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    hoopy frood

    Yes weve all had our games/days were we werent the nicest players.
    I certainlly dont mind a little cut up now and then.
    I personally just make a little list with offending players and start at the top/work my way down.

    Tell ya what I dont like…busting your balls to get someone down to the next shot kill and they resign. That resign button should be removed.
    That will get ya on my list.Breakin truce..on list. Putting my mother in a comment ….on top of list.

    Anyway, I think we can all agree that the occasional transgression of good game play is not the issue. However, now it seems that certain players are recruiting friends to wreck the game….thats sad!


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    hoopy frood

    One downside to blocking someones chat all together is the fact the you would not know when they were ‘teaming up’ or ‘trucing’ with other players.
    However….that would be a small price to pay to remove certain players ‘and does he have a side kick know?’ offensive and redundant chat abuse.

    I still say taking kills away per abuse would limit most offenses in the stats servers.

    Im sorry to see most people wont mention other players specifically.
    Open and honest dialog is best!
    Besides its just my opinion in the long run.


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    hoopy frood

    For starts…more of my two cents.

    1) Current players should never have the ability to ban anyone.
    The problem with that is obvious..the elite players or the group could abuse this right. All restrictions should be on chat only and language based.
    How many times do I need to hear from Mokelok in one game about sucking some appendage of his? I personally dont want to hear that at all.

    2)If banning doesnt seem to be viable, how about this!

    A penalty system. Certain words would incure deductions in your kills/kill ratio etc.

    Want to swear 80 times in one game! Get your kills deducted by 80. At least this idea ‘Might’ inhibit some people from swearing so freely.

    Go over a certain amount of abuses in a certain time frame… be banned.

    This is a great game. I play it all the time and hate to see it get sucky just because of a few. This is also a ‘democratic society’ were I come from so I will put in my two cents and let the masses decide.



    in reply to: Version 38 pre-release and server logs #13068

    hoopy frood

    Im going to post this here. Sorry if it sounds like Im ranting but I would like to ask gavin to look into banning ‘if possible or do-able’ Mokelok from the official stat servers.

    Now Im a big boy and have heard all the crap that comes out of this persons mouth… before. Im sick of it and ask any and all who agree with me that he should be banned, to please post their opinion. Maybe if a little pressure is put on him he’ll wise up.

    I say ban him now but please dont take my view as the only one.

    I am quilty of my fair share of come backs but try to refrain from the bad language. I apologize for that…when my mother is mentioned, that steps over the line…lol


    in reply to: Hoopy Frood’s Pumpkin Chunker #13213

    hoopy frood

    Thanks for posting a picture of Chunker and Pumpkin.. I didnt think of that. I also had a friend try to install with the same error. I didnt know the code was case sensitive either.

    Thanks again,


    in reply to: Enhancement requests #11197

    hoopy frood

    I think It would be cool if you were able to play target practice while waiting for a game to start(server). Sometimes Ill log on to a server with no one there and wait for other players. Target practice would help a)to kill time b) improve skill.

    Maybe a lame idea and sorry if it was covered before.

    “Am I me or not?”

    Hoopy Frood

    in reply to: Oppose USA legislation to ban recording technologies … #12938

    hoopy frood

    This is the same old crap just a different media. Bottom line is that they dont get taxes and income from people pirating media. Its all about money.
    Here in N. New Jersey we have laws against ticket scalping.It says you cant sell a concert ticket etc. for more than say 5% above face value.

    Thats for only the little guy. Try and buy a ticket through a ticket agent and the skys the limit. They can charge what they want.
    It sucks and it is all about lining the pockets of the Fed. Gov. and big business.

    Now I dont believe in copying for income purposes but if they think Im going to buy a 1970s something Ramones CD for $14.00 to $20.00, there wacked.

    It cost them like what a nickel for the reproduction. So whats the real cost.

    Thats right..there pockets. The artists making these songs dont even get that much.

    Toby keith ticket -face value $58.00
    at a ticket agent – $128.00

    Nailing the little guys pocket?- Priceless

    Thanks for letting me rant.

    in reply to: Strange Crash/Termination #12918

    hoopy frood

    I still get the occasional socket failure and lag issues but this is different.

    The game just closes or freezes up. So far I noticed it happening mostly.. just as I set my first shot on the last round. As soon as I hit space bar it locks or closes instantly back to the first screen. Ive only noticed the game problem at a diffent point in the game one other time during stats play and I have never noticed it during single player mode.

    If it closes I can just restart it with loss of stats.
    If it freezes I have to open Task Manager’Windows 2000 pro’ and manually close the ‘not responding’ program.

    Again this seems to be a random event, not all the time but annoying.

    Maybe one other clue? When it closes not freezes..I get the Termination screen with the load defaults questions.

    By the by anybody know when next version is due out?

    Thanks for looking!

    in reply to: "Training" requirment before playing would be nice #12882

    hoopy frood

    Heavy sarcasm here too.

    Mabey we should have a Top 25 stats server so as all the ‘perfect’ players can play without belittling themselves with the Noob learning curve.

    Better yet.
    Maybe Willis can set up a server himself. We’ll call it ‘Willis School 101’
    He can teach, they can learn, without the pressure of stats.

    end of sarcasm


    Have more stat servers, divide it in half.The idea being you would have to graduate to a certain stat before you could play in the better servers.
    This would make play a little more difficult for upper stat players and a little easier for noobs.


    in reply to: Turns Per Round . . reduce number? #12594

    hoopy frood
    hobbesme wrote:
    hoopy frood wrote:
    How about a new option when setting up the servers that would allow you to automatically set turns/per round based maybe on howmany people start the game.

    That way it would automatically adjust each game?

    I’ve had that idea as well.

    Unfortunately, it fails in real games since the number of players DRAMATICALLY changes from the start, end, & during each game — anywhere from 2-16 players.

    I’m assuming by your implied player-number dynamics that if a low number of players start a game, more rounds will be played. However, if more rounds are played, then it provides a long game where many new players can join & consequently slow down the game.

    If a high number of players start a game, less rounds will be played. If all but two players drop out, then the game ends quickly (however this is not nearly as bad as the previous paragraph scenario).

    Also, it would be folly for the game to dynamically decide at the end of each round the number of more rounds to play based on the current or past number of players in the game. It would just get insane trying to develop a reasonable algorithm to implement this.

    It’s also not feasible to lock the number of rounds based on the starting number of players — and then to block other players from joining. This would be very irritating to players that wish to join.

    In theory, dynamically determining the number of rounds to play based on the number of players is a good idea. In practice, the number of players that connect/disconnect/lag/get-booted changes so frequently within any single game, that it just wouldn’t work well.

    In retrospect I agree with your comment.
    Maybe the issue should be limiting the amount of players per game.
    With the current version of the game the map size is limited.
    In my opinion after 12-14 players it gets crowded.
    Although I like death and destruction most of the time on small boards with many players half the players get taken out with one death head.
    Is this fun?..fair? you decide.

    How about limiting the players per game and having an option that automatically starts a new server when the max players is hit.

    Or just limit players and have more than 1 Non-teams stats server running at all times.

    With a lower Max player per game you could shrink the turns per round and still accomodate all players because the max would be less than the now possible 24.

    in reply to: Turns Per Round . . reduce number? #12590

    hoopy frood

    Better than how many turns per /per teams/per etc.

    How about a new option when setting up the servers that would allow you to automatically set turns/per round based maybe on howmany people start the game.

    That way it would automatically adjust each game?


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