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    Laptops Daddy

    ^ missing one wowgold/latest discount jewellry link

    peanut, im scared to try win 8. i still get frustrated with 7’s failings. i think i’ll probably move to linux as my main this time around. i need a virtual solution for windows

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    Laptops Daddy

    are there cheats? i heard there was talk of a new aimbot or similar, possibly one that even worked on the new official AWE mod.

    stop cheating in scorched3d. stop using aimbots on a selection of dedicated game servers tweaked on request for your gaming pleasure.

    stop taking advantage of our money-saving 12-pack.

    stop enjoying scorched3d on the patio, in the car or on the boat. wherever good times are had : )


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    Laptops Daddy


    im on my second : P. absolutely agree, theyre awesome. silent, no vibration, cool to the touch and wayyy faster. just wish i had proper sata3.

    i noticed the latest comp i built for someone else (cheapish mb), had a dedicated ‘special’ sata port – just the one of 6, supposed to provide the full 600MBs or whatever.

    i dont get more than about 170 on mine, but it’s still better than ive ever had, even compared to loads of raid0, with the ear protectors, and the sponges, and the rubber bands for the griiiinding.

    id never go back to mechanical.

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    Laptops Daddy

    logo font:

    just playing


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    Laptops Daddy

    bump and reminder to self

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    Laptops Daddy

    i dunno. i think there’s a difference between driving around in billion dollar level-5 figther planes, with a few photon torpedoes etc purchased at a knockdown price from the states, and a country like iran with 80 million people, supported by the largest (and probably richest, unless youre measuring in US dollars, which they dont) country in the world by a mile.

    if we are talking actual war, not cold war, with a threat to whole nations, surely it won’t happen. china won’t allow it.

    i can understand why both sides are a bit upset

    that’s the leaders of the countries, though.

    id bet most people in iran dont much care who’s jewish, who’s muslim and who isnt, the same way most israelis are just normal people going about their lives. i like to imagine that in this age of iphones and information, there’s a wise old rommel lurking on every internet forum, and that war propaganda isnt as pervasive as it was.

    hopefully it’s just a media war that most people dont take seriously. it’s david cameron blaming that miliband lad for running up his credit card.

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    Laptops Daddy

    I still doubt it’ll happen. I think it’s all bluster. I don’t think there’s any country or group of countries that could win a war with Iraq without changing face of the planet.

    Israel isn’t going to start a war with Iran one on one, they’d stand no chance. The US won’t intervene, they’re on their second strike already. I don’t think Europe have quite the same obligation.

    They need to drop the bravado and all that religious nonsense, both sides, all sides, and work on finding some common ground. Iran are entitled to their nukes and prophets, Israel are entitled to their god. It’d be nice to see a couple of civilised countries like that lead the way in the world and show a bit of class.

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    Laptops Daddy

    there was some confusion when it came to the logo. someone suggested a crest, and…
    you know how these things work (google translate etc). by the time we realised theyd actually meant ‘coat of arms’, it was too late and we had to work with it.

    check the mods and dev forum for a post titled Scorched 3D Website Banner and Logo

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    Laptops Daddy

    tooker der


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    Laptops Daddy

    yes, more like that ^.

    we need to work in some controversial religious views and a small amount casual racism.

    if there’s anyone with some african heritage, or possibly middle eastern who fancies presenting themselves as an angry black ‘man, very insulted, that’d be perfect. sexism would do in a pinch. we dont have enough women on here (peanut doesnt count). note that i just used a gender reference as an insult. if youre a woman, you probably have something to say about that.

    social likes and links back to the site are good, but the best thing we can do is have lots of active site content that’s interesting and worth linking to, because you have to. ‘look at this’, ‘i know – i saw’. (like that). good or bad. this forum is one of the biggest assets we have. more site traffic means more game exposure.

    since i was mentioned…

    Perhaps you could even chat with Lappy about including a video gallery linked from a scorched youtube account into the website? Ill leave that to your ponderance, it is not my area of expertise.

    direwolf, it’s your game videos that started me off making my own -let’s not mix up the order. if you can come up with a home page vid to replace my effort, that would suit me very nicely. do chat to me about it if you need to. go careful with the music would be my only suggestion – check the copyright.

    …some members have worked damn hard while you guys have been away (new and nice, mod, new website design with new features, new features and smoothness to the game, facebook app in progress).

    if I was those guys that were doing that work, I’d be pretty miffed at you two right now, waltzing in like you’re to be the saviours.

    i dont know if that was a rant on my behalf. im not miffed in the least.

    we do need to communicate and combine our efforts – the more people involved the better. go careful with spam. we need to avoid what some people call “negative seo”. that is, modern googles have very clever systems that detect artificial exposure and penalise for it (e.g. backlinks on unrelated forums – dont do that).

    personally, i dont need recognition – im not an admin. i have enough websites to be responsible for already. i would like it known, though – those sharing buttons, for example, that’s not some drop-in plugin. i exaggerated the difficulty, but that is pro web dev work and the kind of thing id usually charge quite a lot of money for. i start with this, i make the icons, i end up with this: (not the other way around : )

    it wouldnt hurt to comment on whether it looks ok, you bastards viewtopic.php?f=2&t=6620&p=65391#p65391 : )

    keep up the good work. armour – nice red text. we need more of that, looks lovely on a grey background.

    they took his inventory

    it is working. these are some stats showing game server connects:

    april 2009: 4736
    april 2010: 1744 (mournful – > half lost in a year)
    april 2011: 1213 (sinking fast)
    the new website went live in june, (july, august and september were the worst months we’ve ever had, dropping under 1000 in sept)
    april 2012: 1718

    the stats dropped off a cliff in january 2010 going from 3511 to 1896 in one month, i think following this viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5958 and this viewtopic.php?f=8&t=5997

    no one is to blame for that, despite the title. if were were relying on the same core of players, the only way was down. it was for the best. if we’re coming back with a steady flow of new people, and old, we’re sustainable. we needed that kick in the pants.

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    Laptops Daddy

    they took his inventory

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    Laptops Daddy

    @laptops Daddy wrote:

    …i’ll make some custom share buttons soon as i get chance.

    ok, job done. that wasnt easy. basically, i searched the whole internet at least once, and no one anywhere knows how to make custom buttons like that for facebook and +1.

    i tried pinching some icons from a website, but they looked a bit rubbish, so i made some new based on the official ones.

    let me know if there are any bugs.


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    Laptops Daddy

    i guess youd like a twitter share count on the site to go with the other two? i dont tweet, or do facespaces etc, but i can add the stuff. we currently have a twitter share count of 94

    *ok – ive added a button in a rough way for now just so that it’s up there. the alignment’s a bit messed up. i’ll make some custom share buttons soon as i get chance.

    this site gets a lot of hits, i dont doubt. i have a couple of suggestions for an “seo” effort. i probably touched on this in another thread, but i’ll add to it. most of our hits will go straight to these community (forum) pages. checking with a special tool, i can see that /phpBB3 has a google page rank of 5, where the others are 4. we might try diverting some of that to /downloads with an extra link, and think about focusing page titles and descriptions a little more.

    beyond that, we could easily add a rewrite rule to have /downloads.php go to just /download and make that the new uri to give everyone. it’s no trouble to do at my end – id need to clear it with gc.

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    Laptops Daddy

    there’s a youtube video player on the home page with your name on it, direwolf

    it’s currently linked to this: as a place holder – videos are your turf far as i know

    ps: did you know there’s a secret video tag for webms?


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    Laptops Daddy

    are there DVDs? i want DVDs

    (link in above edited by laptop (not ‘s daddy))

    hey, a new idea for curtailing spam. a warning on the registration page “spam backlinks etc are prohibited. we reserve the right to publicly humiliate offenders”

    ‘this company is using blackhat seo techniques in violation of our ToS’. leave the link there for shame and disgrace.

    hi everyone

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