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    @sondra wrote:

    Where are you guys hidden? hmm????? I want to bite you all 😥 O:)

    Good to know you still have teeth!
    Howdy Sondra! the wolf says HELLO! =P~

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    I am still trying to recuperate from the visual of a peanus with a hatchet chasing Chopper around, I mean how would it even swing a hatchet? 😯

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    @bobafett wrote:

    Im Back! Couldn’t help myself!

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    @chopper wrote:

    I enjoy the players…..OH, and hammering the ‘Nut. :-p

    Oh my my that really sounds horrible!

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    @armorwraith wrote:

    I wish we had this game on Steam. I feel more people would be inclined to try it if we used more popular review sites or game hubs.

    Hell you can’t beat the entertainment / file size / price.

    Dire could you make some more videos? I will schedule some shooting times in the server with you in a couple more weeks if you agree. Christmas time means more time for me to help out here, and I loved watching gameplay videos. The more media we output, the greater the chances of us being noticed by more people.


    If not Steam, I hate to say it but what about Gamespy? “I hate Gamespy and Steam like Scorchers hate FB” but if Steam or GS would bring more players I am all for it!
    I will look into the GS thing today.

    I am always onboard for making a video, just let me know when.

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    @laptops Daddy wrote:

    im too cool for social facetweet sites

    we need to go a bit more retro, i think. (retro as in old-style with modern tricks, as opposed to just old).

    we’re never gonna compete with the likes of lol or anything consolish, but indie retro does have cool factor.

    there are a billion people with internets. it’s hard to believe we cant fill a few servers with twenty or them.

    i say download the latest, have a go, make notes on what might be wrong and what might put you off playing. maybe things can be tweaked a bit.

    my first thought when i did that, was that the audio is shabby. i think we need a set of cleaner audio samples.

    i do remember dbal funking once or twice, years ago when i was but a noob : (

    I am going to have to disagree with you, Scorched 3D is basically the same game it has always been untill Armor came along, his mod IMHO brought the game to a new level, but it was not enough to bring new players and keep them, you can set the audio to true surround sound, But for me that is not enough to make me want to sit by myself waiting, if Armors mod did not change things I do not see how new audio files will make a difference, or any other changes, S3D is basically the same game that it always was, it keeps looking better and running smoother but it is the same game.
    if you do not want to be on FB or Twitter more power to you, what I am suggesting is those who use it usually check it regularly, your chances of running into Scorchers is better on FB than here unfortunately, I am not suggesting going to FB instead of here, but many people already use FB daily, and can see if other players are online, giving another option to meet up and get a game going.
    I have to laugh when people act like if you use FB you are some kind of social butterfly, If one wanted one could make a FB acct just for gaming purposes, I have a couple accts where I use my nickname from that game, for the sole purpose of getting together with other players of that game, basically like Gamespy or for you seriously older gamers KALI “anyone remember Kali?
    I have almost 300 followers on Twitter for Scorched 3D, I used to use Twitter to try and get some new blood into the game, I know of at least 20 people for sure who I have talked to who tried the game from Twitter, most liked the game but moved on because of the lack of humans, I had to agree with them, so I have stopped using the S3D Twitter, trying to bring new players to empty servers is a losing battle.
    As far as retro gaming, most retro gamers have never heard of Scorched 3D, most consider retro gaming to be the old console games, if you do not believe it checkout some of the almost 50 retro sites that follow us on Twitter, not one make even a reference to us 🙁
    retro PC games are not really doing well, there are always exceptions though.

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    Many people have put down social media especially in regards to Scorched 3D, But……. “here it comes” Social media could and would help build and keep players if others were not so bull headed about it! I used to see Peanut all the time on Facebook, but at the time he was having puter probs, but had he not….. I could have asked him or vice versa to play at anytime, people keep in touch with family and friends using FB and Twitter, while checking messages I would see Peanut on and BS with him, NOW…… imagine if…… everyone who bitches about coming here and never seeing anyone to play with had FB or Twitter, you would see other players of Scorched and most likely be able to set up a game between friends and Scorchers easier than sitting in the Scorched 3D chat in hopes of running into another player, or even in the server waiting.
    Why, you ask? because we have lost our player base we once had, and people know if they come here they could easily wait here up to an hour without seeing anyone, how fun is that? yet I saw Peanut, just 1 Player, more at the time on FB than I did here at the Scorched site, now imagine 15 to 20 Scorchers all with FB accounts, or even Twitter, the chances are a hell of a lot better that you would run into players on FB than you would here @ the S3D site.
    PC gaming has changed alot since back in the day of not being able to get into a game because the server was full, but now the servers are not full, and it is getting harder to get a game going than ever before, if you had never played S3D before and came to the server for the first time and saw no other players, would you really want to comeback? Hell No!
    Times are changing and it has effected this game, everyone can bitch all they want about no players, or you can actually do something about it, people are not going to come here like they did before, console games are contributing to that, but there are hardcore PC gamers out there, but they will not stay in an empty server for very long, so what happens? they uninstall S3D and move on to another game where there are players, so do we just keep on saying F**K social media as an alternative to meeting up with other players, or maybe you have another idea….. lets hear it if you do, please!
    People say dont post in the forums, forget social media, well…… nobody wants to sit alone waiting for another player that might never show, no one has that kind of time on their hands either.
    Many people laughed on the idea of FB and Twitter but I still have not seen any new ideas about keeping and getting new players, so I have to laugh when I see people complain about the lack of players, if you had a FB or Twitter acct, and asked me if I wanted to play it would be on! if others who wanted to play gave social media a chance they would most likely have a better chance because whether you like it or not there will always be more FB and Twitter users than people willing to sit in an empty server hoping someone might come along.
    If I sounded harsh good, I meant to! 😈
    I miss this game and players, but I refuse to sit in an empty server waiting 😥
    New players will never stay unless we get people in the servers! if you have an idea on how, lemme know, I would love to get back to playing, but if you are out of ideas, give the social media a chance, unless you like sitting by yourself!

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    Danger Zone!

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    This is the new Titter title page, lemme know what you think.


    If you are on Twitter show some support and give a shout out! 😉

    And here is the updated Facebook page.


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    @panther30 wrote:

    “as the tank burns” ?
    “the burnt and the hammerful”?
    “the flaming might”?
    “the dung and the nukeless” (this would be a show about dirters)


    Game of Drones!

    As the hammer falls…

    Burning Bastages. . .

    Tiny bubbles – The musical


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    @chopper wrote:

    …so you want little scorchers? Thinkin’ about growing your own team? 😆

    Naaa. they would probably suck as much as me, but we could get enough video to make a made for TV mini series! 😆

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    @raden wrote:

    Congrats Dire,
    Here’s to the next phase…grandparenting 🙂

    Thank you Raden, Unfortunately my daughter is being mature and waiting!!!
    I am ready now…. I had thoughts about hiding her birth control 😈

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    Found the problem with the Email……
    fixed now, idiot move on my part, I thought it was too quiet on the Scorched 3D front.

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    @chopper wrote:

    Thought I heard a cowbell….

    Sounds like a love song!
    a love of the game

    Strange my email didn’t alert me of this post 😯

    Thought I heard a cowbell
    like a bastage in the night
    Oh how I count the ways
    you are such an ugly sight!

    Thought I heard a cowbell
    saying something just aint right
    better put your shield up
    cos’ I got you in my sights

    How I long to squash you
    like a cockroach in a fight
    thank you for your forum post
    I can play tomorrow night

    can you? if so what time? 😈 nice to hear from ya chop.

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    Thanx guys, it was a good day.

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