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    @cinnibar wrote:

    A barnabus : Repeatedly leaving and rejoining to change one’s color to orange. Or whatever.

    sorry cinibar; but barn wasn’t the first that did that; i’ve saw mandy doing it (searching for blue) many times before barn even started to play

    in reply to: Creepy goings-on in ye olde Test Weapons server… #25297

    This place is no more secure!!! 😯 ; look who’s back!!!!

    in reply to: A gift for all Scorchers #25620

    mafia’s style italian reply (not really true italian; it’s a parody of the italian spoken by some ppl from the south of italy):

    La mafia? achhi? nun te preoccupΓ  picciotta; acchi ce prenniamo cura noi dellu vostra sicurezza; v’abbiamo fatto ‘n ufferta che nun avete potuto rifiutare….

    same reply, but with correct italian:

    la mafia? qui? non ti preoccupare figliola; qui ci prendiamo cura noi della vostra sicurezza; vi abbiamo fatto un’offerta che non avete potuto rifiutare…

    ok, for those who do not understand italian, here’s the english translation:

    the mafia? here? don’t worry baby; here we take care of your security; we made you an offer that you couldn’ refuse….

    πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†
    btw, no need to say but, nice video dw πŸ˜‰

    in reply to: fuel help (problem solved) #25624

    thanks it worked, i’ve set the the MaxNumberWeapons to an high value so now i can limit fuel with classical tag.

    in reply to: two computers i users differant countries #25602

    there is a ids.xml file placed in the .scorched3d folder; replace the file in the england’s pc with the 1 in the spain’s pc to keep your rank; the.scorched folder has diffecrent places in different OS:

    Windows 9x/ME : in the same folder of scorched3d ./scorched3d/ids.xml

    Windows 2K/XP : in documents and settings/”nameoftheuser”/.scorched3d/ids.xml

    in linux i think it’s placed in : ~/.scorched3d/ids.xml

    in reply to: RESULTS OF THE BLASTERS #25493

    I am: I come to kill you, i come for killing you; Brain Damage πŸ˜€

    in reply to: Wind, Aiming, Deflection #25569

    @cinnibar wrote:

    Is there a way to use the RIGHT shift-cntrl combo to fine-tune shots so I can set power/range/elevation one handed?

    haven’t you simply tryed to change the key setting in the game???? πŸ˜€
    just make the fine tune key to right ctrl key and you’ll can use only 1 hand
    you must set the ctrl key for every fine tune (left adjust, right adjust, + pow, and so on…)

    in reply to: BOTS DISAPPEAR #25518

    each player is able to resign fom a round, and bots too; they may do it if theyr health is too low and they have no batteries; if a tank resigns there will be no popup notice; it will be shown only in the game’s log. you can disable the possibiblty for bots to resign by editing the xml file tankais.xml, placed in your data folder (just open it it with a notepad like program), by changing the tag false to true for the AI type you want to fight.
    you can edit the AI of mod’s bot as well, just change the file placed in ./scorched3d/modname/data/tankais.xml

    in reply to: models without color (fixed) #25384

    like i’ve told you before, the texture size is wrong; the textures wasn’t squared and they wasn’t a power of 2; here’s the model fixed, i’ve split the textures into 3 different files of 32 *32 pixels

    in reply to: Adminpassword file #25433

    it isn’t there beacuse you have to create it, just write to notepad the code

    admin name admin password

    click save as, then instead of selecting txt file type, select all files; then save it with the name adminpassword-port.xml; where port is the port of the server is opened to (default is 27270); off course you have to place in yours .scorched3d folder

    in reply to: models without color (fixed) #25381

    have you checked that texture files are squared dimension (width = lenght) and the lenght in pixels of each side is a power of 2? (like 16,32,64 etc)

    in reply to: (Bloopers Post) Post & laugh #25314

    can’t you see? it’s the newest model of vaacum cleaner for cars, to use it just unplug the pipes form the mask and starts to removing the dirt ball that other’s scorcher’s has throw in your car πŸ˜†

    in reply to: Questions on next version. (v40) #25171

    @jdog wrote:

    Added: Scorched3D settings that are enums take text values

    i think it means that instead of choosing values from a list box, you will be able to type them in a text box (for example you can set interasts at 32.5 percent or round’s winning money at 3K)

    @cinnibar wrote:

    Or a portal that opens and tiny little bunnies hop out and go everywhere and then set things on fire with little zippos.

    silly you, you forgot to tell that the bunnies are pinky!!!! πŸ™‚

    in reply to: ScorchWars Mod (StarWars Conversion) #24867

    lasers like this????? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    in reply to: I have a mod question regarding the ability to aim. #25110

    if you’re talking about a complete auto-aim, then it’s impossible to do with the xml; if you’re talking about to redirect shot/explosions you can do and the primitive to use is “WeaponRedirect”; for furtheres infos here’s the link to a great bobirov’s post about the xml code, find the code for ver. 39:

    otherwise the only “self aiming” things ailwable are “weaponAimedOver” and “WeaponAimedUnder”, setting a very high maixaimdistance and 0 inaccuracy/percentagemiss will make them to pick a target on the map and aim for it in a perfect way

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