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    Peanuts Revenge for next EEUU presidence.
    End of discussion. 😀

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    @chopper wrote:

    Again, not a gun nut but , I know how to handle rifles and shotguns
    and I am , or was, a pretty good shot. With my right eye like it is you might want to stand waaaaaaaaaay behind me.

    So… Are you the real “1 shot Sam”?

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    What would Chopper do if he had… 20 years again?
    I can grant any wisshhh 😈

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    Result of that session was :
    1º g00b (11 kills)
    2º Jeronimo (9 kills)
    3º B.A.D (8 kills)

    Didn’t take screenshot, but there were many funky bomb good moments.
    Specially that accidentally last kill on B.A.D. after he teleported to the funky zone of a distant recently killed player (died with the bombs popping towards his direction). 😆

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    Abandoned Topic… but with a worth name to place this picture.
    Look at what happened 30 August 2013. Some would call it “miracle”.

    Where were you guys?! Too bad you missed the REAL action.
    Don’t miss next Friday. 😉

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    Argentinian too? Hola, soy Jerónimo.

    I joined 1 month ago. But these old players barely connect nowadays.
    It’s preety dead now, tough 2 weeks ago we holded a good 6 ffa.

    Let’s play friday or saturday.
    I hope the others also read this message.
    Write in the Online Chat if you have any questions.

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    Thanks Armor for the attention. I took a look at accessories.xml.
    It’s true that would need a lot to be reworked (if I’d go 100% serious with balance)… but I know this work would be more a personal satisfaction than anything else considering the small playerbase nowadays.

    I have done some Mods for other games, but these communities are almost dead or going to less games every month it passes. And worse is the Mod competition where there is a popular Mod and yours get ignored (even if it’s clearly better than the popular one).

    Have already lived those experiences in past years, so I decided not to Dejavú anymore, and in this case let AWE be the alternative to MainServer. No need to waste lifetime for me in another ignored “son”. 😀

    Today we played 5 FFA session, and conclusion is to give more money overall, and not allowing to move on water.
    I will also reduce amount of Turns x Round from 15 to 10, so technical “Draw” is more possible.

    Next time we try this FFA will be more exciting.
    [EDITED first post to update values list]

    *MoneyStarting: 30000 (+10000)
    *MoneyPerRound: 15000 (+10000)

    *MoneyWonPerHitPoint: 300 (+50)
    *MoneyWonPerAssistPoint: 600 (+100)
    *MoneyWonPerKillPoint: 1200 (+200)
    *MoneyWonPerMultiKillPoint: 1200 (+200)
    *MoneyWonForRound: 6000 (+1000)

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    @peanutsrevenge wrote:

    I’d be saving my money in the first round. Noone can afford anything but chutes, batts and missiles, which will leave them skint for the rest of the game if they don’t get a kill.

    Also, the default prices are complete garbage IMO. Some things are too cheap, others too pricey.

    Well, that’s my point about Round 1. You can choose to save up your money or use it… that’s where personal strategy begins. I don’t think that a Round of only baby missiles (not batteries) is good for anyone. Good Fun shouldn’t start in Round 2.

    25% Interest is because you may buy a set of weapons and sell all the extra units you aren’t going to use that specific Round… then you receive your 100% money back for each sold unit.
    It’s more a mathematical reason: You buy 8000/2 Rollers, sell 1 (get 3200), but in next turn those 3200 become 4000… you get back the real 1 Roller price -> 4000 (I think this way is fine).

    About Default Prices: I think that current prices are gargabe in Main server (if you wanna play a good FFA). Just compare the Teleport vs Teleport Position, Roller vs Heavy Roller, or MIRV’s.
    I recon some items are a bit cheap/pricey, but overall they are acceptable (the margin of error is minimal compared to Main server).

    Money settings would need revision since I don’t know how will earnings impact in the long run of 10 Rounds.
    Theorically in FFA, it’s advisable to kill as soon as possible the leader so doesn’t gain much advantage.

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    Don’t doubt I will be watching your games Peanuts. 😀
    I still have so much to learn…

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    Yes guys, I’m reading the tips and advices (the game’s theory).

    If a tournament would take place… which would be the settings.
    >Starting cash, round interest, banned combos, lives, wind?, etc.

    I’d like to recreate the parameters, while I’m playing offline.. you know.. to really practise for tournament (tough with the cyborgs bots).

    I play several other games and always try to play as better as possible.

    Off topic question: I read about “Old/New Sight”… what is the meaning of CBX?
    when steep terrain is very close to the tank, the old sight can help prevent suicides with rollers (aka ‘CBX’) by helping to be sure that the launch trajectory clears the nearby terrain.

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    I’m new to this forum, but I’d like to play any competition.
    Installed Scorched 3D yesterday, tough I used to play DOS version a lot years ago.

    There had been any real Tournament before?

    My brother will also participate, so +2 players to the list.
    His usual nickname is Itlerion. I hope this helps to make playerbase wider.

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