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    I have finally got round to fixing the scroll bar color 🙂

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    I agree.

    The early Linux versions had a console (text only) display.

    The server code is not hard linked to the display and when we add the ability to manage the server remotely (through web or admin console etc.) we can re-enable the text only version.

    But for the moment the gui is the only way to kick people, see what is going on etc…

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    Yes that is correct.

    The tanks can only climb up small gradients.
    They can climb down any gradient though.

    This means that they can get stuck in holes.
    This was the same as the original.

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    The only other reason would be that your graphics card (and or drivers) cannot support hardware acceleration for the screen mode you have choosen.

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    I have been waiting for the first person to ask this 😀

    Version 34 was a win32 version with most of the new stuff in it.

    Just before this version was about the be released Red Zebra showed me an early linux port of version 33 he had made. I was impressed and scrapped version 34 to re-write it to include linux support hence version 35 was born.

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    Could you post the stack trace that would help greatly, cheers.

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    I’ll have a look at those specific lines.
    There is already a setting to turn the water off
    DrawWater = off
    in the display.xml file (or console).

    The walls should have a kind of shield texture.

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    Cool 😀

    Is there any info in the FAQ or COMPILING file that we can now add that would have helped you more?

    You can post the patches to the source forge site as a bug if you want :-
    Can you let us know the changes you had to make anyway, we could add it as a display configurable option.

    Perhaps a few more comments in the Scorched3D code would help, otherwise it is pretty good 😉

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    1. when i quit the game the computer crashes back to desktop and dont respond to anything anymore, only solution is to press the reset button.

    Sorry to hear that. I will memory check it again. Needless to say it does not exhibit that behaviour on any of my test machines. What OS are you running?

    2. when the last round is over is get a screen with the final score, the only thing that i could do then is press the ESC key to quit the game as result the problem mentioned in point 1. wouldnt be nicer if your are given the option to play another game?

    Not ideal I know, but this is the same as the last version!

    3. the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ keys dont work anymore on my numpad, have to use the other ‘+’ and ‘-‘ key on the “normal” side of the keyboard, wich are less easy to acces.

    Yes I know, this has now been fixed along with some other stuff.

    4. what is the use of the circle in the middle of the screen with this version? on previous versions it was used as a power meter, but with this version the power meter is replaced with a tiny bar right next to that circle.

    It is used to show where your tank is. So when you are zoomed out moving around you can locate it easily.

    5. possition of the numbers. with the new version the current values like shotpower and angle are in the center possition of the screen, and the values of your previous shot are in the right corner. so if you want to know how much shotpower you have adjusted you first have to look at the center of the screen to see the current value and then at the right corner of the screen to see how much it has changed. i liked to older set-up more where al the values of the shotpower and angle both of current turn and previous turn are based at the center of your screen show you can see in one seccond what you have changed and with how much you have changed it.

    The center display shows the current values. The right corner shows BOTH the current values and difference between the last values.

    I agree the center should show the difference values as well. I will add this to the center display. The right corner display was added after lots of people asked for it!

    these are the first 5 points that botherd me the most in my first hour of play.
    for know its back to build 34 for me, mainly because of the problems mentioned in point 1 & 2 and liked the interface more of build 34.

    Fair enough. This is a shame as v35 is a huge leap in functionalty and the online experience is much improved.

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    Are you using windows xp by any chance?

    If so there is a problem with the nvidia drivers and windows xp that means that it always chooses 60Hz for display. This is a general problem with all applications (not just scorched3d).

    If you do a google search for it and you will lots of info on it….

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