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    @deathbal wrote:

    My favorite was

    Extremely hard to aim, must have extreme knowledge of geometry

    And I waste my talents on Toll collecting! What’s geometry? πŸ˜†

    @deathstryker wrote:

    Apparently, “aim and fire at rectangular tank” is too hard for him.

    One person’s “extreme knowledge of geometry”
    is another person’s “square-counting cheating”.

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    @cbx550f wrote:

    However, as Hobbes mentioned, it appears to the client that “the move is good”, what if the client didn’t ack the move until the server did?

    That’s sorta what I suggested three years ago.

    Unless client-server timers are off by MANY several seconds, there are times when I enter my move with 5-6 seconds left on the client move timer & the client transitions to the state where my move is accepted …. only to find that the server does not execute my move.

    However, one thing that I hadn’t pointed out previously & that I’ve only more recently realized is that when the server “loses” a player’s move — i.e. does NOT execute the move accepted by the player’s client — the server does NOT also penalize the player with a missed move. So even though the server does NOT execute the move, it does NOT count the “lost move” against the player indicating they have “X number of missed moves remaining”.

    I find that very interesting. It may also help better understand what client/server interaction(s) are going on for the server to “lose moves”:

    • Under what state(s) does the server determine that a player “missed” a move?
    • How many states does the server transition to once a move has been accepted by the server?
    • How many of these states overlap/intersect/transect one another?
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    Topic ping — this is STILL an issue three years later.

    Since I just got burned by it & several other players this week were also burned by this bug, I figured it’s time to remind the developer(s) about this very frustrating game bug. There’s nothing more frustrating than the server losing your move & not executing it.

    Best of luck determining the true cause(s) & required fix(es) for this bug.

    [Note: This topic probably should be moved to the Bug Forum.]

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    @vissa wrote:

    I think the most important thing here (uncommented on so far) is the fact that this player uses “(dead)” at the end of his name. What is the purpose of that? The only purpose I can see is to make people think he is dead when they look at the scoreboard. Newbies may be confused (I was not). I think that speaks volumes right there.

    The rest of the stuff is fine — it happens all the time and I understand … [but] This player uses a name that should not be allowed in my opinion.

    Actually, this silly trick is used often by new guys — I used it myself for a few weeks back when I started playing the game three years ago.

    Yes, it’s intended to fool other players, but like you said it only has the chance of fooling noobs. But just like all the other little tricks & gags of the game, it’s not really all that outrageous or objectionable.

    Besides there are so many other things that discourage noobs — I doubt players with “(Dead)” at the end of their player names aren’t going to be the straw that breaks the noobies’ backs.

    @vissa wrote:

    Not everyone plays the game with sportsman like conduct. I can live with that. I just didn’t like the fact that this player drove away a LOT of good newbies that were having fun.

    this player did drive away every other player in the game (lots of newbies). It’s *not* fun when everyone quits because of one player.

    Unfortunately, this happens in every online game. We try to discourage the most outlandish behaviour, but you can’t nitpick every little annoyance to death either because THAT too can discourages new players.

    A part of online gaming is that all players — new & veteran — have to find a balance in regards to the behavior & tactics & tricks of other players. Otherwise, every complaint & issue that players bitch about would make gameplay impossible.

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    Gen-tle-men, please — refer to the quintessential topic regarding fair play.

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    @snowdog wrote:

    I’d also consider decreasing the maximum arms level allowed as you raise the number of players.

    More players actually reduces the need to limit firepower.

    A few years ago, the maximum number of players in the official servers used to be 24. In a game with 16+ players, the insanity of so many players & so many munitions was its own throttle that mostly limited the number of players that survived each round. Also, it was rare that a select few players were in the lead each game since almost all players were universally wiped out each round.

    It might be enjoyable to open another official server for mega-game but whose stats might still be tied to the main server stats.

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    @richscore wrote:

    runnig Windows XP Professional SP2 with directX 9.0c with the following specs:

      AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1200 Mhz (133Mhz FSB)
      1 GB SD-RAM
      20+GB of free HDD Space
      with an Nvidia GeForce FX 5600 (128MB running on AGP 4x)

    when i run scorched3d with these options:
    Resolution: 1152×864 (Fullscreen)
    Texture Size: Medium
    Tank Detail: Max
    Effects Detail: Medium
    Other Details checked:

      Single sky layer
      Don’t animate Sky
      Draw simplistic Water
      Don’t draw Water
      No waves at shore
      No birds

    my fps is alway under 10, so i really have trouble to play the game..

    Until May, I had a DELL Inspiron 8200 1.7 GHz w/ 1 GB RAM & like you & mooic got around 10-15 fps on non-intense rounds; & as slow as 0.1 fps on Round 10 with so many DHs & funkies.

    However, it is possible to play under these conditions for most rounds. 10-15 fps is only half movie quality so is more than sufficient for gameplay. It’s just annoying in the later rounds when it slows down to fractional fps’s & you just see a before & after view of the action. However, I played that way for three years until I got my new laptop.

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    That is the most outrageous pictorial of Scorched action.

    Like anyone who knows my play style could possibly believe I wouldn’t have bought enough units of fuel to cross the Golden Gate bridge & escape into wine country.


    in reply to: Bug ? Kill no Kill :S #43321


    I have seen this bug once in the past 3.5 years myself. Obviously a very rare, infrequent bug —
    but annoying nonetheless if you’re the tank’s killer!

    Reminds me of another rare bug that I’ve seen only once.

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    @Crispy Critter wrote:

    I think we had a thread about this a while back…

    Yes, the original topic started in 2004 but hasn’t been moved from the wrong forum. This new topic should be appended or linked to the original topic.

    But the simple explanation for my nick remains the same.

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    @deathbal wrote:

    I think resigning should stay as is except for one detail. Assists should be given to all applicable. It may not be a kill, but they deserve the assist for helping remove the player from the map.

    @boy wrote:

    sounds pretty good, but I think hobbesme will be upset, feels like it would be eroding the purity of resigning πŸ˜†

    No, I’d be OK with that compromise — especially since Deathbal supports resigning as a valid tactic. (I still think it’s funny that Gavin was a grassroots resign supporter).

    NOT that I’m suggesting anyone go ahead & actually do anything about this yet! Oh heavens no. At least not until we debate & discuss it further.

    I think in another 3-4 years time, we’ll all come to a really good compromise on this resign topic.

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    @irishbandit wrote:

    I don’t know maybe its that second head.

    Wait, don’t most of here have that second head?

    I mean, our better halves’ or significant others’, you pervs!

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    @cbx550f wrote:

    Hobbes: I was hoping to come up with something clever here, but I failed. Sorry.

    Considering your clever replies for everyone else, I’ll just assume my entry was intentional sand-bagging — either very ironic & clever in its own way or just an honest acknowledgement that your cleverosity couldn’t possibly begin to achieve my high standards of adequataqaticism.


    That last MF stands for ‘My Friend’, you potty-mouths.

    in reply to: Another ‘bell Bites the Dust … #33999


    Speaking of cowbells, whose dad got him a smokin’ hot cowbell t-shirt for his 32nd birthday?

    That’s right, my dad! Woot! Woot!

    Clunk it, suckers!

    And if that’s not enough cowbell for ya, here’s sum mo’!

    in reply to: Odd password tip #42462


    I guess I’ll never understand why people just don’t use the Search feature available for these forums … considering that searching ‘cowbell‘ easily reveals that Bobirov — & indirectly Direwolf — first started Scorched3D’s cowbell references two years ago; & that later on, I continually goaded cbx to mathematically analyze the cowbell & its sexy, sexy curves; but finally, that Direwolf posted a link to The Cowbell vid itself, well ….

    Whatever. πŸ™„

    Bringin’ sexy back …
    … more sexy cowbell …
    Bringin’ sexy back …
    … more sexy cowbells …
    Bringin’ sexy back …
    … da dun da dun dun …

    … CLUNK! …..

    ….. more sexy cowbell ….

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