…

    Those are some nice sums : ). But you have faulty premises all over the place. Faulty premises I tell u : )

    First of all, tanks aren’t geo-spheres. They have more lumps and bumps than Fergie. Iny and outy bits all over the place. Know what I mean?

    I spose you’re only ever looking at a cross section at any one time (by the way, shouldn’t your sphere be a circle), but:

    [deleted] (didn’t make any sense) (gotta love that edit button) [deleted]

    In any case, we’re waay over simplifying. Tanks need to look good from every angle (with it being a 3D game and all).

    I did a lot of experimenting when I made my first tank ; ). I found that 3.5K triangles is about the minimum for a decent looking one (one with a few curves etc and modelled tracks).

    Far as graphics cards/computers go. I think you have to go with the flow. Take a look at the minimum system requirements for a modern (retail?) game (double it if you want to play it the way the designers intended you to).

    Seriously, for anyone who plays modern games on their pc, hardware/FPS isn’t an issue.

    Just to back this point up, these are a few screenshots taken on my Scorched playing computer (I know). I’m not even gonna tell you the FPS figure from my main one (big SLI job (5 figure 3dmark06 etc)). You’d think I was showing off.

    (can this thing do img tags?)

    (G. Cards an old ATI X850 or something from a few years back)

    in reply to: Feature Request – Polygon/Object Limiter #35175

    Laptops Daddy

    @shotzo wrote:

    Add some sort of option to limit the amount of polygons/triangles/whatnot or objects used by the game….

    I thought you were joking when I first read that.

    I know this is a Linux game (lots of Pentium 3s etc), but really: you should add MORE polygons, lots more. Please don’t take any away. Pretty much any graphics card you can buy today can run scorched 10 times over without even getting warm (literally).

    Am I right or am I missing something?

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