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    Laptops Daddy

    looks excellent

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    Laptops Daddy

    i love the muppets!

    hi rommel.

    i did a search and downloaded the thing. it had a java applet for detecting the local IP : ). i don’t think that’s going to work too well in 2014.

    i don’t remember enough right now to help with specifics and i’m probably out of touch with the latest release.

    is it server port and that +1 for the list?

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    Laptops Daddy

    @laptops Daddy wrote:

    hi. sorry, missed the thread.

    i think it’s probably just an option that needs adjusting. i don’t know if i have access to do it. if i do, i don’t think i should. not my place. could be a reason for it that im not aware of.

    find the bit on that page titled ‘Server URL Settings’. might be that?

    rommel, hi

    hope things are going well. missing your quotes of the day.

    i saw your post in news. i should have responded to this more thoroughly. s3d’s http config is nothing to do with me, but i can probably give you the answer (guesses, but… you know. i dabble in a bit of website stuff).

    there is no https login option and never was, or never was supposed to be. any links sent with an https:// protocol prefix were probably just an oversight in the phpBB config/poor labeling in the control panel.

    the warning you saw wasn’t an error message. it just meant that there was no ssl certificate.

    i don’t know if gc gave you an answer, but i suspect it was just disabled completely/apache mod removed to save the confusion?

    who knows where internet privacy is heading. i get your frustration. https everywhere would be cool. it wouldn’t change much on a site like this – it’d just mean that your password wouldn’t be sent as plain text.

    my personal solution for account and password protection is to use ‘apple’ for everything. that way, since no one is that stupid, it’s obviously a honey trap. no self-respecting hacker, peanut or secret government organisation will touch it, because i’m probably the ci/nsa and/or a news reporter ready to expose their activity.

    the perfect crime : )

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    Laptops Daddy

    small request to armorwraith. would you mind moving this whole thread to the mods and development forum?

    i need to do some rejigging of my servers. i can’t maintain this one as is just to make the server list look more full. no one is using it, probably due to the beta version i accidentally set up.

    i don’t want to waste the effort in listing some of the commands and dependencies here, so i thought i’d turn the thread into a miniguide of some sort?

    sorry for the trouble, i know you’re pushed for time. mods and dev forum will give me extra buttons to edit and delete bits.

    *edit. thanks. i’ll make the post more pretty and try to add some extra easy instructions for setting up admins and ports at some point. pretty colours, maybe a list of alternative package names for deb.

    in reply to: The cost to Americans to secure some oil #66095

    Laptops Daddy

    it is very difficult to work out where we’re biased and where we’re not, isn’t it?

    The only viable solution that I can envision is that we keep working at
    untangling the things you mention and put them in proper perspective.

    i think it’s good to discuss.

    It is evident that each of us has a personal tie to this subject. I find core beliefs will seldom change via a random internet voice.

    i find discussions like this are a prompt for some awareness of my own position.

    i still have a lingering distaste for the US, following the bush years. i wish i didnt, but it’s there.

    i have no problem with american people generally, i have lots of internet mates in the US, etc, e.g. some of you guys, but the US itself still feels like something i’m against and that i’m wary of.

    trying to place why that is, is difficult for me.

    examples, patriotism, talk of gods backing people up. the pledge of allegiance almost makes me shudder, the idea that kids are made to do that – it’s not far off a nazi salute. (i don’t know if you get that, from a US point of view, to me it’s terrifying).

    this sort of thing , is the impression the world is given.

    I had nothing to do with this war. I can only support the good men and women we sent over there.

    of course, and they are good people, i’m sure, even the guys in that youtube are good people. young men getting a bit too full of testosterone, america, fuck yeah they are still basically good people trying to do the job they were told to. i guess soldiers generally aren’t recruited with a pref for thinkers who’ve earned a few grey hairs, over fighters ready to go get’m.

    the question for me is, still, why do i have a distaste for the US?

    there are lots of other countries with relgious roots feeding their government, with kids taught that national pride is cool and something to embrace, and it doesnt bother me, but in the US, it riles me.

    i guess it may be because i can’t help judging americans by the same standards as brits. we speak the same language, we share the same films and music, we have broadly similar social conventions? i suppose i find it difficult to recognise the US as an independent culture entitled to its own way of doing things. it doesn’t feel like racism of any sort, and i don’t think it’s because the states should be toeing any sort of line. i think it’s because when it comes down to it, the british may as well be american and vice versa, in so many respects that anything stupid you guys do, is us brits and europeans doing it too.

    could there be a similar phenomenon elsewhere in the world?

    suppose you’re in a one of the countries the US sees as an outside threat, and you’ve grown up with michael or samuel l jackson, arnold swarzenegger, sesame street or the muppets, like everyone else, all the cool stuff, hollywood. it’s probably like suddenly realising your family are coming to kill you.

    i don’t know if there’s any merit in that idea. some cultures are a lot more distant, but worldwide, really still, US exports are a lot more far reaching than oil or weaponry.

    if there is any merit in that, i think it’s kind of saying that if the US is hated more than it should be, maybe it’s because people feel betrayed by their own shared identity?

    it’s not because the US isn’t liked, it’s because it’s too liked or at least too ingrained everywhere, and they’re letting everyone down going from <3 21st century to king richard on a crusade every time the republicans take office.

    in reply to: The cost to Americans to secure some oil #66088

    Laptops Daddy

    I can tell you right now the American people wanted blood after 9/11. A trial was never an option. You saw the way Bin Laden was dealt with? We never had any intention of putting him on trial. Afghanistan was the obvious target. They supposedly harbored him and trained others that were like minded. I think the idea was to answer the attack with an overwhelming response so as to deter future incidents. Something a trial sorely lacks.

    well that’s the problem. that’s the way it looked from here, too, and i gather it looked similar from elsewhere in europe.

    i try keep in mind or assume that if you’d asked probably any average american prior to 9/11 what they thought of the twin towers, they’d probably have answered with “twin what?”

    “oh, those office blocks in new york? dunno, never been.”

    who stirred up the blood lust?

    i don’t suppose it matters. the big point here is that the general taste for war, patriotism and aggression towards the enemy seems to be quite unique to the US, at least among say the g8 or similarly industrialised countries.

    i don’t accept that a typical american is any more hungry for violence than anyone else, but it does seem like the flavour of US media and political debate promotes those human traits as desirable rather than infringements on a tolerant modern society, to be stamped out or at least tempered anywhere possible.

    i can’t speak for UK people, but i can tell you that from my perspective even some of the most progressive US policies seem like the sort of thing you’d expect from the BNP in this country (ie, the sort of fringe political groups who get eggs thrown at them for being racist bigots).

    i’ve not read this in full, i just googled for it because i remember the events. those in the US might find it interesting if not aware

    keep in mind again, the contrast here. the UK is an island, backwards, conservative, isolated, with a monarchy and a prat with a butler dressing him each morning : ). still there were millions on the streets in protest. compare UK to mainland europe where freedom fries come with human rights burgers and you get an idea of how the US must look to some.

    *i don’t blame tony blair, personally. the way he comes across creeps me out a bit, but i suspect his hands were tied. it’s likely the UK have a legal contract to back up the US military with or without public support, though i’m guessing.

    i doubt the US rushed to europe’s aid all of a sudden in WW2 without churchill offering some incentive and commitment to scratch a back or two.

    Had this war been truly about the oil, we could simply eradicate the populations of the middle east.

    come on. that’s just silly. no you (they) couldn’t. any real war with the US standing alone, without international politics and diplomacy, outright war with the US following genocide or some such?

    no, that’s crazy talk. i don’t think anyone in the US or anywhere else should be that complacent. the US is about as vulnerable as any other developed country. any military attack on the US by any country, would do a lot of harm to the US, the same way it would here. you’re not invulnerable with another hundred billion spent on jets and destroyers.

    can you imagine if in an actual war in 2014, they (any enemy) hit just one big internet provider in the UK, or the national grid, say?

    isn’t that the other side of having all that development and dependence on technology?

    a country like iraq could have brought the UK or even the US to its knees if it’d been inclined to, even in 2003. they weren’t inclined to, i guess it wouldn’t have helped matters, but if ever we did go down the awful path of ‘eradication'(?! come on)/all out war, the game would change completely.

    **strong emphasis – i know you were making the point that it therefore wasn’t anything like that, but still, even the suggestion or impression that they could do that is quite terrifying and probably a recipe for imagining an end to the world as we know it. you can’t just throw a deaths head and hide under a ton of dirt until the next round when you’re a country whose economy could collapse overnight should the latest iphone fall flat for the wrong number of corners.

    hi rommel. i find your slimline posts a bit difficult to read when i’ve already adjusted to everyone else’s at full width.

    in reply to: This is not the place… #66143

    Laptops Daddy

    i heard that women sometimes also like to play computer games. probably an urban myth : )

    @chopper wrote:

    We are all brothers.

    in reply to: The cost to Americans to secure some oil #66083

    Laptops Daddy

    Even if you looked at it this way, what response did you expect?

    i don’t think there was a response as such. we all seem to agree that iraq had nothing to do with 9/11?

    no, i don’t think invading iraq or afghanistan was a response so much as exposure for the world of why some people might have been harbouring hatred towards the US. i don’t know if i’d try to make any direct connection, though, really, in that i wouldn’t suggest that exposure was an intended consequence. though if i did, i guess that could imply state inside knowledge of some sort, espionage? i don’t know enough about it to guess.

    Remember that each person will recount a situation relative to their home and heart, not a single person is ever immune to that.

    i think those are some wise words. the events were used as a propaganda tool. ie, the public outrage was steered in the direction of iraq which allowed for the funding or the go-ahead for an invasion that was already on the table.

    *invasion is a strong word. it was an invasion.

    anyway, unfortunately the same media impression was probably just as damaging to the US reputation when seen from outside of the US bubble. propaganda either way. we all know what that means, but i guess it doesn’t hurt to link to a wiki page if i’m going to throw that word around

    I don’t know what Afghanistan had to do with the attack or the aftermath.

    i don’t know either. nothing at all perhaps?

    again, propaganda. the screen or impression given to the general public probably doesn’t alter the real issues any government or military force face by the time they sit down and try to work out what’s up.

    you know, by the time they (‘they’ being a government’s employees, i guess – the machinery rather than the public faces) get to the ‘no, look.’ and ‘this is the real problem’, etc, public opinion is just a tool for funding.

    the official line any pres or political figure chooses to publicise probably has no other purpose than to influence public opinion. that’s a politicians job.

    After an attack like that the last thing any President was going to do is find and put a man on trial. Every politician in the USA would have lost his job.

    after the attacks on iraq and afghanistan do you mean?

    i know you meant 9/11.

    maybe. i guess they couldn’t risk giving bin laden or any of the perpetrators a fair trial – the events had already been linked in the media to iraq, afghanistan and so on. real legal scrutiny might have brought the whole system into question, especially if there were documented conclusions that the wars were unrelated.

    there seems to be a growing consensus that neither war had anything to do with 9/11 either way. both wars, i guess any war is more complicated than a trial of individuals.

    There is no reason a hot topic cannot be discussed.

    i agree. very sensitive topics though. we mustn’t let it turn into a fight.

    in reply to: The cost to Americans to secure some oil #66075

    Laptops Daddy

    that’s an angry peanut. why all the swearing?

    i would also like to respond to a couple of quotes.

    This is the one thing people keep forgetting. If there was no 9/11 there would not have been an Afghanistan or the Iraq spin off. But yes, we have made some bad mistakes in our response. That said, if we’re attacked again we’ll respond again.

    it was the other way around, really, though, wasn’t it? quite clearly, i think. the states’ perceived threat or poor image was the reason for 9/11. call it the west, not just the states. i think the US just happened to be the unfortunate flag bearer for the injustice or contempt those people must have felt.

    it wasn’t a military attack as a prelude to war, was it? that’s ridiculous. if whichever group responsible had intended to do as much harm to the country and people as they could, they could have flown planes into nuclear power stations.

    no, the emphasis was on the landmarks and the statement they were making. destroying the towers and hitting the pentagon wasn’t a military strategy. that’s too absurd. the germans wouldn’t have focused the eiffel tower or big ben in ww2.

    “hm, ja, we feel this is of paramount importance to our strategic advantage. destroy sie big ben immediately! it willl cripple their timekeeping.”

    we can joke about ww2 now. i don’t know about 9/11. maybe it’s still a bit soon.

    how could people become so disenamoured and hateful that they would do that?

    the obvious threat bush posed to the world and the things he seemed to stand for probably didn’t help.

    the point is that 9/11 was no act of war by any country, was it? it was a small band of brainwashed disillusioned young men imagining that killing innocent people was a way to make a statement.

    it made a statement. more of a statement because it was an atrocity involving innocent people and gave the US the excuse it’d been waiting for.

    it was an excuse. iraq had nothing to do with it, did it? and neither did afghanistan so far as i know.

    ok, some religious guy in a part of the world that already had a lot of hatred for the US might have put his hands up to it. the sensible response to that would be to either assume it was nonsense, or if they were naive enough to believe it, capture him and put him on trial.

    why would he confess to it if he had nothing to do with it? because he’d have loved to have them believe he did and that he had that sort of reach, him and probably many other angry bin laden(/bush) sorts outside of the US who probably have reason to despise the picture they’ve been given of the states.

    it’s not an accurate picture. most people in the US are cool, the same way most people in afghanistan are cool.

    When it hits the fan, the world wants us, your country and the rest of NATO to “do something”…then when we do (in spite of building infrastructure, sending food, paying off local doofus for whatever)
    they hate us. It has put the American people in a huge debt.

    i dont like “they and us”.

    the governments are sending ‘aid’ to try to compensate for the destruction their policies have caused, and whether some of the intentions are good or not, any US or british military attack on any part of either iraq or afhganistan is, was and remains illegal under international law, amounting to an invasion of two countries undermined for decades by the same aggressors and occupying forces, at least, that’s the impression i have from reading wikipedia and watching mainstream politics in the UK. do set me straight on that if i have it wrong.


    i’m british, i’m not a bit religious, christian, muslim or otherwise. i don’t care whose dieties are better.

    from my point of view, no one group’s religious ideology is any more or less valid than say australian aboriginal mythology, ie, completely irrelevant in the 21st century when it comes to whether it’s right to go around blowing people up. (sorry australia) (no worries)

    anyway, 9/11, imo they could have made as much a statement by setting themselves on fire in new york city, without hurting anyone else. i mean if they were going to kill themselves anyway and really couldn’t imagine a better way out

    summary, i think we all need to get over this ‘them and us’ idea. we’re all exactly the same. and i think everyone in the US, UK or anywhere else where people believe that a typical afghan or iraqi would have any reason to dislike the west if they didn’t feel like they were under attack and getting screwed over or invaded by an aggressive foreign power, should make sure they know some of the history going back a hundred years or so and double check that their beliefs stand up.

    also i think everyone in afghan and elsewhere who thinks it’s some sort of religious war should take a second look. there is no religious war from a european or uk perspective. it’s not legal or socially acceptable to discriminate against people based on religion, even for positions in government. there are still big problems with bigots lingering on the sidelines, of course, but things are heading in the right direction.

    europe and the US are islamic already, and christian, and buddhist, hindi, and mostly n/a striving towards respect for everyone and the right to believe in anything you like. i’d add a smiley face, but i’m trying to be profound and neutral. 😐

    in reply to: New rig for a kid – budget build $800 #66135

    Laptops Daddy

    hi. i’m way out of touch, but want to add two pennies to say that nvidia cards may not be best suited to amd boards.

    is an amd g card not an option? i think i saw peanut comment in another thread about AMD cards being pricey at the mo, but a 7870 looks to be about the same price and faster

    benchmarks are kind of meaningless for a few percent fps but

    as i say i’m out of touch, but you generally find you get AMD tools for configuration on an AMD board, which are set up to include options for AMD graphics (overclocking, temperature monitoring, fan speed control – that sort of stuff)

    would something intel be outside of budget?

    in reply to: The cost to Americans to secure some oil #66068

    Laptops Daddy

    i’m not so interested in the financial cost.

    i would be interested to see a total death toll.

    it’s difficult to find numbers for afghanistan that aren’t restricted to US military deaths

    two illegal wars, with numbers ranging from… a few thousand killed in the US military ‘plus others’ (probably terrorists), to upwards of 5 million people, each with family members, memories, ambitions as a child, a pet they might have shed a tear for, etc, perhaps depending on whether you factor in dependants dying in poverty, and on whether you dare stray from pro-war media at the risk of scrutiny. are you one of them?

    “exaggerated death tolls”, is a phrase i think i read. from my narrow perspective, i think it makes sense to find the highest estimate you can, double it for deaths as a direct consequence, and then multiply that a bit more for the overall impact – all those directly affected and whose lives were destroyed by the loss of a loved one.

    i like to think im a pacifist. i imagine (i try not to), i imagine that staying cool and refusing to harbour any hate is quite difficult if your family have been blown to pieces (on either side).

    who knows what the answer is. personally i think apologies never hurt, though they’re never enough.

    obama, get on a broadcast and apologise on behalf of the US and the west. “we didn’t deal with this well, empathy, huge apologies.” appeal for communication and a way to fix this and set things right. that would be a step in the right direction. you might even earn a peace prize for something other than not being george bush.

    setting peaceful examples is probably a good angle. i think this guy had the right idea

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    Laptops Daddy

    @peanutsrevenge wrote:

    Having you been following Crypto’s?

    i dont know what that is.

    i do know that if i put 1,000 $£€ in a bank one week, and found that it was only worth 500 the next, i wouldnt be doing it again.

    if that’s how it works, i think i’d rather play on a slot machine.

    i know all currencies fluctuate, but at least with pounds you know a snickers bar is about 70p. it might be £1 in five years time, but it won’t be 70p in january and £5 three weeks later.

    i admit that i don’t understand very well, therefore scared.

    in reply to: Upgrading My Rig #65967

    Laptops Daddy
    in reply to: Panther’s Server #14059

    Laptops Daddy

    @armorwraith wrote:

    As for the servers, Gavin has given me the official AWE server, so I need to get that one up and running before I contemplate hosting another. AWE is coming along nicely, though not near as fast as I would like

    i meant servers far as the linux etcs rather than s3d server/mod settings/xml stuff.

    we still need something thraxish for mods i think. unofficial or um. what were they called? didn’t we have a special icon of some sort to show unofficial but approved servers? we need some more of that.

    in reply to: Panther’s Server #14057

    Laptops Daddy

    @microsoft working group wrote:

    1. I haven’t used windows in about 6 years. i haven’t played a single player game or played on any server in all that time.

    2. I check up on my own servers through the console very infrequently. the one or two times i have caught someone talking in the server console recently, it was to say that windows is the worst OS ever.

    3. being told to “piss off” when I am trying to speak my mind in the forums (which i also visit infrequently.

    It’s not worth my time anymore.


    at least they didnt type it in capitals.

    armor, could i make a small suggestion that mods get stored in something other than s3m format? maybe just a zip?

    s3m files are probably a nice convenience if you have the right version of the game, but if you don’t, it makes the files almost impossible to extract. i had to do a binary edit to get at the apoc files.

    panther30, more polite hopefullllly more contructive suggestions if they’re worth anything at all:

    talk to peanut about psu stuff and bring back panther mod. (it is a pink panther mod (imo there should be at least two)). consider options for some sort of special badge or colour for people on forums with active mods? maybe ask gcamp if possible?


    ^ i’m trying to cover a couple of mods on a server, but it needs someone with their own mod to do it properly.

    you know you can buy a cheap vps for about 3 bucks a month, which is less than a home server costs to run in electricity if it’s on 24/7. you probably don’t need my help, but i’d make an offer to you or anyone to do the initial setup so that it’s ready to use as an s3d/web server. never too much trouble if you trust me to do it. i can do servers, i can’t do mods.

    i think we should all collaborate instead of feuding over silliness.

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