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    Now I am craving a Jelly doughnut, Thanx death!!!

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    Personally I like flash, but not as a loading screen, I think if you offer it as an optional link it is totally ok, Flash has alot to offer if you know what you are doing, here is an example of some Flash by Danny Gomez, who I consider to be a true artist in the field. 😉

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    @gcamp wrote:

    Love this one, very profesional.

    I’ve added it, and the other you suggested, to the screen shots page on this site. Thanks for all the work and all the best with things.

    Thank you for your kind words, and hosting the videos, I feel very honored!!

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    @Apollo Tangent wrote:

    I have some things that I’m working on for you to interject into your videos

    Yup, I will be happy to use them, I am kinda taking a break, I just bought the game Driv3r, I am planning to use it to create a machinima movie, once I am able to get the settings all correct I plan on filming while I play so I can maybe get an idea for a script, then I have to find some people with unique voices to verbalize the script, I already have a couple of coworkers interested who would be willing to lend thier voice.
    but I do do have another video close to done I could put your logos in.
    nice to hear from you, sounds like u have been busy.

    I have been using 800×600 resolution, what I have been doing is using an 800×600 pure black jpeg and I paste any logos on to that otherwise the program will stretch out the picture no matter the size to 800×600.

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    sorry, I dont like it, I dont know why but I dont

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    That is freakin sick dude, could I use it for a video?
    if so I would love to get the higher quality recording if possible.

    A friend at work has also made some music for the game. When I get in tomorrow I will post that as well.

    would your friend mind if I used that as well?

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    @ebonite² wrote:

    Hay Soup! How about putting a late-game island vs island shot in your next video? I like zooming out and watching all the warheads fly past each other…

    yes, I could that, I was also thinking about filming a 2 on 2 matchup, the whole match, after trimming it all up would make for a nice piece of video I believe, maybe to the song Eye of the tiger LOL 😈

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    All of the above posts were for the Dogs of war

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    I have to say yes, I am a relative newcomer to this game and truces were a part of the game before I came on to the scene, so who am I to change this, this game is evolving all the time, and whether you like it or not truces have become a part of the game, and always will be, even silent truces exist,
    if you have a low rank, others with higher ranks will usually shoot at you, this seems to me a type of silent truce, but it is part of the game, we all have the choice to truce or not to truce, if you dont like trucers kill em!
    you dont like resigners, shoot em
    you dont like shields, Funky em
    you dont like funkies, too bad
    dont like people who move, shoot em
    dont like people who pull out in front of you in traffic because they had a cell phone stuck to thier ear and werent paying attention, throw a ton of dirt at them.
    Do we need a baby sitter?

    personally, I dont ask to truce, when asked it depends on my mood and my positioning in the game

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    Whoa – pretty harsh critic, Willis! lol I partially agree – but a man should be allowed some artistic license.

    Keep in mind – this was not meant as a pure “Scorched3d Promo” 😉

    I dont consider his opinion harsh, it gives me a better perspective on
    what people like or dislike, I had a really good buzz while making it,
    which probably mostly influenced the begining, either way I liked it,
    but I will keep in mind any comments or ideas posted here when making
    future videos.

    thank you for your comments, negative and positive.

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    Well, I just couldnt leave this one alone, I thought to myself, self….
    what does this need? MORE ROOM!!!!

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    hehe i see u really like funkies:) what about some strong wind , big distance small , weapon shots??:)
    show us more skill in your movies

    Yes I do Like the funkies, While Recording at the settings I am using, it lags the game very very much, then figure in the time it takes calculating your shot, remembering to turn on record, and then try and get the camera ready at a good position to record, and then to remember to stop recording so you dont run out of hard drive space makes it a little hard to be skillfull while recording, I also do not want to show a bunch of shots of me whooping up
    on everyone “if I could” that would be a bit egotistical on my part, this is not about me or my skills, it is about having fun.

    The First three letters of Funky are FUN!!!! need I say more 🙂

    I will talk to your agent Sondra, this list of demands is outragous!!!
    I dont think I can get Brad Pitt to be your personal assistant….
    and a Diamond encrusted Death’s Head does not exist, I wouldnt
    even know who to talk to about making something like that,
    but I am on the phone to David Lettermen right now,
    he likes your idea of the flying monkeys!!!!

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    Wow, I need a hanky… *sniff sniff*
    You all definately rock, Ori, I just want to clear this up, I am not mad nor ever was mad at you, I have been dealing with a lot in my life, and not understanding what you wrote, on top of a few other things that happened concerning this game recently that I will not mention, because it is not worth it, anyway, all of it kinda set me off, it wasnt just you!!!!
    the fact that you even wrote to try and straighten things up shows you are a man of integrity, I have no hard feelings, luv ya man.
    But the name DireWolf is here to stay, apparently SoupNazi does offend some people and that is not what I want.

    Gcamp, the videos are yours to do what you want with, especially since I keep forgetting to send you a dollar through paypal!!!
    I am going to try and make 1 a month.

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