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    – fix AI resigns.
    – option to disable resigning for a game or overall.
    – option to quit game after all rounds are up, instead of starting a new one.
    – infinite moves/time per round. (single player)
    – default to last-used name and tank in single mode. (It already does the name in multi, but I’m not sure about tank.)

    I know that S3D is geared to multiplayer, but the single player is almost unplayable when the computer resigns after one or two moves every single round. Especially when all of them do it at once. I’d suggest the lesser types never resign, or only if they’re too damaged to fight back, the rest if they’re in immenent danger (nearly hit and can’t move or block). I feel cheated every time I play single.

    50 moves in single isn’t that bad, the infinite is only in extreme cases or for completeness.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)