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    I’m experiencing 2 different crashes with the Scorched3d 39.1 official build for MacOS X.

    Single-player and acting as a network client work fine except for the aformentioned quit crash. I have the CrashReporter output of the quit crash attached. Looks like some destructor is doing something bad.

    I’m also getting a crash trying to start the server. My machine is running current Panther (10.3.9). I also have CrashReporter output for this attached as well. A friend of mine running Tiger (10.4.2) can get the server to start, but as soon as it does “Next Round” it crashes. It appears to be ending up in a GL call somehow, even though there is no graphic context.

    BTW — Love the game. Can’t get enough. 🙂

    Also — I poked the FreeBSD port maintainer into rolling an update. I was able to hack the patches and such to get Scorched3d to build and run fine, so if he’s gone AWOL I’ll submit the necessary changes. After that, I can provide 4.x and 5.x packages to update what’s on the main site.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)