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    passes pastor a six pack…. you know the rest 😉

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    vihor my old friend long time no see, hope you are well and ill see you online sometime soon

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    @peanutsrevenge wrote:

    I do not want to sit and play against bots to learn all the weapons as it makes it hard to learn the weapons when the bots dont use them or shields properly.

    When there are people on the mods, I do play them, if theres noone on the main servers I want to play, or theres people I do not want to play.

    However, I do not like having such massive weapons, especially with the gift function allowing someone thats leaving to completely change the game.
    If someone is gifted alot on a fair few mods, they can kill everyone with one shot, even if they have the best bubble for it.

    Please, do not make assumptions about my knowledge of the mods.
    My preference is different to yours clearly, but given how few people play the mods, I believe that my opinion is not ONLY mine.

    the bots do use them correctly, if you dont want to sit and learn fine thats your choice but dont knock the mods because you dont want to learn, also you dont have to play bots you can practice and learn offline

    how is the gift function any differant from mods to main/begginers that is an absolute mute topic because it applies to both

    how can someone not make assumptions when you have stated that you dont know the weapons and because of your lack of knowledge you are making assumptions against the modds

    why do you knock the modds

    its the modder who are continuosly change and adapting and trying new things and coming up with idea that improve the game on the whole, they combine to make better your gaming experience overall whichever server you play

    by alienating mods and the modders you run the risking of slowing down adaptions and improvements

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    @peanutsrevenge wrote:

    But thats not really worked has it, the mods have been pretty dead.

    As for strategy, I disagree, the weapons are too strong, little defense against em

    there are lots of ppl who play the mods, maybe not on your time zone

    as for stratergy you need to rethink your ideas sir, lets take merge/canada for example as thats what im most familiar with

    over 40 weapons, yes some are very powerfull
    nearly 20 shields types

    every weapon can be countered with the correct shield and every shield can be killed with the correct weapon

    this is where the skill and tactics and stratergy comes into play and thrax has it balanced very finely and perfectly if you ask me

    with money for damage firstly you get the choice to either straight kill a player or suck there batts up for more cash, the risk is your to choose be greedy and you run the risk of getting rich or dying from not making the kill

    learning curve with so many weapons and shields you need to spend some time to learn each weapons and shield good and bad points and what there good against ect,

    what this does when playing multiple ppl is it makes you choose weapons wisely and have multiple tactics and options available for various targets that each pose a differant threat

    and theres also lots of toys to play with like moving and shooting at the same time

    making players selfkill to lose them kills and money (especialy sneaky if your sparring to win the game)

    there are so many option and permitations that you realy have to have all your wits about you

    dont knock what you dont know

    ask anyone go back one year and i would never play mods because there was so many weapons it was mind boggling

    but when you actualy sit down and look and learn you realise that it actualy makes you think more and adjust your tactics and gameplay ever single time

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    thats certainly one theory but more variety creates and attracts differant types of players

    for instance mods tend to be a lot more tactical and requires a lot more thinking and tactics, as there are so many more permitations with various weapons and shields

    thus creating a broader spectrum of players with differant abilities and apptitudes

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    is it a good or bad thing that i dont know who you are?

    ooo wait a minute god help us not you again

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    just to prove it can be done 🙂

    and this is on thraxs blame canada mod thats rocks btw

    and the bots are a lot harder than in beginers or main

    24 total kills

    2 bots

    12 rounds

    = maximum kills

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    @laptops Daddy wrote:

    i don’t think it’s fair to highlight specific pieces of scorched chat taken out of context.

    even if its taken out of context this launguage is bang out of order personaly and offensive

    so if you had kids and they were watching you play, you would be ok with that flashing up on the screen

    eerrr i think not

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    they way things played out very weird

    sabi rolled kowal and got the kill

    the hole under kowal is from the nuke of him dying

    then kowal reapeared in the same spot above the hole with full life and was still able to shoot

    derrick dug kowal who fell into the nuke hole

    kowal was then put back to the original place above the hole

    2 shots later kowal just disapeared off the screen as if he resigned

    sabi was deducted 1 kill

    this was uk server time 13:50

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    indeed theyare gone until the new patch get realesed or until and topic gets resolved

    i can totaly understand thraxs views and i stand by him

    The mods are great and offer ppl new maps new weapons and very challenging bots to say the least, the mods actualy keep me going during all the nightmares of late as they make you think and change ideas and tactics

    i personaly cant wait for the to come back they rock

    The other day paris and myself were playing canada server against 12 super bots and wow what a game it was it totaly rocked

    Or maybe another idea is to open a couple of mods with a password protection for certain ppl to play 😉 selfish yes but i miss them to much

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    hope you had a good one baby

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    welcome tj

    and i would also issue a warning but not to you but to the other players

    tj started yesterday and he learns very very fast and is an excellent shot already

    definatly one to keep an eye on

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    xox i kick you because you left to avoid getting killed

    you then reentered seconds later so that you could play the next round

    when ppl lost there connection they rarely came back as quick as you did

    so i took it that you were cheating

    if you werent then i apologise but its been done to many times b4 by other ppl

    this was why i slapped you for health

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    yep come and play in beta aswell our two main galaxys are b09 and b43 feel free to join use the link below please and youll also help me

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