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    it is a sad day when the skilled players of this game resort to making up rules that dont exist to protect thier stats, this is what it really boils down to, you play by thier rules and you dont have a chance if you are not as good as they are, so it seems that we must give the skilled players a chance by playing by thier rules and die to protect thier stats? I DONT THINK SO!!!
    I dont dislike anyone here, BUT I refuse to play by made up rules, I hate shields, but would never ask someone not to use them.

    personally I dont mind being killed by a DH in the first round, or funkied, it just means the fool who did it is now broke and can be whooped upon!

    It really sucks to see all this crap taking away from the real fun of the game!

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    No Worries

    I just wasnt sure what you meant.

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    @deathstryker wrote:

    To be honest I don’t think Gavin pays any attention to these types of posts anymore.

    This was not written for Gavin, It was my opinion. 😈
    I just think its direspectful to ask something like take this this and this outta the game cuz a certain few dont like it!!!!

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    I remember awhile back a comment that Gavin made about the funky being his favorite weapon, whether he is talking about his use of the funky or creating it, either way, he created this game with the help of others, he put the Funky Bomb, DeathsHead and shields into the game cuz he wanted them in there, this is his baby not ours, and the suggestion of possibly changing what he has made, to me is way out of line, but also I understand the frustration of other players wanting things different too, but…..
    to suggest the removal of game items does not seem to be the right way of solving this problem, I seriously doubt that Gavin would consider removing any of these items!!!
    It seems you all should be working on a plan for a new server, whether hosted by Gavin or someone else, just realize this game is not only for the people with skill, and to take those items away would end up pissing someone else off anyway, you will never get a 100 percent agreement on this issue, EVER, keep things the same, you piss off group 1, change things and group 2 will now become unhappy!!!

    The politics of war,
    is a never ending battle!!!!

    A) Leave Scorched Server “as is” 75%


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    I have to disagree wih that Sadistic, some of us just suck!!! others are just learning, I have to laugh when I see certain top 10 players whine about funkies and shields, they are in the top 10 because of thier skill!!
    so to tell everyone else no funkies or shields is kinda lame if you ask me, how is a lesser skilled player supposed to compete on a fair level against skilled players? they cant…..
    also a round would end up lasting even longer than they do now, very boring for other nonskilled players who have been taken out by high ranking shooters, more to the point, it is just as frustrating for a new player getting taken out with one skilled shot, and never getting a chance to play and become skilled as it is for skilled players being taken out by funkies or a deathshead!!!
    and I have also noticed after logging on and being told no funkies or shields players who have said this end up getting shields or funkies another game because others have, point being…… we all start with the same menu choices, it is fair to everyone if this is the case, take the funkies and shields away, and the only people who will have fun or a score will be the veteran players or fast learners!
    I do think another server would be good with different charactoristics, for more skilled players wanting a skilled game without worry of non skilled weapons, but to change the main server would not be right!!!

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    I look at it this way, I love BooBies!!!
    in the same breath, I have to say that if a female Scorched player was to use a penis on her Avatar, I would want it changed, I dont particully care to see that, so maybe………
    you should look at it from that angle!!!
    My daughter plays on this server and I am sure that she would not want to see that either!!!!
    If you remember awhile back my nic was SoupNazi, I changed it because it was offending certain players, even though the majority of the people liked my nic.
    my point is if people have complained, it is offending someone!!!
    with my old nic I never meant to offend anyone by using it, I dont believe that you are trying to be offensive by using that avatar.
    the choice is yours, good luck!!!
    This is a war game, not a sex game!!!

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    Thank you!

    I looked at just 1 of the video clips used in this video, it was over 120mb.
    that is bigger than the whole video, but if enough people ask I guess I could also release a 640×480 version, this might help, I like the larger formats personally, but I forget what 56k is like sometimes.

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    I think a King of the hill mod would rule…..
    scoot and shoot!!!!






    Actually Poolee, Yes I do want to film this, but this is not the main concern, I just know that we have some really cool peeps here at Scorched 3D, A community of gamers, without each other, all we would have is a single player game, “God forbid!!!”
    This is for the comunity as a whole!!! not just so I can film, This video is only to document the Tournament, no frills, please dont think this is all about me cuz it is not, I am just a small part, and dont forget our true hero in all this….
    Gavin, without him, we wouldnt be here!
    so lets make him proud of the game and community that he has created, all of us are 1, like the Borg, we have been assimilated into the world of Scorched 3D

    suggestion: I think Boy, Miro and Poolee, you should consider getting MSN Messenger or something like it, so you all can get out your thoughts in real time, it might help get things rolling a lil faster, and help keep the negative aspect of agreement out of the forums, The more dissention people see about the tournament,the more it will cause people to become disinterested!

    gots to work now, good luck!

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    Bored, check out my videos!!!

    And what you found under your bed was not your brain, it was a Nerf Football!!!


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    Poolee….. Dont make me come hunt you down and use you for fishing bait!!!
    OLD???? I will be the big 40 this year, I have underwear older than Miro!!!!
    in fact I am wearing them now, so unless you want them shoved over your head you might wanna watch the OLD Fart comments!!!!!

    BTW awsome pic Miro, were you the one behind the wheel? 😛



    Well, Gavin says he will host the server with a password for the tournament, we just need to let him know when 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
    so I would figure out how you want the server set, asap, and let Gavin Know how you want it.
    Unless someone has a better server suggestion? ❓ 8)



    Boy, I think your choices of people were perfect.
    I like Poolee and have the utmost respect for Miro,

    I dont believe you should set a date untill you are ready, this is your baby, and you are in charge!!!
    I did come up with the Idea, but you were ready to take it to the next step, no questions asked, all three of you outskill me by a longshot, I am still Quite the NOOB….
    so I dont think I would be a good candidate as far as setting up the Tournament, I rely on the funky for most of my kills “LOL just ask Miro!!!”
    I think you get my point.
    But I would like as advanced notice as possible about the day of the final, so I can take that day off work.

    I do have a couple questions myself as far as the video is concerned.

    1. I dont think it should be a music video, I think it should be recorded as a serious event. comments?

    2. I think I should cut the video into seperate rounds, this could be a long game and the file size would be too huge, also it would make it easier to download for slower modem users. comments?

    also, I am concerned about being able to capture all of what is happening in the game, I am thinking I might need 1 more person to help film, not sure yet, i dont want to miss any action, I will get back to you on this subject.

    also, any suggestions on making the video will be listend to, I have only been working with video about 3 monthes before I started playing this game, and have alot to learn.

    As far as a server is concerned, I will see if maybe Gavin might be able to help us out in that area, if not, I think that a post in the forums will get you what you need!!!
    Boy, if you pull this off, you should change your name to The MAN, because thats what you will be…. The Man!!!! 😛



    Boy, this is our tournament, not to be a jerk, but we make the rules, suggestions are cool and will be considered, but players must realize that they are suggestions, if someone does not like what we are doing they dont have to join, or they can even go start thier own tournament, I really dont want to sound like a jerk but if this is ever to get off the ground, there can not be all this confict about petty stuff, Give us a chance to get the ball rolling, and I am sure everyone will be happy with the results, Ideas are always welcome!!!
    but it does not mean we will use them.
    Boy, I suggest you get with poole, and elect whoever you need to help, and any info you dont want to be seen in the forums, private message us with it.
    If you need my input for anything I will get back with you as soon as possible, My job is trying to kill me this week, anyway…

    Lets make this a fun event, and not kill it before it even starts, outta frustration!!!

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