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    Ah yup dumb me, this patch was made to be apllied on a different file.


    Your best move, as the patch is quite simple, would be to hand edit your “” : all you need to do is add the lines that starts with a “+” (but without that leading “+”). You can figure where to add those by the surroundings lines (those whitout a leading “+”).

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    Second bit : I don’t want that, because it would be easy for a band of bad aimers to kick the winner just before game end 🙂

    Report those problems in the “player and server complaints” forum, mentioning server, time, and nickname of offender(s).

    Eventually a bored admin will check the logs and take appropriate actions.

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    Mmmm that perhaps means the LIBS env is wiped by make before use.

    Try to apply the following patch, then redo all including the configure step.

    --- Tue Oct 31 17:42:00 2006
    +++ Tue Oct 31 17:54:47 2006
    @@ -133,6 +133,12 @@
    echo "*** environment variable to the full path to openal-config."

    + if test x"$use_static_openal" = x"yes"; then
    + LIBS="$LIBS /usr/local/lib/libalut.a"
    + else
    + LIBS="$LIBS `$FREEALUT_CONFIG --libs`"
    + fi

    In case you don’t know about applying patches :
    – Save the text above in a file called “”.
    – Go into your scorched3d sources top directory (where “” is).
    – type command “patch -p0 < /path/to/the/file/”. (replacing of course the red part with the actual path you saved the patch file in).
    – watch the output, verifying it says that the patch apllied cleanly.

    PS anybody with scorched CVS commit rights, would be nice to include that patch in sources if not done yet.

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    Howdeee, Demi.

    If my poor neurons still are working a bit, that was you who kicked me off the rank 1 in stats after my 2 days reign when they first popped up ?

    Good old days, anyway :]


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    Strange, the cbx commands should have done it.

    Do you have a “freealut-config” command on your system ?

    If so show us what “freealut-config –version” says, and try to replace the make command by “LIBS=`freealut-config –libs` make”.

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    Tried it that morning.

    Level 1 & 2 are a piece of pie, but i’m not a trainee anymore i supose. Succeded on firts try each.

    Level 3 relies too much on luck IMO (will the bot teleport before I kill him ?), otherwise it’s only a matter of using fuel and the M242 (I didn’t find another weapon that could kill a bot in one shot – and as they have infinite batts and shields…).
    Took me 4 attempts (the map it used when I finally won helped a lot – was “Coloseum” where you nearly always have a straight shot to anyone).

    Level 4 is nice and challenging, much more interesting than 3 in my mind (less depending on luck).
    Took me 3 attempts to crush the red team here.

    Nice job BOY, sometimes a little training session can be fun with that kind of setup.

    Gonna try the campaign now 🙂

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    @leet wrote:

    Thanks for the help, but at the end of the make I was met by another error.

    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
    make[2]: *** [scorched3d] Error 1
    make[2]: Leaving directory `/root/Desktop/scorched/src/scorched’
    make[1]: *** [install-recursive] Error 1
    make[1]: Leaving directory `/root/Desktop/scorched/src’
    make: *** [install-recursive] Error 1

    Mmm, the actual error that we need to read to help you is above those lines.

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    It probably would affect all his audio-enabled software then cbx 🙂

    Maybe it’s an OpenAL issue ?
    Angel, did you ever try other games (or software) that uses openAL for audio ?
    The first one that come to my mind is torcs, if you have some time you could give it a try (tis also handy for that kind of tests because you can set it to use OpenAL or not).

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    Ok, I see.

    Well all of that depends too much on scorched3d internals to make it an external tool.
    It probably would be far more efficient to make it a sub-project of scorched3d, so it can reuse some code from it and smoothly follow the game evolutions …

    Sorry I don’t think it suit my needs… unless I recode the whole scorched3d in java – which prolly would take (me) years 😕

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    What would be really cool would be to see the damage done to a shield by reducing its radius.

    Like, a 50% damaged shield would be half it’s start size.

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    Have any idea what a “S3D Mod Builder” tool features would need to be ?

    I’m looking for a lil project to do to get my hands inside java and lwjgl. This could be an idea.

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    Hi Miro,

    Yup it’s pretty frustrating when it happens. On the other hand, the unfairness is distributed amongst all players over time.

    You could also buy some teleport or fuel when you see your placement at round buy time.

    It’s more a problem of balanced settings IMO, a mod maker/server owner must make sure it’s not happening too often (by reducing map sizes, giving out teleports as start inventory, etc…).

    If we start trying to calculate if the position of players is fair or not, where will we stop ? After all some placements (For instance, just above another player that have then a straight shoot to you) are also unfair.

    Also note that calculating wether you can actually hit all other players would probably be quite complicated for the server : must think about blocking hills, roof, walls shots, special kind of weapons that can go further, etc…

    So to sum up my opinion : Yes it’s unfair, randomness of placement gives a sort of impredictable “handicap” to some players at one round, and to another at next.
    But it’s good, because if the only thing that would matter for success would be skill, the game would be boring (no point trying to defeat someone that I know is better than me if I know I have no possibility to succeed).

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    Oh nice a long-term release at last *rushes to update FreeBSD port* 8)

    Thanks Gavin.

    in reply to: cash award not visible #35454


    Actually, why not having the possibility to display both ?

    Edit : Voted “Other”, I’d like to have 2 options, one for the red amount above target, one for the green text above shooter, and I’d like to be able to enable both together, and choose it to be wether damage or money won 🙂

    What that’s four options ? Well yes 8)

    in reply to: #2 funky price #35048


    The fact that they are allready not-that-cheap make people try to not waste it.

    It could explain their kill ratio too, IMO.

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